Roger Taylor - Official Twitter, Brand New Photo, New Single!

Roger is now officially on twitter! Head on over to twitter.com/officialRMT to follow him and for some 'Fun On Earth'!

Click here to listen to Roger's new single 'Sunny Day', the track kicks in from 1hour 10mins.

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Roger Taylor - Official Twitter, Brand New Photo, New Single!


Hi there,

I'm sure that it is a one in a million chance that Roger will ever read this message, but I think I would kick myself for not sending it anyway..

I'd like to try and avoid the 'I'm-your-biggest-fan-ever' style email, but apologies in advance for sending one.

I've followed your music for years, everything from Fun in Space to Fun on Earth and its been a really defining part of my adolescence. (However pathetic this might sound) I've spent a lot of spare time reading through Queen anecdotes over the years and I always find myself so taken with Roger's quips and rock-star persona.

I'll be turning 21 very soon and to celebrate I'm flying to London this weekend to see the last-ever We Will Rock You Show. I cannot tell you how excited I am, when I came to see Queen & Paul Rodgers in Hyde Park a few years ago it was genuinely the best day of my life. For me it felt like being at Wembley in 1986.

This is maybe a one in a billion chance, but if there would be ANY way I could meet my idol this weekend I have no doubt it would be the best moment of my life. I can't quite believe I'm even thinking that this sycophantic email from a (not for much longer) teenager to a rock legend will have any effect but I can dream! Even just a hint at where I could stand to scream and shout at seeing Roger would be so so amazing.

So if there is any chance please please let me know and, also, thank you for everything you've actually done for me. There were lots of times when I was a bit younger that having some escapism into Roger and Queen's music really helped through some teenage angst.

Apologies again for kissing ass! Can't be helped.

Hannah x


Hey Roger T
been trying to contact you for over a year re sessions we did in Manchester in 1979. Email me on geenasobers@yahoo.co.uk
Merry Yule

Queen Fan Club Mexico (founded in 1992)

Looking forward to Rog's news and stuff ! Welcome to the cyberworld. Good luck on his upcoming projects and releases. Big hugs and good vibes from Mexico, Rog Rocks!

nadine ramos

elle est vraiment belle cette chanson

bravo chouchou


Saj ditta

The track is already on youtube my friends it's called sunny day realy nice I'm buying it


This is great, but when are we getting the full release info of the new album. New mojo mag suggests Oct 28th, that's only 4 weeks on Monday. I personally cannot wait for this release. Rogers solo work is so overlooked, and I cannot understand why. If your new to Rogers solo work I recommend ALL of it!! Sounds a cop out, but I really mean it. Lets get crazy from the first, Beautiful Dreams from the second, Old friends from the third, and The Whisperers from my personal favourite album ever made...Rogers fourth ELECTRIC FIRE. Please Please Please consider playing HULL on the tour. Queen never came here, nor Roger or Brian solo tours. No nasty comments please, we have a few venues that can do this legendary performer justice. Until then I am counting the weeks to the one off 'The Cross' gig in Guilford. Roll on 7/12/13!!


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