Re-issues: Final Five Albums - iTunes LP Video Tracklistings

The Works

1. Tear It Up (Live at Wembley Stadium, July 11th 1986)

2. I Want To Break Free (Live in Rio, January 1985)

3. Radio Ga Ga (Promo Video, 1984)

A Kind Of Magic

1. One Vision (Extended Promo Video, 1985)

2. Princes Of The Universe (Promo Video, 1986)

3. A Kind Of Magic (Live at Wembley Stadium, July 11th 1986)

The Miracle

1. I Want It All (Promo Video, 1989)

2. The Making of ‘The Miracle’ promo videos (1989)

3. The Making of 'The Miracle' album cover (1989)


1. Innuendo (Alternative Promo Video, 1991)

2. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Hollywood Records Alternative Promo Video, 1991)

3. 'Mad In The Making': The Making of the 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' promo video (1991)

Made In Heaven

1. (Heart-Ache) Too Much Love Will Kill You (Promo Video, 1995)

2. Heaven For Everyone (Promo Video, 1995)

3. A Winter's Tale (Alternative Promo Video, 1995)

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