QueenOnline On Tour: Notes From The Road Part 6

A small update bridging yesterday and today: Opening Night!

Yesterday was a 'Pre-load in day'. Apparently this is a treat for the crew, as they have an extra day to get ahead of themselves. For me it was all about setting up the production office and getting to know the venues. Moving tables, and chairs, setting up the wi-fi connection, doing a walk around of the United Center's vast backstage area, watching Spain tumble out the World Cup rather spectacularly, putting up signage so we all know where to go, sticking down carpets in dressing rooms and just mucking in, as well as doing my regular Queen updates, oh and getting creative with some gold spray paint for Poppy in the wardrobe department.

In the evening, amid a Chicago styled downpour I met a great friend of mine for the very first time in person. He is local music journalist who covers all the local shows here and a walking, talking encyclopedia on Bon Jovi, his knowledge is staggering, and his passion for all music unbridled. We did pizza, talked kids, went to a record store and he then gave me a tour of some of neighborhoods, highlighting all the live venues and who had played there and the stories attached. A brilliant night.

This morning we were allocated our tour buses for the rest of the run, we really are on tour now, and everything is lined up to roll.

One final thing, it has been noted on some of the comments here that I have not mentioned Adam in my updates, it is something I was aware of, but for no particular reason. I have not met Adam at this point, only witnessed him on stage in 2012, here in rehearsals and at iHeart. I am not going to enter any debate on his role here, it bores me. The guy has stepped up to tackle one of the greatest music catalogues ever and is clearly his own man, delivering the goods with brutal confidence. I am part of a team here to support him. It might sound like I am toeing the line, but the guy is good, really good and with each song he sings that I witness I just find myself nodding, cheering him and the band on from within.

Right, things to do, guest lists to sort. Enjoy tonight Chicago; we can't wait to meet you.

Adam, Brian, Roger, Spike, Neil and Rufus - good luck guys, may the force be with you. 



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