QueenOnline On Tour: Notes From The Road Part 6

A small update bridging yesterday and today: Opening Night!

Yesterday was a 'Pre-load in day'. Apparently this is a treat for the crew, as they have an extra day to get ahead of themselves. For me it was all about setting up the production office and getting to know the venues. Moving tables, and chairs, setting up the wi-fi connection, doing a walk around of the United Center's vast backstage area, watching Spain tumble out the World Cup rather spectacularly, putting up signage so we all know where to go, sticking down carpets in dressing rooms and just mucking in, as well as doing my regular Queen updates, oh and getting creative with some gold spray paint for Poppy in the wardrobe department.

In the evening, amid a Chicago styled downpour I met a great friend of mine for the very first time in person. He is local music journalist who covers all the local shows here and a walking, talking encyclopedia on Bon Jovi, his knowledge is staggering, and his passion for all music unbridled. We did pizza, talked kids, went to a record store and he then gave me a tour of some of neighborhoods, highlighting all the live venues and who had played there and the stories attached. A brilliant night.

This morning we were allocated our tour buses for the rest of the run, we really are on tour now, and everything is lined up to roll.

One final thing, it has been noted on some of the comments here that I have not mentioned Adam in my updates, it is something I was aware of, but for no particular reason. I have not met Adam at this point, only witnessed him on stage in 2012, here in rehearsals and at iHeart. I am not going to enter any debate on his role here, it bores me. The guy has stepped up to tackle one of the greatest music catalogues ever and is clearly his own man, delivering the goods with brutal confidence. I am part of a team here to support him. It might sound like I am toeing the line, but the guy is good, really good and with each song he sings that I witness I just find myself nodding, cheering him and the band on from within.

Right, things to do, guest lists to sort. Enjoy tonight Chicago; we can't wait to meet you.

Adam, Brian, Roger, Spike, Neil and Rufus - good luck guys, may the force be with you. 



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QueenOnline On Tour: Notes From The Road Part 6


You're are so right Nick you do your thing and let Adam do his thing I am a big fan of Adam and thanks to Adam I am a new fan of Queen:) I love what you're doing here thank you :)


Excellent show. I was glad to be a part of it and to bring my family and friends.


Hi, I join with Jill! What a peasure to meet you! What a wonderful journey you are on and what a great thing to be a part of! Please continue to keep us posted on the tour. You have some devoted readers here! Don't worry about taking any specific position on Adam, I think you made yourself clear and I would totally agree with you, the guy has some big shoes to fill and he is doing an amasing job on it. Once again - spectacular show! And that you for the part that you play in making it all work out. We really appreciate your kindness!

Jill Wautlet

Hi Nick!! what a treat to meet you last nite in Chicago & how gracious of you as busy as you were to take pictures with me & my friends and to share pics of your kids with me ~ I'd love to share the pics with you :) let me know how! we texted Doug after that & shared the pics & he was excited too that we had the chance to meet you!! what a small world! btw the show was EPIC we loved it!! Yvette & Mary also got to meet Brian later which was beyond cool again a great pic to share! is there any way we can post on this site?! again grateful to run in to you we feel blessed!! Jill & Milwaukee Glamberts now Queenberts (Olga, Yvette, MaryD, MaryC, & me Jill with the cute sweet daugther I showed you the pic of) ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR JOURNEY!! LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR BLOGS!! YOU ROCK NICK!!


