QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 7

Busy business this touring lark. Sorry for the delay in this update, I am sure your worlds didn't stop without it. Anyway, some of the reason I have not blogged was that I was dealing with all the reviews that have come in. Every cloud and all that...

"Queen + Adam Lambert is pure majesty."

The above is all you are getting from me. I am not going to review the Chicago show, it's not really my job, read the reviews it will tell you all you need to know about our stay at the United Center. 

However, what I will say is that as much as I have been gushing about my time in Chicago and how it was my new favourite place, the crowd just topped off my new affection for the city. You were right there with the band, in the pocket. I know music is a huge part of this city, the artists, the venues, hell, you even have your own version of the blues, but you guys really smashed it tonight, so thank you, no really, thank you for helping us kick off this party. Rob, our Welsh front of house sound engineer, is not a bit of joker and you can't often take anything he says too seriously, but for a man who has 30+ years experience to tell you dead pan to your face TWICE, "That crowd was loud, and I mean really loud", you lot must have done something right. It looks like the gauntlet has been laid down for all those waiting to greet the band on the rest of the tour.

I really enjoyed walking through the crowd during the show and just watching so many people lose themselves in the music. I know that social media and mobile phones have changed the way people interact with live shows and call me old fashioned, but I would rather watch the show through my own eyes rather than a small screen. It’s not a criticism, more an observation and personal choice, people have paid their money and can enjoy how they wish! Yes, it is also true and I'm and fully aware that the thousands of images taken in the arena will have in some way help promote the show that Adam, Brian and Roger have brought out, but I just hope that you didn't miss some of the many beautiful moments that were there live and right in front of you, because there are many to enjoy. (Opinionated section of the blog over…haha!)

Glamberts. I had been warned. 

Whilst strolling around the arena just before the show and as people were taking their seats, I was making my way down an aisle and had to politely ask a lady if I could get by, it was then when I was unmasked.

"Oh you have an accent! Are you Nick!?" Wow. That was good. Sherlock Holmes is in the house tonight. 

It turns out that people were reading my updates and before me was Jill and her friends thanking me for the insight I was giving. They were lovely ladies and we got chatting about Queen, what I was up to and even family and kids. I was happy to pose for a photo and waved goodbye, only to see there was queue of people wanting to meet me and get some snaps...well, two, a nice girl and her mum who had also been following my online ramblings. Walking an inch taller and my ego nicely stroked I headed backstage as showtime was looming.

Between 8.15pm and 10.15ish a rock n' roll show took place in the United Center.

At 2.45am I boarded our bus to Winnipeg. Much sleep was attempted, I need to get used to this sleeping on a tour bus malarkey. After watching a couple World Cup games, eating mountains of crisps, sorry chips, several stops and breaking into Canada, I finally hit my hotel room at about 8pm. Bus call to the venue was 5.45am this morning, so naturally I stayed up until way past midnight do nothing in particular reducing the minutes until I had to get change there, I have two kids under 4, I am used to operating on no sleep!

It's a shame I have not had a chance to get out and about here, but on the plus side I am going see a friend here who has tickets for tonight, she has helped me work on some Canadian presence for Queen’s AIDS charity the Mercury Phoenix Trust in the past couple of years, so it will great to say hi. 

Right, I'm off...

"Catering is that way Rufus..."

Sorry, name drop. Oh, and here comes another, on the subject of my Adam mentions or the lack of, as some had pointed out. I've now met him and what a lovely guy too. Honestly, he's just nice, and nice people deserve good things. 

So Winnipeg, shall we dance?


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QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 7

Janet B

We are coming to Detroit. I figure who needs a retirement when Queen and Adam are right now. Mortgaging my future to get a ticket and travel to this show. My friends met Brian May in Chicago, boy I'd give anything to fulfill yet another bucket list item to be able to meet Brian, Roger and/or Adam. Best show I've ever seen. I'll be up close in Detroit, can't wait. Thanks for the great "Notes on the Road."


