QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 8

A comment was made on Facebook about the previous blog that I just uploaded (Part 7), and it was a fair one, that more details on the backstage arrangements, the stage and pre-show rituals would be of interest rather than my personal insights. Maybe I have fallen foul to my own press? 

Just to be clear though, as I am sure most of you understand, there are certain things that I can't talk about or take photos of back here, yes, I have unprecedented access, but I also respect people's privacy, security, space and that they have jobs to do. However, with that on board I can offer up this hasty follow up...and it's proved quote a interesting one too, it's all about timing.

I am currently eating a banana so I thought this insight apt; Catering for the crew is generally self-service breakfast, lunch and dinner, sometimes breakfast can be at the hotel, but for most it is at the venue and served from about 6 - 9pm depending on the get in time for the show. The breakfast menu does not change dramatically from venue to venue; cereals, lots of fruit, a pastry selection, muffins, eggs of some description and bacon, always bacon. Lunch sees the catering room retain the cakes and fruits, plus cold meat cuts, cheese, salad bread and sides, plus a couple of hot plates, today in Winnipeg, for example, it was chilli, pulled pork, rice and fillings for nachos. Cookies and candy normally pop up as treats around this time too. Dinner can be anything really, but soup often appears as a starter, plus plenty of carbohydrates are on offer in pasta and potatoes. During the whole day you can pop in and take fruit, drinks and biscuits.

As I am writing this sound check has commenced. Adam has run over some lines from Bohemian Rhapsody with accompaniment from Spike, Brian revving up the Red Special has just followed this up and he is currently cranking out the intro to Fat Bottomed Girls. I'm popping out there to see what is going on...

Back again. The whole second stage is set up ready for a run through, Pete is tuning guitars side of stage and Neil's bass tech Steve is attending the stand up bass. In the arena the final chairs are being arranged and aisles are being swept and some attention is being given to the Q tail walkway by Stage Manager Jim and a carpenter, lights are continually flashing on and off in no particular sequence. They must have been testing the dry ice too, that or they have lifted the smoking ban.

I saw Roger in his dressing room on my way back to the Production Office and I went in to say hello having not managed to see him properly so far, we had a quick chat and both agreed on how warm the Chicago crowd was. "I hope they are all like that!" he commented.

As he does everyday, the nicest man on tour, Neil, has popped in before his soundcheck to say hi. Neil is a huge Queen fan and also used to play in a Pink Floyd tribute band. After the Chicago show we sat around briefly discussing our favourite deep cuts from the Queen catalogue. He went with 'Spread Your Wings' and I opted for 'You and I'. Both Deaky tracks funnily enough.

OK, this time I REALLY need to go, we are just under four hours from showtime and I have a guest list meeting to attend with the Tour Manager.

See you down the front Winnipeg!


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QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 8


Thank you so much for the updates. I have a question that you might be able to find an answer to. It is not in your specialty. I would like to know if there has been a spike in Queen CD sales since Adam has been performing with Queen. I always loved Queen, but now I am Queen obsessed. I am an obsessed Adam fan since Idol. The guy has everything and lacks nothing. I am sure if someone did a PET scan of my head while I was watching the Kiev concert online, the pleasure centers of my brain would light up more than if I had snorted cocaine. This has to be the most ideal match-up of incredible singer and performer, songs and incredible musicians. I am not going to watch this show online until I see it live next month. Also, if you can pass along that I would like Adam to sing :Don't Stop Me Now," one of my favorite Queen songs. I can't get it out of my head!


Hello and thank you for the blog. I have a particular question I hope you can answer. A little background. I live and work in japan and am thinking about going to the Osaka show, however, I'm worried they play a shorter set because it's a rock festival and not a traditional concert. Is there anyway you can verify this for me? Thanks so much.

Julieta B

Nick, tks for your posts. I really enjoy them. I find them fun and the texts are spontaneous and easy to read. I also like it when you comment on what the band and crew do and say. What a great idea to have this sort of communication with fans!! Counting the days, hours and minutes to my chance to go see Queen + AL do their stuff. I feel fortunate. Take care and pls tell Brian and Rog I send them all my fangirly love!


I LOVE THESE !!! Thanks again, Nick :D

Jane PG

Great posts and so glad you are on tour out there with them - good for you! Am following daily. Have a great time - this sort of thing should have been done a few years ago (ie. your blog).
Have fun.
Ps. The JJR are splitting up... (sob)


Thank you Nick! So interesting to read backstage things!

Pascale Angell

Hi Nick...I am enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I was just wondering how many tour buses there are and who is on Adam's bus.


Happy to hear you mention how nice Neil is because he certainly seems that way. And about the meals, did Adam not have specified in his rider that there must be Kale smoothies available at all times? Lol


Nick thanks for giving us so many backstage details. This is the kind of stuff fans want to know.


Hi Nick
This is my first chance I had to write and thank you for being so sweet in Chicago and taking pictures with me and my friends before the concert. We are the girls who know Doug & teasing you for "Passes" LOL!! Your very sweet guy. WOW...the Chicago show was seriously the BEST concert I have ever seen. .ever. Adam and Queen are a Dream Team together and MAGIC HAPPENED in Chicago. I have always Loved Queen and was blessed enough to see them in the 70s in Milwaukee when I was 13 or 14 yr. Old. Then when Adam magically appeared. .I was instantly blown away and beyond elated that finally we have Real Live Extraordinary vocals again. Adam is the most Phenomenal talent there is. The guys joining together is truly a GIFT TO ALL OF US...and the World will soon find out. I'm still sooo excited, and filled with emotions from what I experienced in Chicago. We are going to Detroit, and I'm so amped up!
Oh ..also..Brian was sweet enough to get out of his SUV and talk and take pictures with us..That was extra sweet icing on the cake!!!! He is a SWEETHEART! Hope to see you in Detroit!!!
Thanks for keeping us updated on everything!


I love your personal insights. That is pretty much what a blog is supposed to be! I do have a technical question though. How does that big round thing that projects the pictures get put up? Is there a crane at every arena or what is used?


I've heard that if you were sitting forward of the spot at the end of the walkway (couch for KQ, Bri solos) you could not see what happened there. Any chance you can put what is performed there on the jumbotron Q for all to see? Thanks.

Patricia Rae

You are hysterical! "fallen foul to my own press" LOL I love your insights and anything and everything you give us is thoroughly appreciated.

Phil Powell

Hello. Really enjoying your blog... We can wholeheartedly vouch for Neil being a totally smashing and funny fella (even if we do hear his same jokes every week). Also we'll again have no one to make the brews tomorrow morning at Viv's.

Keep rockin' and send our love to Neil.

Phil (the bro-in-law) & Lee x


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