QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 12

As promised, 50 Random Facts from the Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour...

Last show for me tonight...sob!



There are 13 trucks pulling the stage and backstage equipment around this tour.

The crew is made up of Brits, Americans, Canadians, one Irishman and one New Zealander.

Our Head Carpenter "Keano" was a tree surgeon in the village I am from, Writtle in Essex.

The show is shot on 5 cameras every night.

Jil our Production Coordinator used to work for Lord of The Dance Michael Flatley.

There are 285,994 light 'actions' per show - this means a movement or being on or off.

Adam sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" for his "American Idol" audition.

Pete, Head of Catering used to be Kurt Cobain's cook.

He has also gone on to cater for Dave Grohl in the Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Brian has 18 Vox AC 30 Amps on the tour with him.

Rob our stage designer cycles to the venue from the hotel at every opportunity.

We seem to be following Cher and Heart around the same venues. We find traces of them at each venue.

Rufus Taylor on meeting Paul McCartney when he was tiny found it easier to call him "Beatle Guy" than remember his name.

I had to bring over Marmite, Chocolate Buttons and UK Mars Bars for some ex-pats that now live in LA.

There are 44 Crew on this tour, made up of the Production Team, Riggers, Carpenters, Lighting, Video, Audio, FX, and Backline Team.

Adam's first ever live show with Queen was at Independence Square in Kiev, in front of 300,000 people.

We have 4 buses carrying the 44 crew. 12 bunks on each bus.

The next gig for one of our lighting team, Robin, is with Oprah Winfrey.

We are carrying 36 tonnes/ 80,000Ilbs of equipment on the road.

Our printer in the Production Office is called Malcolm.

I made that last fact up.

We have 4 confetti cannons in the kit - not always used.

Neil Fairclough and I could talk about Queen and music in general for about 6 weeks non-stop.

Benji in the Lighting team also worked on the Queen Extravaganza US Tours.

There are 27 different T-shirts to chose from on the Tour Merchandise stand.

I have interviewed Rufus and Neil for the Official Queen Podcast.

I am not going to take pictures of the band member’s dressing rooms and upload them.

Carpenter Andy Bews was the drummer in early 2000s UK rock hopefuls 100 Reasons and I once reviewed their debut album.

After show Toweling Robes - Brian: black, Roger: black, Spike: light grey: Neil and Rufus: dark blue. Adam puts on a clean T-shirt.

Leah, who works in Adam's team, used to work for the late, great Jeff Buckley.

Roger on average uses 6-8 pairs of drumsticks a night - although he has been know to use just one pair.

You can get a good haircut in Calgary. Thanks Mohammad.

On average we take 3.5 hours to load out of a venue each night.

There are over 1000 flight cases being carried on this tour. I did not count them.

I am collecting the entire set list print outs during my time here.

Before the Edmonton show the crowd performed a Mexican Wave.

This is the longest I have ever been away from my kids.

Adam's dad was a DJ at his college radio station and he played a LOT of Queen songs.

On this trek Sting's Fields of Gold is always used to test the audio equipment before sound check. The track is good for setting the PA tones.

We are carrying specialist electrical equipment that converts US power to our UK needs.

In Calgary Brian and Roger were given the "Freedom Of The City".

We use about 40 local crew at each show...and they all get a Queen + Adam Lambert T-shirt to wear and keep.

VIP and stage side seated guests are given a backstage tour before the show.

There is over 30 miles of cable used in the whole show.

There are over 1million pixels in the main stage LED screen.

Neil only uses a pick on Under Pressure and he has used the same three picks since LA rehearsals.

The gold fans that Adam uses in Killer Queen - I spray-painted those.

Prior to sound check Pete has been known to play 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love' by The Darkness.

I had the best hot dog ever - a 'Japa Dog' - in Vancouver.

On upload of this update I have just 9 hours left on tour.


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QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 12

sue hardy

who is the man that always sits very close to roger taylor when they are on stage performing ? he is very visible but we don't know what he does

Raymonde Sherman

Nice to belong I love Queen then and now...


so funny, Adam sang I Believe in a Thing called Love by The Darkness on Glee this past season.

Thanks Nick. Safe travels


We are gonna miss your report Nick! Can't you stay through Madison Square Garden????

