Roger Taylor - ‘The Lot’ and ‘Fun on Earth’ - Pre-order Now!

Order 'The Lot' or ‘Fun on Earth’ before 18th November 2013 from the Queen Online Store and you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of two unique one off framed artist proofs signed by Roger Taylor.

Roger Taylor's ‘the lot’ is the complete box set spanning his career and as the package says is THE LOT.

'the lot' features 8 original CD albums and 4 compilation CD albums plus 1 DVD and includes an exclusive box set version of the brand new album 'Fun on Earth'. This deluxe set comes packaged in a hard case slipcase with a book holding the CD’s and DVD’s.

the lot: http://www.queenonlinestore.com/Roger-Taylor/*/The-Lot/2Q6A0000077

fun on earth: http://www.queenonlinestore.com/Roger-Taylor/Music/fun-on-earth/2QZK035P077

Full audio tracklisting: 

Roger Taylor - The Lot 

· 8 Original Albums And 4 Compilation Discs

1. Fun In Space 

2. Strange Frontier 

3. Happiness? 

4. Electric Fire 

5. Shove It (The Cross) 

6. Mad: Bad: And Dangerous To Know (The Cross) 

7. Blue Rock (The Cross) 

8. Fun On Earth (New Album + 2 New Tracks For Box Only) 

9. Roger Taylor Solo Singles 1 

10. Roger Taylor Solo Singles 2 

11. The Cross Singles 1 

12. The Cross Singles 2 

13. 1 DVD - Content –Promo Videos And Extras 

Roger Taylor - Fun In Space        

1. No Violins

2. Laugh Or Cry

3. Future Management

4. Let’s Get Crazy

5. My Country I & II

6. Good Times Are Now

7. Magic Is Loose

8. Interlude In Constantinople

9. Airheads

10. Fun In Space

Roger Taylor - Strange Frontier      

1. Strange Frontier

2. Beautiful Dreams

3. Man On Fire

4. Racing In The Street

5. Masters Of War

6. Killing Time

7. Abandonfire

8. Young Love

9. It’s An Illusion

10. I Cry For You (Love, Hope And Confusion)

Roger Taylor - Happiness?      

1 Nazis 1994

2 Happiness

3 Revelations

4 Touch The Sky

5 Foreign Sand (With Yoshiki)

6 Freedom Train

7 ‘You Had To Be There’

8 The Key

9 Everybody Hurts Sometimes

10 Loneliness…

11 Dear Mr. Murdoch

12 Old Friends

Roger Taylor - Electric Fire      

1. Pressure On

2. A Nation Of Haircuts

3. Believe In Yourself

4. Surrender

5. People On Streets

6. The Whisperers

7. Is It Me?

8. No More Fun

9. Tonight

10. Where Are You Now?

11. Working Class Hero

12. London Town, C’mon Down

The Cross - Shove It         

1. Shove It

2. Cowboys And Indians

3. Contact

4. Heaven For Everyone

5. Stand Up For Love

6. Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal)

7. Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked Wily Waitress)

8. Rough Justice

9. The Second Shelf Mix

The Cross - Mad: Bad: And Dangerous To Know      

1. Top Of The World, Ma  

2. Liar

3. Closer To You

4. Breakdown

5. Penetration Guru

6. Power To Love

7. Sister Blue

8. Foxy Lady

9. Better Things

10. Passion For Trash

11. Old Men (Lay Down)

12. Final Destination

The Cross - Blue Rock        

1. Bad Attitude

2. New Dark Ages

3. Dirty Mind

4. Baby It’s Alright

5. Ain’t Put Nothin’ Down

6. The Also Rans

7. Millionaire

8. Put It All Down To Love

9. Hand Of Fools (Out Of Control)

10. Life Changes

Roger Taylor - Fun On Earth (Boxset Version)    

1. One Night Stand!

2. Fight Club

3. Be With You

4. Quality Street

5. I Don’t Care

6. Sunny Day

7. Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)

8. I Am The Drummer (In A Rock N’ Roll Band)

9.  Small

10. Say It’s Not True (With Jeff Beck)

11. The Unblinking Eye (Abridged)

12. Up

13. Smile

14. Dear Mr Murdoch (Nude Mix)

15. Whole House Rockin' 

Roger Taylor Solo Singles 1    

1. I Wanna Testify                                                                                                                                      

2. Turn On The Tv

3. My Country (Single Version)                                                                                                              

4. Man On Fire (Extended Version)                                                                                                           

5. I Cry For You (Single Remix) )                                                                                             

6. Strange Frontier (Extended Remix)                                                                                                      

7. I Cry For You (Extended Remix)                                                                                                          

8. Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)

9. Nazis 1994 Radio Mix

10. Nazis 1994 Kick Mix

11. Nazis 1994 Schindlers Mix Extended

12. Nazis 1994 Makita Mix Extended

13. Nazis 1994 Big Science Mix

14. Foreign Sand - (With Yoshiki) (Single Version)                                                                                 

15. Final Destination (With Yoshiki)                                                                                                         

16. Everybody Hurts Sometimes – Live At Shepherds Bush Empire 1994

17. Old Friends - Live At Shepherds Bush Empire 1994                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Roger Taylor Solo Singles 2      

