Roger's New Album 'Fun On Earth' Out Today

'Fun on Earth' is one of Taylor’s most exciting, eclectic and accomplished pieces of work to date. Recorded at Priory Studios, Surrey, the 13 track album is a triumphant display of superior musicianship showcasing Taylor at his vocal best. Opening track ‘One Night Stand‘ and ‘I Am The Drummer (In A Rock n’ Roll Band)’ captures Roger’s reckless, exhilarating side. The smooth refrains of ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘Be With You‘ display Roger’s talent as a lyricist and heartfelt vocalist. ‘Say It’s Not True’ sees Taylor team up with Jeff Beck for the contemporary Queen favourite.

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To coincide with Roger's double release today, he also unveils a brand New Official, and to celebrate the launch it is the only place to see the full length video of Roger's current single 'Sunny Day'!

The new site covers Roger's solo career and The Cross and includes a gallery of many rare and new images, plus it includes a fascinating section that delves into Roger's diary of original handwritten lyrics - both sections will continue to be refreshed with new content.

The new store that has been set up at has been updated to include 'Fun On Earth' T-shirts and mugs, further products and merchandise continue to be added to its shelves in due course.

Fun On Earth tracklisting:

1. One Night Stand!

2. Fight Club

3. Be With You 

4. Quality Street  

5. I Don't Care  

6. Sunny Day

7. Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)

8. I Am the Drummer (In a Rock n' Roll Band)

9. Small

10. Say It's Not True (feat. Jeff Beck)

11. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) 

12. Up

13. Smile

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Roger's New Album 'Fun On Earth' Out Today


First thoughts now I've heard the album....Some brilliant tracks, but alot of stuff I've heard before on here. Fillers really. Small?? Say its not true??? Unblinking eye??? and One night stand?? Take these away and the only songs i like personally are Sunny day and be the one....the rest is a bit iffy so far...hope it grows on me though.


It's a great album! The best solo album of Roger if you ask me (and I die like the other albums very much)!!!


Does anyone know what that track is on the new Roger Taylor website??? It doesn't seem to correlate to any track on the new album, or am I wrong? I don't have the new cd yet. Thanks.

Marcio De La Cruz

waiting for my copy in the USA!!!


Waiting for my copy to arrive can't wait to play it :) please do a tour Rog!


Ich wollte mich nur bei Roger bedanken!! Großartiges Box Set. Endlich was für Fans. Tolle Zusammenstellung.


Brilliant Album.Many thanks to Roger.


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