Roger Names New Solo Album!

Just in from RT's facebook page...

"Roger here..... I am thrilled to have finally finished my album, which is called 'fun on earth'..."

Head over to www.facebook.com/rogertaylor for more 'fun' and updates.

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Roger Names New Solo Album!

Queen Fan Club Mexico (founded in 1992)

Great news and title! Welcomeback Rog! All the best. All of us in Mexico are really looking forward to listening your new album , and to seeing you playing live in Mexico too! Big hugs, QFCM

nadine ramos

ah oui j'adore le titre fun sur la terre

très jolie titre trop fun..............


More of that Fun It

I wish this album was called "Fun It on Earth" and was just a 50 minute version of Fun It. That would be so sweet. Ah well, one can dream!

Toronto Rocks

I have to say I feel this announcement should have a clickhere link for a free copy for all the neigh sayers. Upon clicking you are confronted by the finger from 'Shove It' (TheCross).

I think this would pass a test of reasonableness.

Keeping On Rockin Roger, and bringing all things Queen to Toronto.



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