QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 11

Hello again, sorry for the radio silence, the back to back shows in Saskatoon and Edmonton were full on and then yesterday we had a much needed day off in Calgary. Many of the crew took advantage of the time off by catching up on sleep and doing a bit of shopping. It nice to see so many of us, band included, out and about enjoying the sunshine and the shops on 8th Avenue, which is the main drag for tourists like us to gravitate towards. I managed to get that hair cut too.

I took some time to catch up some e-mails and bit of work back in my hotel room for a hour or so, it's still all go elsewhere in the Queen world with the Live at The Rainbow release coming in September. I really can't wait for you all to see and hear it, I am really fond of it, but have also been measured in not delving into it too much because I still get a thrill from getting the finished product and taking it all in just like everyone else. Check out the latest trailer here.

Back to Calgary.

Poppy, who heads up wardrobe, claimed she was celebrating her "32nd" birthday yesterday, we all knew different of course, but that didn't stop several of us meeting in the hotel bar and purchasing some fancy overpriced drinks in her honour. Brian turned up too, he was in a fabulous mood, hugs and high 5s all round. Myself, Brian and the two Welsh Sound Wizards Kerry and Rob talked about how good the Edmonton show was and all of us commented on how 'up for it' the crowd were too. What was also great was how Dr. May then became the unofficial Birthday Party photographer! He was insistent on getting some great shots for Poppy's big day. I then sat at the bar with Neil and once again talked music. It really is getting a bit ridiculous now, we could chatter away for hours, days possibly, we even bumped into each other in the street earlier in the afternoon and stood there in beating sun discussing the merits of 'Hot Space' and the Rolling Stones 'Undercover' album.

You will always find Poppy's room near the band dressing rooms. She will be in there adjusting garments, fixing little bits, making sure shoes are clean, ordering laundry etc. She will always pop in to the production office (the main hub of backstage) listing little bits she needs for the runners to go out and get, for example in Edmonton she need some particular elastic and some sequins. 

She also oversees the 'dressing' of the dressing rooms. With each different venue, comes a different room, so she will direct on where the furniture goes, if they need another rug to fill the space, where plants are put, if extra lighting is required maybe, replenish candles, a few shows back Adam's room needed a new kettle, that sort of thing. 

During the show she will flit between the side of the stage incase of any 'wardrobe malfunctions' and the back of the stage in the ‘quick change tent’ to assist with costume changes. With Adam it is a two-person job, due to his accessories ☺

Other points of interest include: There are 9 flight cases for wardrobe and the dressing rooms in total; Poppy has a great cleaning tip that includes vodka that I was sworn to secrecy on. The last artist she worked for was Rhianna on which she had 4 assistants due to the number of changes and garments involved in the show. Poppy carries a different print out of the set list, which includes all the wardrobe changes, obvious I know, but it was interesting to actually see it. If required she will bring in a local seamstress to help with any major repair work. Oh and she’s lovely, but she’s still not 32…

I originally started writing this entry about technical bits and bobs on the tour and load in, but it was turning out to be rather dry and it was becoming a list of facts and figures, so I changed tact to what you have above. However, it did give me an idea for my NEXT update which will be Random Facts from the Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour...and I mean random. It will be a collection of facts and figures, things I have found out about since being on the road and a few personal tit bits, a real mish-mash, and it should be fun.

See you tonight Calgary!


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QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 11


Howdy...will be joining y'all come July 5 in Vegas. Coming full circle, actually, as the first time we gals saw Q it was 1976 (77?) at Winterland in San Francisco.

What's a group of nice elderly ladies gotta do to get a photo with B & R?? Homebaked cookies? Balloons and dancing girls? Large sums of cash...(hmmm, hope not - we will be in Vegas, after all)...anyway, we met them years ago at the Fairmont Hotel and would love to get a photo to do a 40 (almost) year comparison.

Let me know if there's anyway to get a quickie...photo, that is, at the Hard Rock on July 5. XX

Beth A. Koskoski

I am 62years old and grew up with the band. I live in USA and will seeing my first ever live Queen concert in DC. Tickets are center front stage. I would love to get a chance to say hi to Brian and Roger and Rufus.

I still love/miss Freddie as I know his old bandmates do.

Tell Brian hi from me.

