Queen 'In The Studio' Streaming

Press Release: InTheStudio 40th Anniv. of QUEEN pt.1 NOW STREAMING

For those of you who missed the Broadcast premiere last week of InTheStudio 40th Anniversary of QUEEN Pt. 1, it is now available to STREAM live here!

North American syndicated Rock radio show InTheStudio celebrates the 40th Anniversary of rock's reigning monarch, QUEEN. At over 300 million albums sold, QUEEN is the best selling British Rock band of all time, trumping the Beatles, Stones and Pink Floyd.

Show producer/ host Redbeard speaks to Brian May and Roger Taylor about the making of the first five classic QUEEN albums, their musical influences, creative and personal struggles that were apart of one of Rock's most accomplished bands. Brian May recalls, "We were like a sponge and we absorbed all this wonderful music around us". Brian goes on to explain that for the band, "The song comes first... we felt very free because we had an audience who didn't expect to hear the same sound every time." Looking back over the bands illustrious recording career, Roger Taylor reveals, " Sheer Heart Attack (the band's 3rd album) is one of my own personal favorites". But few fans have known just how close QUEEN came to abdicating the throne after only three albums.

To find out more about InTheStudio and to register to WIN the first five remastered QUEEN albums with rarities, alternate versions and live cuts, visit www.inthestudio.net.


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