1. Pressure On (Single Version)                                                                                                                

2. People On Streets (Mashed)

3. Tonight - (Dub Sangria)                                                                                                                         

4. Keep A Knockin’ - (Man Utd CD Single)                                                                                          

5. Surrender (Radio Mix)                                                                                                                           

6. A Nation Of Haircuts - (Club Cut)

7. London Town C’mon Down - (Single Mix)

8. Surrender - (Live At Cyber Barn)

9. No More Fun – (Live At Cyber Barn)

10. Tonight - (Live At Cyber Barn)

11. One Night Stand

12. Woman You’re So Beautiful - Felix + Arty (Main Mix)                                                                     

13. Woman You’re So Beautiful - Felix + Arty (Mad Mix)                                                                    

14. Woman You’re So Beautiful - Felix + Arty - (Dancehall Mix)                                                          

15. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) - Single Version                                                            

16. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) - Almost Completely Nude Mix  

17. Dear Mr Murdoch - 2011                                                                                                                     

The Cross Singles 1                           

1. Cowboys & Indians  (7” Single Edit)                                                                                                     

2. Love Lies Bleeding – Single Remix (She's A Wicked Wily Waitress)

3. Feel The Force

4. Shove It - (Extended Mix)  

5. Shove It - (Metropolix)                                                                                                                           

6. Shove It - (Denniz Pop Remix)                               

7. Heaven For Everyone 7” ( Roger Taylor Vocal)                                                                                  

8. Heaven For Everyone 7” ( Freddie Mercury Vocal)                                                                              

9. Manipulator (Extended)                                                                                                                         

10. Manipulator (Single Version)

11. Power To Love  - (Extended Version)                                                                                                 

12. Power To Love (Single Version)                                                                                                         

13. In Charge Of My Heart  (Single Version)   

14. Liar  - (Extended Remix)                                                                                                                     

15. In Charge Of My Heart (Extended Version)

16. Liar (Single Remix)                                                                                                                              

The Cross Singles 2    

1. New Dark Ages (Single Version)                                                                                                        

2. Ain’t Put Nothing Down - (Long Version)

3. Man On Fire (Live)

4. Life Changes  (Single Version)                                                                                                             

5. Heartland

6. Celebration – Jam Studios Session (Previously Unreleased)                                                                

7. I Can Take You Higher - Jam Studios Session (Previously Unreleased)                                              

8. Out Of My Head - Jam Studios Session (Previously Unreleased)                                                        

9. Passion For Trash - Jam Studios Session (Previously Unreleased)                                                        

10. Top Of The World Ma’ - Extended Remix  (Previously Unreleased)                                                  

11. Shove It – Us Single Version

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Roger Taylor - ‘The Lot’ and ‘Fun on Earth’ - Pre-order Now!

Rômulo Leite

i want it all


I got my copy of The Lot in just in time to put it under the tree for Christmas morning. I love my set. But I have to say, that while I'm thrilled with the concept of the set, and ecstatic to have the music, I am disgusted with the workmanship of the set. The set arrived with the corners of the box damaged, and the paper covering of the set itself is already loose and peeling. I'm afraid to turn the pages on the book itself because the binding looks like it's about to fall apart. The CDs themselves being in nothing more than a cardboard cutout is a scratch just waiting to happen the first time you slide it out... All in all, though I'm excited o have the music, I'm not impressed with the workmanshp of the set.


whats that new track on the new website?? I don't think I've heard that one or seen it for that matter on this collection???Any ideas???


The DVD also should be quite interesting.
(But I Wanna Testify are missing, And live at cyberbarn?????)

164. Dvd - The Lot
165. Strange Frontier (video)
166. Man On Fire (video)
167. Happiness (video)
168. Foreign Sand (video) - Yoshiki
169. Surrender (video)
170. Nazis 1994 (video)
171. Unblinking Eye (everything Is Broke N) (video)
172. Dear Mr Murdoch (video)
173. Old Friends - Live (video)
174. Man On Fire - Live (video)
175. Happiness - Live (video)
176. Everybody Hurts Sometimes - Live (v Ideo)
177. Cowboys & Indians (video) - The Cross
178. Cowboys & Indians - 2 Drummers (vid Eo)
179. Shove It (video) - The Cross
180. Heaven For Everyone - Roger Taylor Vocal (video) - The Cross
181. Power To Love (video) - The Cross
182. Liar (video) - The Cross
183. New Dark Ages (video) - The Cross
184. Blue Rock - Epk (video) - The Cross
185. Happiness - Epk (video)
186. Electric Fire - Epk (video)
187. Interview For Parlophone - Epk (vid Eo)


All in all, I cool with this!

Yes, some more demos would be nice, that goes without saying for every artist/band's boxed set. The Jam Session tracks are nice to have, though, as are the two Fun On Earth tracks exclusive to this set and there's a Shove It mix on there I don't think I knew about and the previously unreleased Top Of The World, Ma (Extended Version).

