QueenOnline On Tour: Notes From The Road Part 2

Touch down. Los Angeles

After an 11 hour flight, three films and two bags of Maynard's Midget Gems, I was picked up by Eric, a very cool Irish/Puerto Rican guy and within minutes we were best buddies; talking music, American history and shouting out quotes from Wayne's World and Jaws – I love Americans. I was heading straight to rehearsals, no point in mucking around I say, let's get it on.

However, before we get to the rock n’ roll, I wanted to go back to the flight for a moment, and the films I watched, they had triggered some Freddie thoughts. The Dallas Buyers Club, actually as recommended by Roger's PA Justine a few months ago, was the most obvious, with Matthew McConaughey's stunning performance as the real-life AIDS patient Ron Woodroof. Set during the same period in which Freddie had to deal with HIV/AIDS situation, it again brought home to me the work I do with the Mercury Phoenix Trust and how much has been achieved since the mid-80s. I am not going to review the film for you though, watch it yourself, have a think and then donate to us! ;)

The second film I watched was a little lighter thankfully and was called '20 Feet From Stardom' and concentrated on backing singers. It was a really great insight into a often overlooked roll and told the stories of several sensational, yet little known singers and how they found their place in the music industry, their role on records and on stage and why they didn't make it a lead vocalists. Most of the singers came from gospel backgrounds and could produce soaring vocals that were just so uplifting...you know where I am going he don't you? The Golden Boy, Somebody To Love and Let Me Live. I just kept thinking what would Freddie have produced as solo artist if he was still with us...did he have a full on gospel album in him? Freddie backed with a gospel choir...imagine the power!

I also flipped to see what the music options on the in-flight entertainment - top of the A-Z list? 'A Night At The Opera'. It's all a bit too spooky, but it does make you smile and feel that little bit proud.

Anyway back to business, sorry about that diversion! The rehearsal hangar, and yes, it is actually an aircraft hangar with a short runway, confirmed once again Queen do big, really big. The stage is at one end behind some large hanging black curtains, the images that leaked do it no justice...it's bloody HUGE. I picked up with the production team, grabbed my desk, my AAA crew pass and started to take a proper look around. I didn't get far. I stopped at catering. 

Saw Brian, gave a quick hug, he said he was feeling good and that it was "all coming together" and it certainly sounded that way when I watched the run through of the iHeart Radio set, of which I can reveal there is one track they are playing that will surprise EVERYONE. I have also seen the main set list and there are a few more lovely additions to what they played in 2012. I got that 'fan' tingle again; I can't wait to see this in Chicago at the opening show in a packed arena.

I had managed to go 25 hours straight without sleep and it was time to retire, until...

"Fancy a beer back at the hotel?” Silly question.

I ended up in a bar with Justin, Pete, Nigel (RT's drum tech) and Rob and Kerry, the Welsh comedy duo from hell, watching some HUGE ice hockey game between LA and New York, it seemed to go on for an eternity, but it was very entertaining and the place exploded when LA scored the winner in overtime.  For the next five minutes I found myself high 5-ing complete strangers shouting "Yeah Baby!” much to my own amusement. Only God knows what would have happened if New York had scored...

Today, Saturday, is the tech rehearsal, no band, just a basic run through, health and safety bits and prep...all quite low key, which works for me as I didn't get to bed until 1am and had to be here at 8.30 this morning.

So, 30 hours with no sleep was the final total, can I keep this up? We shall see, the buzz of rock n'roll, that's all I need right now.


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QueenOnline On Tour: Notes From The Road Part 2

Evelyn Ruiz

Hello Mr. Nick Weymouth,

You have truly entertained me and I am sure all the other Glamberts who read read your tour notes 1,2, and I expect a 3…Will you write more about your Queen Chronicles? What will be your next involvement with Queen and Adam Lambert? Too nosey? Me? I love, like a billion others, Adam Lambert and so far through him we have "met" interesting, inspiring people like you.
You are a great writer, direct to the point, funny, very like what endears us to the "Brits".

Thank you so much and good luck.


Hi Nick! Hope you've recovered from jet lag! This tour has me sleep deprived, also going blind staying up all night addicted to all news Adam & Queen! I also thought The Dallas Buyers Club Was a powerful film, accurately depicting the ravages and ignorance of Aids. I remember the fear & jufgements of that time and also the terrible news that Freddie had succumbed to it. I'm so glad that his masterful contributions to music history lives on along with Roger & Brian's huge catalogue of iconic music. Glad Brian's feeling great and assume his knee is well healed and working fine. The pic of the stage that was leaked isn't spoiling a thing. If anything it whets our appetite and teases us of what's to come! See you in Chicago! 4 more days!!

Tisha Mohamed

Thanks for these updates.Really enjoy reading it.Keep it coming.


I bought my dad tickets last year to see their show in London, I was extremely jealous as I live in Chicago... Well, it's my turn to go and dad's turn to be jealous as he said they were amazing...

Would love to meet Brian one day, tremendous guitar player. You're very fortunate, keep up the great charity work that you do

Give a wave to section 114 :)

per haden

I guess the surprise track are Made in heaven.


Loving this, so enjoying all the details! Waiting for a lot more from you, wishing I was there too, as a gofer or whatever lol. Hoping you decide to stay for more than six shows...


Love reading your notes from the road. So happy you get to do this!


Thanks so much for these posts! I can hardly WAIT to see this show! have fun, and let the shenanigans begin!


Thank you for these! I am mesmerized! :)

Evelyn Jalbuena Ruiz

Thank you so much. Maybe someday, those notes, journals will be an important part of Queen and/or rock history. Please do get some sleep.


2 blogs in and I am loving it! You make us FEEL what it's like to be there and just reading your descriptions makes my heart beat faster! We'll be seeing them both nights in Las Vegas and you'll already be back home. I wish you could go the whole distance but piece of the pie better than none, right? Thanks so much!


Thanks for your great posts! I just saw the stage picture that was posted. I can't wait to see the show live. See you Monday in Burbank (Los Angeles to some people) at the show. Keep up the good work!

Patricia Rae

Really enjoying your blog. My dad used to keep journals from all his trips and re-reading them keeps his memory alive. This will be an awesome record of this tour for all the Queen and Adam Lambert fans. Thanks!


Thoroughly enjoying your posts! And there've only been two! Really looking forward to more! Thanks!!


This is great! Love reading your updates. I wish you were going to be there for the whole tour.


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