Queen Top Absolute Radio Icons Poll

Absolute Radio listeners have chosen Queen as their ultimate music icon from the last five decades in a campaign that saw a dedicated two week, network wide, on-air, online and social media celebration of the finest music from the 60s to today.

Thousands of votes poured into www.absoluteradio.co.uk as listeners were directed to a special online voting mechanic. A panel of experts led by Absolute Radio’s Head of Music and Mercury Prize judge James Curran selected a shortlist to feature in the online vote, highlighting the most significant artists played across Absolute Radio, Absolute Radio 60s, Absolute Radio 70s, Absolute 80s, Absolute Radio 90s, Absolute Radio 00s and Absolute Classic Rock.

The top 100 countdown began at 10am on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May in a day which was filled with tracks from those who have shaped music, created lasting legacies and continue to influence artists from the 60s to this day – from The Beatles to Blur, AC/DC to Amy Winehouse, The Stones to The Strokes. 

Queen were crowned Absolute Radio listeners’ ultimate icon by DJ Pete Donaldson just before 7pm, with David Bowie a close second, followed by Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

British acts came up trumps with eight icons featuring in the top ten, while Oasis and Foo Fighters, both formed in the 90s, stood out as the two most recent bands with other surrounding icons enjoying careers spanning over thirty years.  (The top 100 list is below)

Absolute Radio Head of Music James Curran said: “The poll was all about celebrating the iconic artists that feature on our playlists across our network of decade stations. Queen have yet again proved themselves as one of the UK’s most iconic bands by topping this poll of absolute music greats”.

TOP 100



1.      Queen

2.      David Bowie

3.      Beatles

4.      Pink Floyd

5.      Led Zeppelin

6.      Oasis

7.      Bruce Springsteen

8.      Rolling Stones

9.      Foo Fighters

10.   Paul Weller

11.   Bon Jovi

12.   AC/DC

13.   Elvis Presley

14.   John Lennon

15.   Smiths

16.   Bob Dylan

17.   Jimi Hendrix

18.   Gun n Roses

19.   Michael Jackson

20.   Depeche Mode

21.   Duran Duran

22.   Coldplay

23.   Fleetwood Mac

24.   Nirvana

25.   Bob Marley

26.   Stone Roses

27.   Eric Clapton

28.   Madness

29.   Madonna

30.   Kate Bush

31.   Blondie

32.   Adele

33.   Clash

34.   Iron Maiden

35.   Prince

36.   Metallica

37.   Johnny Cash

38.   Red Hot Chili Peppers

39.   Rod Stewart

40.   Dire Straits

41.   Kinks

42.   T Rex

43.   Doors

44.   Pearl Jam

45.   Neil Young

46.   Thin Lizzy

47.   Alice Cooper

48.   Eagles

49.   Genesis

50.   Elton John

51.   Aerosmith

52.   Green Day

53.   Paul McCartney

54.   Amy Winehouse

55.   Manic Street Preachers

56.   Radiohead

57.   Stranglers

58.   Bryan Adams

59.   Sex Pistols

60.   Simon and Garfunkel

61.   Peter Gabriel

62.   Pet Shop Boys

63.   Roxy Music

64.   Arctic Monkeys

65.   Black Sabbath

66.   Police

67.   Linkin Park

68.   Paul Simon

69.   Joy Division

70.   Stevie Wonder

71.   Kasabian

72.   Def Leppard

73.   Prodigy

74.   Van Morrison

75.   Pixies

76.   Beach Boys

77.   Dusty Springfield

78.   Elvis Costello

79.   New Order

80.   Tina Turner

81.   Muse

82.   U2

83.   White Stripes

84.   Specials

85.   Who

86.   Suede

87.   Billy Bragg

88.   Jam

89.   Ramones

90.   Human League

91.   Alanis Morissette

92.   Ian Dury and the Blockheads

93.   Kraftwerk

94.   Tom Petty

95.   Aretha Franklin

96.   Verve

97.   Eurythmics

98.   Massive Attack

99.   Lou Reed

100.    Bjork

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Queen Top Absolute Radio Icons Poll


Although there are 3 artists in the top 100 which this man has either collaborated with or produced, I can't believe he doesn't feature (unless I have genuinely overlooked him) and if we're talking icons - why no Jeff Lynne??

richey jones

haha! I do agree that there is some shit in the list, but feel i wont name them for sake of offending some else. And i agree that Queen will rock forever... but the manics they should be further up the list.. but enough said.

Johnny Joke Poll

I'm quite sure I have no idea what you mean ;)

Richey jones

Clearly johnny joke poll loves a good joke, nice idea for impersonating me, I clearly hit a sore spot. Nice that you can give it back.


Logical. And should stop of doing this Rankings or start from the 2nd place. QUEEN always will be the Number 1.

Richey Jones

Sincere apologies folks, I've just realised my previous post was nonsense; just because a band are fans of Queen doesn't mean they're any good. Sorry for being so impetuous and calling you an idiot Johnny, I'm the real idiot today, a total tool to be honest.

Iconic as a word has no meaning any more as it's applied to any band or act who get dressed up or play power chords so what I was saying about the Manics was a bunch of waffle too - sorry, I haven't been sleeping too well lately. Anyway, I've looked at the list again and I'm starting to agree with you Johnny, Def Leppard, Adele, The Verve? This list is utter cack. At least we can agree that Queen rock forever!

Sorry for being such a tulip guys, it won't happen again. I'm so embarrassed, I wish I could delete my previous comment. P.S. I love New Kids on the Block, how were they left off the list?!!!

Richey Jones

Im thinking from reading your post that maybe its you that has the bad taste in music if you are dishing foo fghters and paul weller? Manic street preachers are one of the most iconic bands and are one of the last great bands with such a rich dramatic history. Plus foo fighters are massive fans of Queen so cant see the problem of them being there. there is one word for you... Idiot.

Johnny Joke Poll

Oasis, Foo Fighters and Paul Weller in the top ten? I wouldn't be getting too excited about topping a poll with such poor quality control. Linkin Park and Manic Street Preachers also make the top 100. Nonsense. Must have been compiled by children if Bob Dylan is outside the top 5. What a joke! Some Icons! Is Absolute Radio run by the makers of the Tellytubbies by any chance?


Freddie, Brian, Roger and John really deserve it! Totally agree in placing Queen as the most iconic band not just in the UK but the whole world!
Thank you for the music Queen.
Regards from Mexico.


what a bad poll or what queen number one i agree but why not for me it would go on the top ten bands.
10. muse
9.def lepard
8.guns and roses
6.thin lizzy
4.jimi hendrix
3.pink floyd
2.led zeppelin
1. queen


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