Rock on
Beth A. Koskoski

Anita L

Nick, thanks so much for taking the time to write these blogs. I've read them all and find all the behind the scenes info really fascinating. Do you have any idea how they're going to scale the production to fit into The Joint in Vegas, since there's no catwalk there and a smaller stage. Will the big Q screen even fit in there?

I was at the Chicago show and the whole production was just amazing! Best I've ever seen! Congrats to you and the whole team!


I'm really enjoying your blog and it's quite an education of what goes on behind the scenes. Here's something that puzzles me and is a technical question -- Brian doesn't seem to wear any ear monitors. Adam wears them but fidgets with them all of the time. What's the technical issue that this can't be resolved for him so constant adjustments don't have to be made?


Nick, thanks for your ongoing posts about your behind the scenes experience with the tour. I love your section on meeting in the bar and purchasing fancy and overpriced drinks.

It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Poppy's 32'ish birthday.

Congratulations on a great job with this immense production.


Can you tell Poppy to hide Adam's vests? Layers are evil lol He doesn't need a vest over a top or a shirt.

Marilyn Cole

Love your news! can you tell us what special requirements Brian, Roger & Adam have for their dressing rooms -- i.e. candles, food, drink etc.

Rebecca Matthews

Hi, While you're in the Vancouver area, it would be my pleasure to bring you some amazing drinking water :)

Jill Wautlet

ant this is why I should "proof" my words before I sent - haha!! Just to be clear - please thank your beautiful family for allowing you the opp to come on tour if just for a brief time, it was so giving of them to share you with us & we're all grateful!! Huge thanks to them when you return home!! :0)

Jill Wautlet

hi Nick I'm gonna add to Yvette's comment below from the Chicago pics with Nick Glamchicks it's Jill ! :) your insight humor & stories are going to be so missed it's, but love that you shared about Poppy before you're gone!! we hope you continue to shed light from the UK after you've returned home to your beautiful family I bet your little ones are missing their dad like crazy!! but be sure to thank them all including your unselfish wife, with all of us fans out here!! the tour wouldn't have been the same without you!!! :0) btw - here's a link to our pics with you from that memorable first nite in Chicago -
we'll never forget you Nick hope you don't forget us either!! :) blessings to you & yours ~ when is your last show? I've been watching the live streams it keeps getting better & better!! :0) you must be having the absolute time of your life!!!! amazing opp!

ah yes one more thing that I think is highly overlooked but so very cool beyond your role in marketing online for Queen is your active involvement in Bri & Roger's Mercury Phoenix Trust WOW just WOW thanks for all you do you're one of a kind Nick!! :)
www.mercuryphoenixtrust.com and www.freddieforaday.com


Thanks Nick . .enjoy your blog


OK Nick..its settled. You are not leaving. You are amazing doing this for us and now u have us hooked. Soooo that's bit.


Thanks for your blogs. So much happens behind the scenes for shows like this. Thanks for the gossip and for shining light on the unsung heroes of concert tours: roadies, wardrobe, lighting, etc.


This is all fascinating to me. What goes on backstage and on days off is almost as interesting as the show we see.

Mohamed Hisham

Hello quys. you all going on world tour passing thru Japan and Australia. Piease please please stop over SINGAPORE

northern spirit

NIck, I'm really enjoying your Notes from the Road and will miss it when you need to head back to the UK. Thanks so much for telling us what it's like behind the scenes. You have a great writing style.

Cameron Willson

Hubby being a local soundman here in Idaho, any details you can cull from Kerry and Rob would be greatly appreciated, Nick. Also, anything else about the wardrobe like how many sets of leopard suits does Adam have would be nice
Please extend our heartfelt birthday wishes to Poppy for all of us Glamberts, as we would all love to be in her shoes....or out of them!
I know I speak for many when I say how much we will miss you and these Notes. Maybe Neil can take over for you? Peace and Love...


I liked hearing about Poppy. I am sure she is under appreciated by those of us who just don't know how important her role is. Thanks for enlightening us. Can't wait till the random facts!

Eric Weder

Enjoying the sound checks from the dining room. Looks to be a fabulous show! Welcome to Calgary!


Nick, thank you for these posts. They bring the whole tour to life in a new way for me.

I would love to know more about the set and what is required to tear it down, move and reset it. Also, will the whole set be going to Asia and Australia?


I am pretty sure if Poppy wants an hand with Adam's costume changes, she could get about 20,000 volunteers! ;)


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