Roger On Twitter!

Roger is now on twitter!

Queen's drummer, who is currently in Canada producing the Queen Extravaganza, has promised to keep us updated from rehearsals via the QE twitter account. Be sure to follow Rog at

Check out his first tweet here.

Tickets for the Queen Extravaganza are on sale now, click here for full tour dates!

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Roger On Twitter!


Roger, I just listened to you & Adam Lambert singing Under Pressure (Kiev) on YT at least 6x in a row. ( That's only tonight!) So addicted to it and love the electricity and warm rapport between you and Adam. What a joy to watch and hear! It's so great to experience and I hope you'll perform it on your NA tour! I'll be in Chicago and DC cheering you, Brian and Adam on! Rufus is also doing a great job following in your huge footsteps! I also loved it when Adam would hop up the stairs to you singing and drawing well deserved attention to you. He has so much admiration and respect as well as genuine affection for you and Brian. and it shows. What a brilliant, winning combination of you three! So excited for this historical, first class event! Thankyou for this tour and for choosing Adam to sing your magnificent music! :)

Sander Hooijer

Hi Mr. Roger Meddows Taylor,

I am a big Queen fan since your friend Mr. Mercury died. I listen also to the solo projects of you and your friend Mr. May. I found hidden treasures, messages of love in your solo projects aswell in the music Mr. May produced. I Will reveal one of those treasures today to you:

Combine 2 songs: First listen to your song: Were are you now? (Electric Fire) and directly after the song listen carefully to Cyborg (Another World). Then you have the message of love!

Cheers, Mr. Hooijer
Lutter 59
3068 HC Rotterdam

Hoping op some kind of a reaction, even if you think i'll be ridiculous. I can also explain you the message if you like.


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