Frank Tunstall

Thanks so much for the interesting blogs. Was fortunate to see the previous shows in London and Wroclaw. Say a big "Hi" to Spike from all his SAS fans ... lucky devil going to Australia now with the tour? Have a great time and safe travels to you all.


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. Loved your random facts. Nice job on those gold fans. ;)

northern spirit

Thank you so much, Nick, for writing these Notes from the Road. It's been such a great read. We'll miss you!


Thank you Nick for sharing the insightful blogs behind the scenes. It warmed my heart as I got to know the band members a little more through you, especially Neil. I learned to appreciate the crew as well. It seems like hard work, but it also seems like one big happy family. I felt like I was a part of that family as I read your blog. We will miss you. Safe travels back home.


Nick, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful adventure with all of us. I attended the Vancouver show last night and it was epic.

As amazing as the performances were, I have to give you and your fellow crew mates my kudos. The stage setting, lighting, sound, props and wardrobe were phenomenal. Videos don't do it justice.

It took forever to get through US Customs last night so I made it to a little rest area south of Bellingham and pulled in to get some sleep. Woke up early and went to go wash my face before heading on home and spotted your convoy across the way in the truck area. I can now tell all my friends that I spent the night with the whole rock and roll crew. :0D


Sorry to see you go.. understand though that family calls! Thanks for all your info and random bits.. It's been a geat insight..

Wishing you werent going so we can continue reading your blogs... but that is selfish... instead have a wonderful time with your family...


Diane S.

Thanks so much for your blogs. They have been informative, upbeat, and so delightful to read. What a nice glimpse into the workings of a tour, especially one as elaborate as this! I am saving your "fact sheet" to show my sister, a casual fan who will be attending the Boston show with me. The info will help her really appreciate what she is seeing and hearing!

I have been privileged to see Adam perform live on a few occasions but I especially am looking forward to attending a couple of the live shows with Queen. I am sure all the amazing videos still can't do the show full justice.

Thanks again for keeping us connected to the show. Safe travels home.


Thanks for all your great insights, Nick. We shall miss both you and them.


What an absolute joy it has been reading your blog. Thank you so much for taking us on this awesome journey with and thanks to your wife and kids for allowing you to take this journey.

To say we will missing your insights behind the scene is an understatement. But we understand that family must come first. Hopefully before this tour wraps up you will be able to make one more concert.

Save travels home............ ✈️


Fantastic Notes from the Road, you will be missed!
Glad you are headed home to the kids though.
My "kids" and grandkids ages 13 Zoe 10 the twins Reed and Cole are seeing Queen and Adam in San Jose Tues night. Gotta print out your "facts" list for the twins they'll love it. Thanks so much for playing with us on the road.

Bartok Smith

Does anyone know who the FOH sound guy is on this tour?

Since 1979 it's been Trip but he didn't do the 2012 dates. I know Justin Is on the tour, but it would seem strange that a studio engineer/producer is working as a live engineer.

Colleen Langley

Dear Nick,

Thanks for your tour notes. I will miss reading them. Your kids are going to love these stories and re-tell them to your grands. You'll be forever cool.

South Carolina USA

PS traveling to the Big Apple for MSG show


Nick I hope you get this. I just want to thank you for your amazing contribution to this tour. Your blog has been wonderful. Your personal touch has been a great thing to make it even more interesting.

I saw Queen+PR 4 times back in 2008 and I'll see the show in San Jose and LA this time.

Me and my girlfriend came from Costa Rica last night and we are on our way to San Francisco. I'm confident and hopeful to meet Brian this time. So I'll try to go and wait for them at the Arenas for the soundcheck. I know u probably can say anything, but do you have any tip on that end?

I just want to shake his hand and tell him how much I admire him. Maybe a picture with him if possible and give him a gift that I hopefully brought for him.

Thanks again you will be missed for the rest of the tour.



Thank you so much Nick! So interesting to read your Notes. Greetings from Finland!

Sandra Shader

Hey Nick!! Just wanted to say thanks for blogging for us!! We will miss you!! Nice having a little insight as to the happenings with the guys! Must be a real treat to be able to work with these amazing people!!

Thanks again!! Pass the torch on to someone else, would ya??

Much love!!

Sandi Shader


Great blog! Thank you! Wish you were staying on but appreciate your need to be back with the family. Can I take your place :)


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