I have to say this concert was better than fabulous ! I have been a fan since the 6th grade when I first heard that beautiful vouce of Freddy's. That was 1979. I've always wanted to see them in concert and I probably can't convey in this msg what it meant for me to see this show. I wasn't sure I'd even be here to see it as I'd been in a good ol breast cancer battle. So this show meant even more to me. It was in my top 5 of my bucket list. I was watching the Kiev show and thought I wonder if they'll get close to Des Moines. I looked them up and found Chicago ! 5 hrs away. We can do that. I was blessed even more to have my husband allow me to get floor seats that were right by the stage. Now the show- I've been an Adam fan since his idol audition. I told my bus band he's really the only singer with the pipes and personality and showmanship to be able to handle the Queen lineup of the worlds greatest songs. It was a long wait but since the idol finale to now Brian and Roger have made the best decision in welcoming Adam to the stage. The show was magical and I even loved the beginning mic issue. I'm still hearing all if it my head. Adam is only getting better and better and the crowd around us felt especially touched with the pieces with Freddy. The Roger and son drum piece was special as well. I taped that for my 12 yr old drummer son who literally cried because he didn't get to come. Brian's seriously skilled and didn't disappoint! His 8 minute rig was a guitar opera.
Id see the show again and again. It was that good . It was worth the $500 it cost our family. Hard to come by when you're paying medical bills. My dream night ended magically with We are the champions as I knew it would. I just hope the band knows us Midwestern fans really love and appreciate them. Thank you thank you thank you

Marilyn Cole

Really enjoy your take on this event. Please keep on doing it for the entire tour! I'm a long-time Queen fan and also a Glambert who came on board with Adam during the first week of American Idol. He has always been his own person, interpreting songs his own way


Just saw some video of the show. WOW! Thats all I can say! Sorry i wont be going to any of the shows, But for all of you people that are , You are so lucky. Have fun. & Nick, Thanks again for the Notes! :)



Pls pls can someone dissuude Adam from putting unopened bottle of champagne to/in his mouth while on the chaise. If the wire was faulty the cork could fly out of the bottle at 65 km per hr. The bottle is under 30lbs of pressure per square inch - I think that's as much as one of the tour bus tyres ! thanx Velvet x

Do we get a debrief from you today pls ?


Will be sitting in the 5th row right next to the Catwalk when they play Winnipeg this Saturday. Hoping Mr May sees my sign. Going to ask him to sign my arm then having it tattooed. Any chance he will do it? Thank you

Motor Tim

BRING IT! Leaving for the show now!


Thank you so much for these updates, Nick. We're just a greedy lot when it comes to Adam, but getting to "know" Brian and Roger more through Adam's collaboration has been fantastic. I've been Queen fan since '70s, but now with social media it's so much more in depth and personal. They seem like awesome guys and so like Adam in their values and temperaments. Anyway, thanks again.

William F Ludwig III

Hi NIck,

I worked with Roger over the years when he played Ludwig drums. Any chance to come by sound check today and say hello? I have also started a drum company 2 months ago and have a snare drum I would love for him to see. Thank you for anything you can do to put us in touch....773=459-2678
Take Care,


Hi Nick and thanks for the BTS blogs! Please keep 'em coming, i totally enjoy reading about what is actually happening and how this tour is possible with the total professional dedication of people like you. The Band of course, but alone they cannot do it. Have fun in Chicago tonight and please stay cool. I know what is like to be in Chicago in the summer, during a downpour storm with lightnings, thunder and 95 F heat! Oh wait, was that just back-stage???


Thanks so much Nick! Loving your behind the scenes reporting from your Chicago night, set up, cheering the guys on. Yes may the force be with all of you all summer! greetings from No. California. Will be at SAP center in San Jose w kids and grandkids July , Forum July 3. Good luck on the road.


Thanks Nick. It s hard for those who have never witnessed the magic of Queen plus Adam Lambert to imagine or understand it. Such if life. Lambert has balls for taking this on and Roger and Brian know what they are doing. They stood next to Freddie Mercury for years, wrote with him, wrote their own songs for the band, and it is organic to them to understand who can really handle this catalog. I am thrilled for them and would not miss the tour for anything. Best of luck to all the guys and all of you working on this tour!

Cathy Falconer

When you finally meet Adam, which you should make a point of doing. You will find him one of the most genuine, down to earth, nicest guys in show biz! Best of luck to everyone on this opening night!!


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