Final Five Re-issues and LAW International Release Dates

ARGENTINA - Tuesday 6th September  

AUSTRIA - Friday 9th September

AUSTRALIA - Saturday 10th September (TBC)

BELGIUM - Friday 9th September

BRAZIL - Tuesday 6th September  
CANADA -  Final Five Albums dates TBC / Live At Wembley DVD release TBC
CZECH REPUBLIC - Monday 5th September 

FRANCE - Monday 5th September 

GERMANY - Friday 9th September  

HONG KONG - Monday 5th September  

ITALY - Friday 9th September 

IRELAND - Friday 9th September
JAPAN - 12th September (TBC)
KOREA - Tuesday 6th  & Thursday 8th September
MEXICO - Tuesday 6th September  

NETHERLANDS - Friday 9th September

NEW ZEALAND - Monday 5th September

SERBIA - Monday 5th September
SOUTH AFRICA - Friday 9th September
SPAIN - Tuesday 6th September  
SWEDEN - Wednesday 7th September

SWITZERLAND - Friday 9th September

TAIWAN - Friday 9th September

UK - Monday 5th September  

USA - Final Five Albums dates TBC / LIve At Wembley DVD release TBC 

Please note: this list will continue to be updated.


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