QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 9

Exciting news! I have a new job, 'Toweling Robe Assistant', when the band does what is known as a 'runner'. This basically means that when the band leave the venue straight from the stage, as you guys are still applauding, I have to greet a band member right behind the stage, hand them a towel, drape them with their unfolded toweling robe and show them to their waiting vehicle. It does not happen at every gig, but I have to say it was actually rather exciting when I did it after the Winnipeg show. 

I was stood ready to go after ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, before the encore, and the energy at that moment is incredible, I have chills just thinking about it. The crowd was roaring and stomping away out front for more, the band are buzzing around behind the stage in a huddle, clearly full of adrenaline, security was now present and a clear avenue has been cleared towards the cars that had their motors running, as the noise in the arena soared even higher Roger shouted "OK, let's go!”, it took all of my discipline not to run out there with them! It was thrilling to be part of. ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Champions’ flew by and the next thing I know I am being told the same old jokes by Neil as we skip down the ramp towards the cars...does that man ever stop? I stand back as the rest of the guys quickly filter down, a beaming Brian whizzes by acknowledging people on the way, I give him the thumbs up, he slaps me on the arm and says "Thanks Nick!" and that's it, they are gone. That memory is a keeper, a little thing in the whole scale of this trip, but I am taking that one with me.

The show itself also stood out for me for two reasons, an addition in the set list and the fact that I was assaulted. 

During the latter part of the sound check in which they ran through 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives', 'I Want It All' and 'Love Kills' the band got together and for a discussion on the stage. A few minutes later it was announced. "Set List change, can you redistribute these please?” 'Don't Stop Me Now' had been added after 'Radio Ga Ga'. Get in. For many this track is some what of good time anthem, well it is round my way and caused mayhem on the dance floor at my wedding, and it was great to see it dropped into the arena show after it brought the house down at the iHeart show in LA. I think Chicago got a tiny bit jealous... ;)

The attack: Being the professional I am, I was doing my online job side of stage and just about to take a picture of Adam above me on one of the walkways and I was groped. Full blooded backside action, a really handful was grabbed. I jumped out of my skin, remember is quite dark round the back of the stage, Glamberts I thought, and spun round with a glare ready for action, but no. All I could see was RT's drum tech Nigel running way, screaming with laughter holding Adam's gold microphone stand like a spear. A few of the crew were chuckling away and pointing at me, I even saw a couple of the audience who witnessed the ordeal give me smile. He'll keep, he'll keep.

Here we are in Saskatoon then, show number three and by this time next week I will be at home. It's been a riot so far, but hard work and long hours, but the experience has been immense so far and I have met some truly great people. Yesterday was a day off and almost the entire crew, even the non-football loving ones, and couple of Adam's team headed into town to watch the USA / Portugal match. It was good game, but the highlight for me was Rufus and the impassioned rant he gave me about his thoughts on England captain Steven Gerrard and his performances at the World Cup, I could not stop laughing.  Not sure Stevie G would have been quite so amused. The bond we all have as crew grows everyday, it sounds cliché but it IS like a family and many have said that the vibe in this tour is an absolute joy. There was a lot of love in that bar...and lot of empty glasses.

I have a few ideas on forthcoming blogs including 'Bus Life' and the 'Load In/Out', so hopefully I can get to those topics shortly. 

One final thing, if you are interested, my highlights of the shows so far, in no particular order, are: 'In The Lap Of The Gods', Roger and Adam smashing 'Under Pressure', 'Love Kills' on the B-stage and 'Who Wants To Live Forever' and the disco ball.

Saskatonians, let’s see what you’ve got.

Fact: Canadian musician Joni Mitchell calls Saskatoon her hometown, and funnily enough the Tour Management team here were just the other day showing off their new orange flight case that used to be owned by Joni, it has her signature scrawled all over it in massive silver print.



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QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 9


GREAT REVIEW! SO funny..The Glamberts...Nick, we're Naughty but nor the Naughty! HAHA.. But when we met you in Chicago (me Jill & Mary) we did notice how super Handsome you are. Thanks for keeping us all connected. Sounds like we won't see your bright smiling handsome self in Detroit. I'll miss your tales.

