QueenOnline On Tour: Notes From The Road Part 5

Just a quick one for today.

I say that, but I do have tendency to ramble on a bit, so lets see how it goes...

Yesterday was a travel day; we were flying out of LAX to Chicago for the opening show. My first job of the day was to heard cats and make sure we had our crew downstairs in the hotel lobby at 8.00am sharp to get the bus to the airport. I need not have worried, all but one were down there 15minutes early. They maybe a motley crew of characters, but they are good and they do it right.

The flight was pretty non-eventful; apart from the live World Cup matches you could watch on the plane! I was quite giddy with excitement when I discovered this. I love America.

Apart from that, the main topic of conversation on the bus, on the plane and as we stood around the airport was the reaction of the iHeart show from the night before. I was suddenly quite popular, as the guys were coming to me to see what the fans were saying and pointing out what parts of the show they enjoyed. This did not shock me particularly, but it was really nice to see that they really cared how the show had been greeted, even though it was just an 8 song promotional gig. I made a point of speaking to Pete and Nigel to see how the band felt it went.

"Brian was thrilled, he loved it.,” said Pete. Nigel then chipped in and relayed that "Roger was up for more, he would have played on if they had let him.” Bingo, it looks like we are all set.

Chicago then, I had never been. I was meeting a family friend who spookily lived just 6 blocks from our hotel. He gave me a tour of the city by car and then later by foot and I fell instantly in love the place. It has such a great vibe, a relaxed lightness if that makes sense, a very cool mix of modern and tradition in its culture and architecture, its like the people who live here REALLY like living here and make an effort, oh, and of course, Lake Michigan, a sea in most other countries. So yes, I managed this complete analysis of this major world city in a 10 minute car ride and having only been in there for about 2 hours. Bonkers? maybe, but I am coming back here for sure, it's my kind of town, plus it has immense rock n' roll credentials.

Following dinner and stroll around Millennium Park, I bid farewell to my host and was going to slide up to my room, but was collared by a handful of the crew in the lobby, led by you guessed it...Malandrone. He is getting way too many column inches in these updates. Anyway, I am so glad I joined them because the chat was just tremendous. I am learning so much from all these guys, on what they do as part of the production and ultimately I always get round to asking them who they have worked for before, and some of the great stories that entertain me every single day are a real highlight of this trip. I have a few tales of my own of course, but I am nursery school storyteller compared to these guys.

" Metal bands? Metallica, yeah I’ve worked with those guys."

"When I'm out with Clapton..."

"Rhianna, was a HUGE production..."

"Madonna loves a great joke..."

"Chili Peppers, Radiohead, um, Pink was a fun one…”

So that was up until last night, well early this morning if I’m honest ;),  and as I finish this, it is ‘pre-load in day’, before the big kick off tomorrow night. If I have time, I will try and squeeze another update in a little later, I just have to get this gold spray paint off my be continued. 

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