QueenOnline On Tour: Notes From The Road Part 1

"I would love to be involved...just for the opening show even."

That was pretty much the pitch to management to get on the plane for the Queen + Adam Lambert North American tour. There were a few other lines of personal endorsement of course and what I could offer to the jaunt, but I kept it pretty simple, 12 years on the job and you hope that you might have some credit in the bank.

"The whole tour? Ah, I would love to, but..."

Having two young kids and a wife just starting a new job a few weeks before the tour kicked off...I would have come home to an empty house. However, after a minute or so of negotiation (see or being told what was on offer), we settled on the first six shows and that I was it, I was officially 'crew'. My online position had been cemented as part of the touring team, plus, I agreed on "a few other jobs that might come up", I was in. Rock n' Roll. Have you seen 'Almost Famous'? That was I. 

Two days later, I get an e-mail headed "Production Assistant: Job Spec". My role had been expanded; those "few extra jobs" were a lengthy list. Hell, I didn't care I was on the plane, and bus as it turns out. Now to tell the wife…

It was back to business of course for the next six weeks, the ‘Queen Machine’ was thundering on, the Extravaganza was touring, We Will Rock You closing, launching the Official Queen Podcast series, plans for the 2014 releases had be produced, presented and agreed, plus of course we were in the business of selling tickets for the expanding tour. 

In between all that I was slowly planning 'my tour', it was all was coming together: confirming flights, setting up time to talk to Roger and Brian on the road, meeting Jil the Tour Production Coordinator, would I be able to meet a friend in Chicago? What bag I am taking? DO I need new underwear and socks? How is the childcare going to work out? I am missing Father's Day, the kids have chickenpox, the wife thinking I was heading out on some 1970s sex and drugs magical mystery tour...real stuff.

The Queen Team meeting on Wednesday 11th was great, we rattled through several projects and made some decisions and threw around some great ideas. 2014 has been and will be busy, 2015, well the fun just doesn't stop, there will be a whole lot more to enjoy as a Queen fan all being well. The imminent tour was of course discussed, I was calm, but a wry smile appeared across my face as Jim Beach packed us all off at the end of the meeting.

"Have fun Nick, see you in Chicago!"

I am finishing this off, just as I am waiting for my flight to LA from Heathrow's Terminal 3. My friend and colleague Justin Shirley-Smith, Queen's long serving sound engineer, has just chipped off to catch his earlier flight, so I am officially the last member of the crew to leave the UK for the tour. I am looking forward to hooking up with the Queen team again and finally meeting my new friends in Adam’s camp and the iHeart Radio team. You just have to keep an eye out for the Pete Malandrone chap...

I know I am lucky to do what I do, but all things I have worked on have led to this and, frankly, I can't wait. So, look out for updates and images from the road on all the Queen channels, the links are all below, blah, blah, blah, I see some images of the stage from the iHeart Radio show have leaked already, shame really, but it just adds to the thrill of it all I say. I just hope I get to watch some of the World Cup.

The 'Once In A Lifetime' Tour, it is exactly that for me too. I'm ready to rock...and to work my ass off. 

Right, I am off now to wander around this shopping centre that also doubles as an airport to spend about £50 on stuff I don't really need.


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QueenOnline On Tour: Notes From The Road Part 1


Thanks for these "Notes From the Road." Huge Queen fan cir years and I'll live vicariously through you!! I really wish the tour included Atlanta...I'd be there with bells on...but at least I'll read the updates. Have a blast, keep us updated, and most of all, ROCK ON!!

Southern Smiles,


I am glad that you had the opportunity to hear Adam's voice loud and clear. One of the Queen duet said the concert would be "loud." Loud doesn't make a concert better. It actually makes it worse. I would hate to have a "once in a lifetime" concert be ruined with sound that is so loud that it gets distorted. Sometimes I wonder if this is why Adam takes his ear monitors out in the middle of a song.

If someone could pass this along, it would be appreciated.


Enjoyed Tour Notes Parts 1&2, very much. I love the feeling of being right there with my all time favoourite band, and my favourite-since-American Idol- star, Adam Lambert. I will continue to read your updates Nick, so by the time I get to see the Once In a Lifetime Tour in Toronto on the 13th of July, I will be over the moon with escitement.


Hi Nick! As a Glambert (now a Queen/Bert) I'll be looking forward to each episode of life on the road with these mega- talented men! I've long been a fan of Queen, loved and appreciated Freddie, but am thrilled that Brian & Roger recognized Adam's unique talent and brilliantly chose him to follow Freddie's dream of "The Show Must Go On." What an incredible experience for you, tough to leave your wife & kids, but Skype will keep you connected. Thanks for letting us live vicariously thru' you, allowing us to be a part of life on the road, sharing this Once in a Lifetime Tour! It definitely will be the tour of a lifetime for me! :)


ATTN Sue I went to 1 Glamnation show and sound was very good. Adam's voice was easily heard over band. Also went to 2 Adam/Queen shows in London.Sound was perfect. You may HV attended a show where sound guy didn't do his job well. Can't wait 4 Adam and Queen 7/5.


Please pay attention to my comment because it will affect the concert experience for everyone who attends. I went to see Adam's Glam Nation Tour, hoping to get a first hand experience of what his voice sounded like. The sound was turned up so high, the only thing I heard was reverberation and distortion. I could hardly make out Adam singing. I had to plug up my ears to minimize the reverb so that I could hear the melody in the songs. The tendency in rock concerts is to turn the sound up very loud. That spoils the sound for the audience. Loud doesn't mean "better." It means distortion.

Please pass this on to the sound engineers so they will pay attention to how sound that is too loud can ruin the experience for the audience. Thank you and have a great time.


My name is nurit and im from ISRAEL
Im a huge fan!! (since i was a child) well , all my family..

PLEASE PLEASE come to ISRAEL during your new tour
It will be a dream come true for me and for all the fans
last week the rolling stones were here and its was amazing.

but its not QUEEN!
love you always ,hope for your response


Thank you! Can't wait for the second one!


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