Hi your Blonde Chicago Glamsista with Jill.. (backstage pass lol) Great meeting you and I thank you for your time and taking Pics with us. I have followed your blog throughout and enjoyed you keeping us all so connected. We were so excited that night ..waiting for months for this incredible yes..we were a bit AMPED UP!! I've been a Queen fan since I was a teen and then fell in love with the Extraordinary Adam from the second he appeared.
The two joining forces is really a dream come true..A Dream Team. The Chicago show proved to be the best concert I've ever seen. ..and I saw Queen in Milwaukee in the 70s. Being a part of the Kick Off show, with all that Exhilarating energy in the air was epic. Tell Brian and Roger that from the response during and after the was excitingly obvious that 2 HARD Core fan camps have joined together in Love and Respect to Honor the Birth of a New Energized Alive, Fierce, and Flawless. It didn't matter who they or WE walked into the Arena to cheer on...When that last Bow was taken...WE WERE ALL FAMILY. QUEENBERTS! It was an Experience for sure. PLEASE tell the guys that emotions were high..Jaws were dropped..people were just STUNNED at what they had witnessed. It was Amazing. Adam fans who had never seen musicians at Brian and Rogers level of skill and knew little of Queens music were now in Awe of the talent. Due hard Queen Fans who said they were Only here for the Band came out Blown Away by Adams everything. It was Exhilarating! Then the most exciting .was after the concert....Brian May got out of his SUV to say and take Photos with us!! It was Spectacular night. stop..Detroit. Yvette..xoxo

Don R

Loud? It's what we do! ;-)

Kevin Kiso

I can appreciate that people like this ... what is being packaged and sold as "Queen." But this is not Queen; or Queen & Flaccid Lambert. It's two very, very, very rich men; Brian and Roger, Roger's son [playing the bongos and a tambourine], and some hired musicians. I saw Queen in the 1970's when they were certainly successful, but they were still HUNGRY. They were edgy. This Queen & Adam Lambert thing ... It's all there is... If you didn't experience Queen in the '70's, you didn't experience Queen and sadly - you never will.


Flying, vs by tour bus or large stage equipment truck, to Chicago from San Francisco to witness first hand the opening night of Queen + Adam Lambert concerts was so worth the sleepless nights and cookie jar money.
While I wasn't one of the fortune people to meet you or have their picture taken with you I enjoy reading that a few of us who read your updates were able too at the Chicago venue. Of course at the other 9 shows I plan to attend I will be on the look out for the accent...
Thank you for the wonderful Adam comments after meeting him as for that very same reason is why I became a fan girl of Adam's. When Queen and Adam partnered I was over the moon in happiness and broke... But worth the trip to London to see them together for the first time. Enough about me back to you, thanks again for your from the road blog!


Just had my first read of your insights. I can't wait for the rest of your tour notes. Really appreciate you taking the time to do this for the fans. Thank you, Nick. I hope I see you in Atlantic City so I can say "hi".


Hey Nick!

Thanks for all the great updates! The show in Chicago was off the chart! Shame we didn't get the added song though :(

Here are a few of the pics I took from the night, close up of Brian on the guitar is my favourite, plus the silhouette of him that I managed to get from the side :)

Cheers from Chicago!


Nick I am a little behind. Just catching up on your notes. Lovely read and glad you are an open minded guy. This tour is unique and your insights are great.

Cathy Falconer

Wonderful! Please keep these tidbits coming!
Told you, I knew you would like Adam. He's one in a million!❤️


LOVE your articles! You have NO idea how much i've been looking forward to this next installment!

You're too sweet to keep us posted as to the "ins & outs" of the Tour Life!!

Thank you!!

Judi Jarvis

Damnnnn, we danced, we sang, we cheered, we clapped, we cried.....BEST concert I have ever seen, bar none!!...couldn't even talk this morning after all that singing..... Brian's and Roger's solos, both vocal and instrumental, and the Roger/Rufus duel were all fabulous.....and one cannot praise Adam enough, he was so absolutely born to do this!!

Judi Jarvis

Damnnnn, we danced, we sang, we cheered, we clapped, we cried.....BEST concert I have ever seen, bar none!!...couldn't even talk this morning after all that singing..... Brian's and Roger's solos, both vocal and instrumental, and the Roger/Rufus duel were all fabulous.....and one cannot praise Adam enough, he was so absolutely born to do this!!


Hi Nick! Thank you so much for these updates! It is so interesting to read what is happening behind the stage. I have ticket for Madison Square Garden. If I luckily meet you there I would like to have a picture with you. Greetings from Finland!

Janet B

I just heard about your blog from those group of ladies, Glamberts who met you. They were thrilled to get a picture with you and apparently Brian May. I have always loved Queen, but I have a renewed love since I started following Adam Lambert 5 years ago. I always knew this is where he should be.....singing rock 'n roll. I never imagined it would be with Queen until the IDOL finale. I'll never be the same. The show was fantastic, more than I ever imagined. How could true Queen fans, even a small minority have a problem with this tour. It hits high notes on every level. And I would think it will continue to help Freddie's charities or loved ones. Adam Lambert, Brian May and Roger Taylor's live performances deserve to be heard.