MB&DTK; has been out of print for a very long time and I only have an original cassette copy, so it'll be great to have that on original CD finally. Same goes for all the singles that never saw a digital release until now. Let's give the set credit for accounting for nearly all the singles tracks. As for what singles were left off, I'm sure it was for space reasons, so tough choices had to be made.

They picked two of the three vinyl-only Shepherd's Bush Empire tracks. It makes sense, given the choice had to be made, to at least leave the track that had already been on a CD (I Want To Break Free) off. As for Ride The Wild Wind, your guess is as good as mine.

Put It All Down To Love (Single Version) was likely left off because all the music *is* on the album, just mastered differently with the bridge from Millionaire. If they had to pick a version to leave off, that would be the logical first choice.

Rough Justice (US Version), which ends and then has the Shove It reprise would have been nice, too, but it does sort of repeat existing material already on the UK version of the album included on the box, so between the UK Rough Justice, The Second Shelf Mix and the Shove It (Extended Mix) something had to give way.

I'm curious if The Lot edition of Electric Fire will include the long silence at the end, followed by Roger yelling One Night Stand. It would make sense to keep it, as that's then the first song on the next album, Fun On Earth, even though the yell was originally put there as part of the One Night Stand remix contest. Raise your hand if you remember that! :-) The yell also appears at the end of People On Streets (Mashed) from the single, so I wonder if that will be retained, too.

I'm also curious if they fixed the mastering error on Strange Frontier, where I Cry For You end and then you hear a small bit of the start of Racing In The Street. This is on the re-issue CD.

So, yeah, I'm keen to get my hands on this!

Clerto Queen

Where are: keep on running, rip it up (live), money (live), I wanna take you higher, is it me (longer version), olympic theme (I HAVE THEM), when we were young???

Martin Kelly

Now, to all those who have been skeptical, doubtful, and sometimes disrespectful against this box, who could possibly argue with that?!


better than i was expecting. would,nt have minded a live dvd though.It dosent say if the albums are remastered


Just my two cents: It does not seem to be complete. They were four live tracks from Shepherd's Bush Empire two of which are missing. At first "Ride The Wild Wind" from the "Happiness" 7", the other one is "I Want To Break Free" from the "Happiness" CD single.
Could this be because these are Queen tracks originally? Or should they only be missing on the tracklist but not on the box? We'll see...


A little pricey, (but we've come to expect that at this stage), but I must say I am happy with this collection. It's not as in-dept as the Freddie Mercury box set but it's definitely a step in the right direction. I hope care has been taken with the presentation. For this price I'd expect all artwork is included and a good biography. The DVD also should be quite interesting. I suppose I'll buy this but I'll reserve full judgement until It is actually in my hands. Here's hoping!!!


This is amazing news! We will finally have a complete collection of Roger Taylor songs, including some great tracks that were never released in CD format. Some die hard fans are complaining but they don't realize that most of us do not have easy access to many of these tracks. I would love to hear "Turn On The TV", "I Wanna Testitfy", "Strange Frontier (extended)" and other rarities in good quality.

Leigh Burne

As I don't actually own any of Roger's solo stuff, this is great news for me! Got my copy pre-ordered.

Black Queen From queenjewels.free.fr

Good news except 2 points :

1 : nothing really rare in this boxset. No demos or unrealed tracks, just albums and singles edit... Maybe DVD will be better...

2 : postage cost 90 € to France !!! It's outrageous !


Queen's as well as Roger's fans are (sometimes) weird, aren't they : they loudly complain when the "deluxe " editions of all Queen albums are more or less useless & disappointing (I agree here, they're right, we're still waiting for MUCH MUCH more) but... some of them also complain when Roger "offers" us a really impressive box set... same quality level as Mercury's some years ago. Let's just ENJOY it before, during and after X-Mas, what da ya think ;) ?


Twelve CDs for the twelve days of Christmas? The price of this box set is pretty steep considering the recessionary times we live in. Ok, so you get the lot under one roof, but most Queen fans, including myself will already own these albums. I for one have the first two solo albums on LP and CD and all the other solo albums on CD. I have both the U.K. and U.S. pressings of 'Shove It' on LP and a CD copy also of the U.K. release. I have 'Mad, Bad' on CD and LP but no copy of Blue Rock at all. Now if I'm honest I don't really listen to these at all as I find the only one I really like is 'Strange Frontier'. The two CDs here with extras offer a lot of meaningless extended versions and dated dance remixes which I detest by any artist as they are usually boring and of their time. Don't get me wrong I love all kinds of music even House, but when rock songs get remixed by celebrity DJs they usually stink, there are exceptions though. So will I buy this? The answer is, yes if I didn't have them already, but no because I have them already, and I'm not paying €120 'Blue Rock', a few rare tracks, a handful of extended versions and dance versions of Nazis 1994. Over and out.


SHOVE IT..!!! ( Into my Christmas Stocking please..)


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