Roger to Appear on Football Focus this Saturday

In the film (below), Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Petr Cech and Queen’s drummer, Roger Taylor, have come together to discuss their shared passion for drumming and football.

Chelsea fan Roger and keen drummer Petr discuss their love for each other’s profession, talk about the similarities between drumming and goalkeeping, discuss the return of Jose Mourinho to English football and compare playing Wembley as a footballer and a musician.

See the full film on Football Focus, this Saturday, 12.10pm, BBC One

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Roger to Appear on Football Focus this Saturday


Hola que gusto saber noticias de la banda de rock, la mejor de toda la historia.
saludos de PERU un abrazo

Robert Bennett

I always thought Roger was a Manchester United fan. I shall look forward to watching this on Saturday. I wish Roger would invite me for lunch and to play some drums. Brilliant. I could spend ages looking at all the drums in the studio. I think the nearest i shall get is seeing Roger at G Live on the 7th Dec. I am looking forward to that also.


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