I just have to get to Detroit now to see this show again. I'm sure it will be different. Thanks for the blog. I'll be checking it after each show.


Nick, your updates are wonderful! Thanks so much for making us feel a part of the behind the scenes party. Regarding Adam's lovely personality, that's not news to we Glamberts. It's the reason we are so loyal and protective of this amazing man. Please continue to take good care of him. He's precious cargo. :)

Jill Wautlet

Hey Nick it's JILL!!! about an ego stroke!! LOL! I turned my phone back on after church tonite to see the following text from one of the "lovely ladies" you mentioned in this blog ~ it read "New notes from the road vol 7 is up & u r now FAMOUS Check out Queen website now girl"!! so thrilled to see that you remembered us & you felt the same as we did in our "meeting"...HONESTLY there was never any intent on gaining "infamy" on our end ~ just the nature of us as passionate fans of ADAM & the excitement we had to be seeing him perform LIVE with Queen...our energy & spirit spilled over to you & again it's cool to hear we now share a mutual fond memory from this historical opening tour nite! I'm going to say contrary to the comment on this #7 otherwise, that I love the personal insight of your blogs! It's the amazing people we've met over the past 5 yrs that are diehard fans of adam's...yes the Glamberts you've been warned about - (thanks Doug he told us he warned you - LOL), but truly I love that you discovered yourself what genuinely REAL WARM HUMBLE & LOVING people we are... over the past 5 yrs there is a kindred family that's developed online & in person at concerts total strangers being brought together with their LOVE of our humble boy ADAM with the gifted voice that turned most of our worlds upside Chicago was our time to come out & like proud mama's - see him realizing his dream how far he's come & never once not believing that his time would come. We were brought to tears Thurs nite in Chicago to see him in his element like you said just a nice guy - so humble so playful so REAL so AMAZINGLY we are forever grateful that Brian, Roger, & Queen have seen what we've all seen since he sang Bohemian Rhapsody on American Idol in January 2009 & our worlds forever changed as a result of that stellar voice - so as I ramble on I'm just here to say again our gratitude to the entire QUEEN rock royalty for "crowning" Adam & to YOU Nick for bringing us YOUR PERSONAL perspective your humor your so beautifully written blog & for seeing us as a special piece of all that in the process...I GUARANTEE that your experiences with the fans at every venue will be just as great - no matter where we've seen Adam he's had a GLOBAL impact as QUEEN has...heck we actually sat next to fans who flew in from Japan come to Madison Wisconsin Idol tour in summer 2009 JUST to see'll find that altho warned about Glamberts, that they'll go to the ends of the Earth literally to see him perform, make sacrifices to do so, even pack a loaf of bread & peanut butter to eat to justify / offset cost of ticket - LOL!! not kidding that was me 4 yrs ago!! but I'm just saying you're in for a treat!! Marrying diehard Queen & die hard Glamberts to now become Queenberts I believe that all your "interactions" will be just as memorable! THANKS again Nick for your mention of us we're flattered, humbled, but most of all grateful for the opp to meet you say in your accent ~ CHEERS!! btw I've never been called a Sherlock :) just a God gut feeling ~ odd but true things happen for a reason! ENJOY YOUR LAST WEEK ON TOUR we wish you could do the entire stint but those adorable kids need their dad back home!! Blessings, Jill :0) gonna hit FB now put quick comment out there so you can see the posted pics of your great smile with your Chicago lovely ladies!! they're on my FB site so feel free to check them out - k?...& ditto on Mary D's comment below we will treasure the pics & you are a sweetheart! oh my how I rambled on I should do a blog myself ~ ya think? :) who's taking over for you when you leave? haha!! entirely joking...I've got my daughter you saw pic of - I couldn't leave her for I don't know how you do it! but glad you did just for a short time ~ can't wait to hear about Winnipeg fans!! 30 minutes to showtime have a blast!

Mary D.

Thanks for putting up with us Nick, and thank you for graciously posing for pictures. We will treasure them. You are a sweetheart!
Dougie has such a lovely English accent now. Did he tell you that Glamberts went to the School of Sherlock? We have secret ways of attaining our goals :)
Love the "Notes" and especially your impressions of America.
Until we meet again tea and crumpets!! and Queen and Adam!!


Glamberts indeed. Watch out for us!

Evelyn Ruiz

Hey Nick,


Thank you.

Not surprised that you think Adam is Nice. I love him and I haven't met him…..yet.
You are lucky…I will be too someday.

Get some shut eye!!

Cameron Willson

And thank you so much for this behind the scenes! We wait with bated breath for every word from you. Informative, funny, honest, kind hearted. What more could we want?


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