QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 7

Busy business this touring lark. Sorry for the delay in this update, I am sure your worlds didn't stop without it. Anyway, some of the reason I have not blogged was that I was dealing with all the reviews that have come in. Every cloud and all that...

"Queen + Adam Lambert is pure majesty."

The above is all you are getting from me. I am not going to review the Chicago show, it's not really my job, read the reviews it will tell you all you need to know about our stay at the United Center. 

However, what I will say is that as much as I have been gushing about my time in Chicago and how it was my new favourite place, the crowd just topped off my new affection for the city. You were right there with the band, in the pocket. I know music is a huge part of this city, the artists, the venues, hell, you even have your own version of the blues, but you guys really smashed it tonight, so thank you, no really, thank you for helping us kick off this party. Rob, our Welsh front of house sound engineer, is not a bit of joker and you can't often take anything he says too seriously, but for a man who has 30+ years experience to tell you dead pan to your face TWICE, "That crowd was loud, and I mean really loud", you lot must have done something right. It looks like the gauntlet has been laid down for all those waiting to greet the band on the rest of the tour.

I really enjoyed walking through the crowd during the show and just watching so many people lose themselves in the music. I know that social media and mobile phones have changed the way people interact with live shows and call me old fashioned, but I would rather watch the show through my own eyes rather than a small screen. It’s not a criticism, more an observation and personal choice, people have paid their money and can enjoy how they wish! Yes, it is also true and I'm and fully aware that the thousands of images taken in the arena will have in some way help promote the show that Adam, Brian and Roger have brought out, but I just hope that you didn't miss some of the many beautiful moments that were there live and right in front of you, because there are many to enjoy. (Opinionated section of the blog over…haha!)

Glamberts. I had been warned. 

Whilst strolling around the arena just before the show and as people were taking their seats, I was making my way down an aisle and had to politely ask a lady if I could get by, it was then when I was unmasked.

"Oh you have an accent! Are you Nick!?" Wow. That was good. Sherlock Holmes is in the house tonight. 

It turns out that people were reading my updates and before me was Jill and her friends thanking me for the insight I was giving. They were lovely ladies and we got chatting about Queen, what I was up to and even family and kids. I was happy to pose for a photo and waved goodbye, only to see there was queue of people wanting to meet me and get some snaps...well, two, a nice girl and her mum who had also been following my online ramblings. Walking an inch taller and my ego nicely stroked I headed backstage as showtime was looming.

Between 8.15pm and 10.15ish a rock n' roll show took place in the United Center.

At 2.45am I boarded our bus to Winnipeg. Much sleep was attempted, I need to get used to this sleeping on a tour bus malarkey. After watching a couple World Cup games, eating mountains of crisps, sorry chips, several stops and breaking into Canada, I finally hit my hotel room at about 8pm. Bus call to the venue was 5.45am this morning, so naturally I stayed up until way past midnight do nothing in particular reducing the minutes until I had to get change there, I have two kids under 4, I am used to operating on no sleep!

It's a shame I have not had a chance to get out and about here, but on the plus side I am going see a friend here who has tickets for tonight, she has helped me work on some Canadian presence for Queen’s AIDS charity the Mercury Phoenix Trust in the past couple of years, so it will great to say hi. 

Right, I'm off...

"Catering is that way Rufus..."

Sorry, name drop. Oh, and here comes another, on the subject of my Adam mentions or the lack of, as some had pointed out. I've now met him and what a lovely guy too. Honestly, he's just nice, and nice people deserve good things. 

So Winnipeg, shall we dance?


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