Read Brian's Letter To The Queen Fan Club Members

Read Brian's letter to the Queen Fan Club Members on It includes mentions of the movie, new recordings featuring Freddie, the Queen Extravaganza, WWRY and possible live dates, plus all of Brian's other many projects.

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Read Brian's Letter To The Queen Fan Club Members


Sorry guys, been unwell. (probably thinking too hard about the worst songs.) Again it's difficult but here goes.

01 All God's People, I don't think I've managed to listen right through this song in years.

02 The Hitman. I mean, where's the melody? Well you se there isn't any, none whatsoever!!!

03 Action This Day. Action? yes...skip!

04 Man on the Prowl. Seriously sounds like just trying to fill in space on the album.

05 Sheer Hear Attack. Sounds like Roger trying to be the Sex Pistols. That high pitched guitar squealing before the rota-drum role is just irritating!!

06 Chinese Torture. Pointless!!!

07 Don't loose your Head. I preferred A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling.

08 Delilah. Meeoowwwss!!! FFS!

09 Lost Opportunity. It certainly was!

10 Sweet Lady. I know it's blasphemy to say I dislike any song on ANATO but to me this sounds like two songs stuck together that don't fit. While I really like the verse I've always thought the chorus just sounded wrong. For that reason it annoys me that I usually skip a track on one of my favourite albums of all time.


Queen a new album in 2014 the titled are Mercury Rising.


Well I must say, you two are awesome! Real Queen aficionados! Ok that was fun and easy. I don't really consider Made In Heaven a Queen album. Sorry. As far as your lists went, SPOT ON! Ok see you guys on the Brian May Planet Rocks blurb.. Let's make some more havoc!

Tony Newman

WAIT!!! Should someone check on Alser? He's not moving...

1. Party/Khashoggi's Ship (I may NEVER listen to this track again in my lifetime)
2. Delilah (see 3)
3. Cool Cat (Freddie is 0-2 on songs about pussy)
4. Man On the Prowl (Freddie doesn't like rehashing the same thing? Listen to Crazy Little Thing...)
5. Dancer (See 6)
6. Back Chat (WTF?)
7. Tear It Up (We Will Rock You pt. 2) FAIL!
8. My Baby Does Me (Ghaaaiiiieeee)
9. Mother Love (For the love of God, I hope the new Queen ep/album isn't full of Mother Loves...
10. Don't Lose Your Head (The beat sounds better in Highlander scene as it goes into New York New York) Great Flick BTW...

Lol... Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men)...

That was easy! What's next? Alser? ummmm, Alser?

Top 10 Hardest Queen Rocker's? Let's move on to a new blurb, this one's getting buried. Lame ass Queen fans CHIME IN!!!!


Wayne, I like your Freddie list. Can't deny the genius of The March of the Black Queen. Tony, thanks for your compilation efforts. Nice to see what we three agree on.

10 worst, fair enough:
1. Delilah-Great guitar at 1:42, but those damn cat meows!
2. You Don't Fool Me-I can hear that this is one sorry
song, so I'm not fooled, boys.
3. My Baby Does Me-Don't do it to me, baby!
4. Dancer-Stop trying to be Michael Jackson, Fred!
5. Mother Love-I can't stand to listen to this motherlovin'
6. Invisible Man-I confess that I am sometimes in the mood to listen to this shite. When I do listen, I wish that I were invisible.
7. Back Chat-upchuck
8. The Hitman-My gut says I SHOULD like this, but my ears tell my gut to shut the hell up.
9. Don't Lose Your Head-I want to cut mine off when this song comes on.
10. Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men)-Inside joke with Tony


Ok ok, I'll do it. I'll pull the band aid off!
10 Queen Bombs
1 Hitman - really laughable
2 All Gods People- bad rehash
3 Don't Try So Hard- please don't!
4 Friends Will Be Friends-a caracature
5 Head Long(Rock Song) desperate
6 Invisible Man (Ghost busters)
7 I Can't Live With You
8 Pain Is So Close To Pleasure- sax solo?
9 Don't Lose Your Head - why?
10 Keep Passing The Open Windows - DULL


I do concur, my fellow Master of all things Queen!
But I have a challenge. A REAL challenge!!
10 WORST QUEEN SONGS. Seriously, an absolute honest list of their worst. Shall I go fourth?? Or should Alser blaze this path ; )

Tony Newman

According to the experts (us), here are Freddie's Top 8...

First, the top 4 were on all 3 lists...
1 Bohemian Rhapsody
2 The Millionaire Waltz
3 Somebody to Love
4 Seaside Rendezvous

The rest of these were higher ranked on 2 lists...

5 Good Old Fashioned Loverboy
6 The March of the Black Queen
7 We Are the Champions/Jealousy (tie)

That was tough boys... perhaps we should now jump on the Brian May Planet Rock interview blurb... Hey look below that, Wembley now on YouTube!!! OMG!!!


The Official Freddie BIG 10
(pun intended)

1 You Take My Breath Away
2 The March Of The Black Queen
3 Somebody To Love
4 The Millionaire Waltz
5 Bohemian Rhapsody
6 We Are The Champions
7 Seaside Rendezvous
8 Love Of My Life
9 Mustapha
10 Get Down Make Love


Tony, you Rock! FFMS is really brilliant. And the story behind it, what can I say. Bedlam!! Almost done with my list. This really is agony. I don't want to copy you guys but- you picked most of the great ones...

