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Roger recently responded to a number questions submitted through the QOL Message Board about his latest single 'The Unblinking Eye' (Everything Is Broken) and his solo career.

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Roger Taylor Q&A
March 2010

1. What is the current situation with the 'Twin Taylor Tour' and what can we expect from it!Solo material? Covers? Queen album cuts? Or just drum solos!

RT - The current situation with the Two Taylors Tour is on hold, possible gig or gigs in October. Expect my solo material, Taylors solo material and some favorite Queen oldies and of course a monster double drum solo.

2. What is lined up for the rumoured RT Box Set ? Re-mastered Solo /Cross albums, plus demos and live tracks? It would be great to have something similar to the Freddie box set.

RT - The box set is something I would hope to do in the next 2 years, not quite sure but would maybe like to put together a sort of RT best of album, although I do have some new material in the ammunition box.

3. What visual elements are available for future releases? Solo / Cross videos and live shows? Would these be part of any box set?

RT- I haven't looked into videos. Good question re the box set.

4. Surely it is time for a single disc Roger Taylor Best Of Collection?

RT - RT best of collection coming up

5. The Unblinking Eye - What motivated your to return to the studio and to work on new material or are you simply 'just doing your job?'

RT - The Unblinking Eye was motivated by the complete disaster that this government has turned this country into.

6. Is the The Unblinking Eye release set to be part of a new album (or box set)?

RT - Yes It will be.

7. Are they any tracks your have written in the past twenty years and thought !“Freddie would have been perfect for that one”?

RT - Freddie could have sung anyone of them and made a great job of it.

8. I've expected 'Roger's Soapbox' for years, seriously, you're a man so intelligent and authentic, it would be a pleasure to read it.

RT - I think my soapbox would make depressing reading and frankly I find the idea slightly egocentric. I do have strong opinion on things as everybody should, but it might get a bit too nasty which would be good reason to have regretted having written it.

9. Will there ever be a Roger Taylor autobiography, you always seem the one having the most fun, there must be some great stories to tell!

RT - As I am still merely a callow youth and haven't finished my fun quota yet it hasn't seemed like the time to write a book. Maybe when I get older and have forgotten all the worst bits.

10.Would you re-working solo tracks in the studio? Either giving them a modern edge or stripping them right down to really raw versions?

RT - I wont be reworking solo tracks as that will be looking backwards

11. Would have embraced a huge solo career alongside Queen 'a la Phil Collins'?

RT - I have always preferred being in a band situation rather than being 'solo', so I suppose the answer is no.

12. I recently saw Springsteen play Racing in the Streets live, is it your favourite song of his?

RT - Racing in the Streets is one of my Springsteen favourites along with many others, my cover version was mid tempo rather than his very slow reading of the song. On reflection it's a bit of an impersonation but I really enjoyed it at the time.

13. What is the main instrument you compose on?

RT - 50/50 guitar and piano. But sometimes a really good drum pattern provides inspiration.

14. Do you know before you start if you intend something to be a solo project? Is there a difference between the writing or intent behind your solo work and other projects?

RT - Really I just write things I feel like writing. If the band is working it would be for them otherwise it would be solo. Although my solo work is a little more political and opinionated.

15. You seemed to have provided the strongest material on The Cosmos Rocks, now we have The Unblinking Eye - not prolific but you certainly seem to be on a hot streak!

RT - Thanks for the compliment re The Cosmos Rocks. I have a fair amount of material at the moment and I'm writing slowly but surely, hopefully concentrating on quality not quantity.

The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)

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