Rock In Rio 2011 To Pay Tribute to Freddie Mercury


2011 sees the fourth edition of the Rock In Rio festival in the Brazilian city that gave birth to it. Local promoter Roberto Medina announced that the Opening Show will pay tribute to the different generations that enjoyed the previous shows in Rio in 1985, 1991 and 2001. Click here to see the video of the production meeting.

 The emotive moment will be delivered by local bossa-nova star Milton Nascimento dueting with Freddie Mercury on the screen for a special rendition of Queen's South American mega-hit Love Of My Life. Queen's performances of the song in Rock In Rio '85 are regarded as one of the defining moments on the history of the festival.

 Rock In Rio 2011 will be held on the last weekend of September and the fist of October. Check the Rock In Rio site here.


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