Roger on 'When Albums Ruled The World'

Roger was recently interviewed to contribute toward the production "When Albums Ruled The World" which was broadcast BBC4 at 9pm last Friday, 8th February.

Roger spoke about the recording and release of the band's 1975 album 'A Night At The Opera'. Roger and Queen appear from 1hour 02 minutes 23secs.

Click here to watch it on iPlayer. (Local restrictions will apply)


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Roger on 'When Albums Ruled The World'


Roger's contribution was minimal and it is a shame that it was centred (again) on A Night At The Opera - they have more albums and in my opinion better albums than this one that continually gets trotted out for these type of shows.

The show itself was well worth a look though and it would make you feel like delving into the old vinyl collection again. The size of the format the variety of artwork and sleeve notes that you could read made them so much more than just a listening experience and as the programme mentioned the ritualist reverence that accompanied listening to an album is what made them all so special.

It would have been nice if Roger had been given the opportunity to discuss Queen II's black side and white side idea or the ...no synthesisers sleeve note rather than giving us the same old jazz about their "classic " album

Was kinda surprised that it wasn't Brian doing this piece as he has championed the vinyl format in recent years for the fans who wanted to keep it alive.

A. Murray

This was a great production and all I really wanted to do after watching it was go out and buy more records even though I have enough to last me forever. In comparison to the music and bands of today, not only is the album dead but so is Rock N Roll.




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