Roger Interview on BBC Radio 2 with Sara Cox

Roger looks back at his solo work and his work with Queen in the 80's with Sara Cox. Roger talks about Live Aid, Freddie, his solo work, the Queen Extravaganza and Fun On Earth.

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Roger Interview on BBC Radio 2 with Sara Cox




i have the lot collection, and not appears murdoch and whole house rock in the fun on earth CD. bastards!!!

mike myers

in the lot version not appears the mr murdoch nude version & whole house rockin in the fun on earth CD, i buy this product and it´s a shit


any news on the lot-issues? are you replacing complete boxsets? are you fixing the drama? I'm supposed to pick mine up tomorrow, but honestly RMT, that would be a stupid thing to do, don't you agree? Yes, thank you. So I won't. fortunately I didn't pay for it yet. Sorry if you needed the money for christmasgifts...


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