Queen Top NHK Poll

NHK Japan recently conducted a survey for the most popular artists or bands that have visited the country. And the winners were...

1) Queen

2) The Beatles

3) Michael Jackson

4) Simon and Garfunkel

5) Carpenters

6) Led Zeppelin

7) Billy Joel

8) The Rolling Stones

9) Eagles

10) ABBA

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Queen Top NHK Poll

zelia aparecida murcia

eu gosto muito queen

Emiko Harvey

I was at the concert when they came to Japan for first time at Budokan.

Feels like just yesterday.

Dave Laprise

I saw and loved Queen Extravaganza in Vancouver, and now that I am living in Japan I hope some iteration of the Queen experience can visit us here!

Dave Laprise

Daniel Osiris

Thanks for doing this type of survey, it shows that good music never goes into oblivion, Queen psyche enthrall crowds despite the weather ... I love Queen and although I am Japanese I really like the song Queen Teo terriote for me is a very good song, I hope someday Queen kick in dvd format historic 1979 concert in Budokan, Toyki 1982 or Queen live 1985 in Japan Yoyogi National Stadium, soloamente not for the Asian continent but throughout the world are from the Republic of Guatemala, and I would love to have one of those historic concerts on dvd for my library, I hope if this request can hacerllegar who correspnda , and always thank them for doing these surveys demuesta that Queen is not passé but current psyche forever.


OH freddie super bella




I have not ever seen this picture before.
Very cute!
I asked my mother.
"Do you know this garden?
It must be Kyoto."
She told me
"This is Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto."
That's the one of traditoional Japan.


really happy... I'm not the only one loving this group. My elder brothers ( japanesse ) do too ( ha.. ha..)


I'm so happy for the result of the survey! Cheers! Love Queen forever! !!


Queen reign supreme, as it should be!

jean fakhouri

Well deserved! Queen will always be in a class of their own. Freddy Mercury was a very talented and gifted musician and is still sorely missed today.




Now THAT is a picture of QUEEN...ROCK 'N' FKN ROLL ROYALTY

Wioletta Skoczylas

wynik tego rankingu wcale mnie nie dziwi, Queen zawsze najlepsi, zresztą Królowa tam spotkała się z naprawdę dobrym przyjęciem, pozdrawiam fanów.


Yes, Yes , Yes! Queen is # 1 that is just awesome to see.

Queen, foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!


The programme that features the result of this poll is going to be broadcasted on NHK (Japan's national broadcaster) on March 26. I look forward to it!


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