Tony Newman

The Fairy Fellers Master-Stroke!!! I studied this on in college... Check it Jon... It's all there!'s_Master-Stroke_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg&imgrefurl='s_Master-Stroke_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg&h=265&w=190&sz=1&tbnid=CE57sq8-LHLxsM:&tbnh=160&tbnw=114&zoom=1&usg=__Q45PLwh1t6zha-wilv-2lXlzMDM=&docid=XpLN9rl60Lv7pM&itg=1&sa=X&ei=C6bcUvQSh82RB4XmgJAC&ved=0CIUBEPwdMAo

Tony Newman

Wow Jon, I'm impressed with your list. I am surprised with a couple of your faves like Loverboy and Millionaire Waltz... I had no idea. Like March of the Black Queen and BoRap, The Millionaire Waltz hits the full spectrum of musical genius. From quiet, one instrument beauty and eloquence to an all out blitz of guitar orchestrations!!! I read that at one point in Millionaire Waltz Brian used over 22 guitar layers... To me, that track is sheer brilliance and defines Queen. It never got any radio play... That's why I love it so much... Our next list should be the Top 5 Queen tracks from 81-91... Now THAT's a difficult list! I probably don't see Passing the Open Window on that list to be honest...
Waiting anxiously for Wayne's Top 10 Fred... I can only imagine the pain he's going through. I literally had to narrow mine down, tournament style lol... Good luck Wayne!


Hey Jon, I love Queen. And I sm not afraid of admitting what songs are trite. Filler or just plain bad.
Now as far as coded messages go. I think not. Especially when it come to that brilliant Richard Dadd painting! If u ever get to the Tate, you must see it to believe it! My Freddie Top 10 are COMING SOON


I like Wayne and his passion for all things Queen, but I don't think "Keep Passing..." is quite the shite he thinks it is, but I can't see it making a top 10 list, much less a top 3. Having said that, I love to hear what other Queen songs get people pumped.


Now for my Top Ten Freddie list.
BTW, this was unfairly difficult to pare down to only 10.
Here goes:

1. Bohemian Rhapsody (too obvious, but what the
2. In the Lap of the Gods...Revisited (Grandly
3. Somebody to Love (Freddie's Aretha Franklin
4. Fairy Feller's Master Stroke/Nevermore (A coded
message in that title, Fred?)
5. Seaside Rendezvous (giddily eclectic)
6. Good Old Fashioned Loverboy (not the butchest
thing to admit when I was a kid, but I wanted to be
the lover boy in this song)
7. Millionaire Waltz (two from the Races album, both
gloriously camp and brilliant)
8. Jealousy (some respect for an underrated album)
9. My Fairy King (In the land where horses born with
eagles wings/ And honey bees have lost their
stings...; the second song with Fairy in the title.
10. My Melancholy Blues (So cool and bluesy. So
Bogie and Bacall)


Brian's such a sweetheart !


Brian and Roger are incredible musicians but absolute shite when it comes to marketing. It really was the 4 of them together that made magic. Otherwise it would have been SMILE all the way, into the land of obscurity. This is a fleecing! Extortion! An insult. No band screws their fans more consistently!!!!
By the way "Keep Passing The Open Windows" sucks!

Tony Newman

Nice list Alser AND very good points about Queen's fans unfortunately... You know, I think Brian should read our blurbs. I think he'd enjoy the rankings...
Freddie's Top 10 Songs (Today:-)

1. The Millionaire Waltz
2. Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy
3. Bohemian Rhapsody
4. Jealousy
5. Killer Queen
6. We Are the Champions
7. Somebody to Love
8. Life Is Real
9. The March of the Black Queen
10. Seaside Rendezvous

Damn... that was tough!
Who's next?


I have checked other bands web-sites to compare and I have found no other website where a bands fan-base are so upset with the lack of output regarding DVD and Blu-rays of early concerts, or for that matter the re-re-re-releases of concert material that is constantly being re-hashed. In fact, no other bands fans feel they are just seen as a way to fleece more money for what many feel are substandard releases, (i.e. jewel-cased remasters with bonus tracks, most of which had already been available elsewhere)
Seriously, check The Beatles, Pink Floyd or David Bowie's pages and all you'll see are fans delighted to pay money for quality product. (The Beatles remasters in Digi-Pacs and on heavy vinyl, Pink Floyd s Immersion box sets and Bowie's picture disc anniversary singles and releases of previously available on on CD albums on coloured heavy vinyl.)
For most of the fans on this page Queen should be top of the pile. What is so disappointing is that we were always used to Queen releasing the best. Best music, best videos and best concerts, best everything. It feels like since Freddie passed that the quality control is not as good, the fans opinions are no longer important and the "Queen Brand" is all they care about. Do they feel the need to keep putting the name out there with the Queen + , WWRY and Queen Extravaganza and fear that without these Queen will be be forgotten or that younger people will have never heard of them? Not a chance, Queen will always be one of the biggest bands ever. As upset as many of us fans are, we are still your fans. We still get excited about hearing any new or undiscovered songs with all four members. (yes, Brian's news today is exciting. We just hope JD is involved in some way!) Thanks for putting Rio on YouTube but seriously, we already have it. Maybe a DVD or Blu-ray of the full concert or both nights or some documentary or news footage. By releasing some of the 70's concerts you would make most of your enormous fan base extremely happy if not ecstatic! Queen are the best band who have the best fans, who have become accustomed to and expect nothing but the best.
P.S. My three favourite songs? Very difficult to choose but here's my favorite at least!
1. The Millionaire Waltz
2. Spread Your Wings
3. Keep Passing The Open Windows.


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