Shirlee Hara

Who is responsible for what is shown on the big screen and the side screens? Concerts I have attended in the past reflect the singer as he/she is performing. Concert attendees past the first 10 rows on the floor count on the screens to catch the action. Adam Lambert's facial expressions are his greatest asset and were sorely missed during the Chicago show because at least 50% of the screen time where Adam should have been on was inhabited by trees, Dr. May, Roger, dying trees that weren't even real, or even worse, a blank screen.
Please relay this concern and hopefully by the time I attend the LA, PHILLY, and NY concerts, I will be able to view Adam while he is performing since I couldn't afford floor seats in the first ten rows.
Thank God I also got to attend the preview iHeart concert, also. I live in Columbus, Ohio, so last week was 3 hours of concert, 14 hours of flying, and. 14 hours of driving, and it was all worth it.
Love your blogs - wish there was more info on Adam but will be satisfied with what we get.


Nick! Thank you very much again! I'm waiting for your updates! Greetings from Finland


Hi Nick!
Thank you for the BTS updates on the tour. We're gonna miss you when you head home but I'm sure this was an experience to treasure. I have one question, has Adam, Brian or Roger ever signed autographs for diehard fans after a concert? I'd wait forever if I knew there was a possibility of seeing Adam! BTW I love Shannon's ideas especially the dressing room camera! Truly the time lapse of stage set up would be cool!


Thanks so much for the notes. Makes waiting a month a little easier. I have a question for you. Is there a hierarchy in the BTS staff where some of the crew is prohibited from contacting the band and Adam? It would seem that it would be easier for them not to be in contact with the entire crew, for some of the crew to stay away from them. Does this happen? Have there been any public meet and greets with ticketholders who are not VIPs? This was not an option with VIP tickets so I did not think it was worth the extra money.


Hey, Nick-- you know what would be really cool? A time lapse film of the set going up. It would be so interesting to see the immensity in progress.

Also, a hidden camera in Adam's dressing room would be appreciated. BWAHAHAHA! Just kidding (Kinda). Keep up the good work.


Love your blogs. It means a lot to us to hear about these on the road antics, insights, and observations. Keep them coming and thanks!


Awww, Nick! Don't leave us! I've really enjoyed your "notes", and I was so looking forward to reading your take on the MSG show! I know that show means a lot to Brian, and I want to hear "behind the scenes" how it went. (It's 2 days before his birthday!) I can't make it to MSG, but I'm flying up for the DC show. Which brings me to a question: since Merriweather is an outdoor arena, will they still be able to use the full setup and lighting? I've never been to that venue.

Please tell Dr. Bri and Roger that the Queenberts will miss you too much if you leave so soon! :)

Marilyn Cole

Thanks again for your insider info. Can you tell us what special requests for food/drink in the dressing rooms are for Brian, Roger & Adam?

Cameron Willson

Ah Nick! Another fine blog! So that means you will miss San Jose and LA? And VEGAS? Not Vegas! You've been such a help, and so good at keeping us informed that I think you need to get them to send for your family to join you for a bit more. Vegas is very kid friendly now, and your wife can lay by the pool and drink Margaritas while you're at work.
Have waited every day with anticipation for your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Peace and love,
One of THOSE Glamberts


Hey Nick!
You are a hoot! Loving all these little tidbits from your perspective. What an exciting job you have. I'd be happy to fill in as "towel draper" in your absence! As school's out for the summer I'm willing and able.
Many thanks for taking the time to share with us.


HAHA, You must think all us Glamberts are very grabby! Great notes, We will miss your insights.


Nick, love reading your road notes. Also on I believe part 7 you mentioned that you are from old school and you don't get why fans like to see concerts through their cameras. My son of 20 years old attended a music festival with his friends this past weekend in Las Vegas and he got into argument with someone filming the concert the whole time. It's not old school to tell fans not to do it. It's common sense to enjoy a live show with naked eyes instead of through a camera window. Again thanks for writing what goes on BTS. I can't wait to see this concert in LA and LVs. Those used towels can be expensive on eBay. Lol, j/k


Awww Nick who will do this when you are gone?? Maybe your funny mate.. Neil.. am sure his humour would be great.. but seriously have loved your accounts.. imagine doing ALL the concerts....


Don't Leave Nick, we love your insight! Let's see maybe we can get some Glamberts to assist @home so you can stay! LOL!


Nick, I truly enjoy your Notes From the Road. I know you got lots to do, but I wish they were longer.


:) Great Notes Today ! Thank You!


Thanks Nick. Appreciate your giving you insight. You will deserve some kind of medal at the end of this tour.


Thanks so much for a look into what goes on behind the scenes.& congrats on your new job !!


Nick, I was wondering if Brian, Roger, Adam and the rest of the "band" were flying between cities and if there was more than one crew and more than one stage set because there are times when there are no days between shows and it criss-crosses the country as well. All this "behind the scenes" stuff is fascinating to me and I really enjoy your blog.

Now ROCK ON! and I will be going to three shows, LA, Detroit and DC.


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