Schools Will Rock You

Schools Will Rock You North America Is GO!

Schools Will Rock You North America is GO!

Schools Will Rock You is a the new initiative for schools launched by Queen + Ben Elton, the producers of the Worldwide smash hit musical We Will Rock You...and it is coming to North America!

Following the phenomenal success of Schools Will Rock You in the UK it has now been launched in North America as part of invasion that is the professional We Will Rock You North American Tour.

Read the FAQ section on the site ( and see if you and your schools are applicable for a licence and if so apply now!

Please note: to kick of SWRY we are only allowing applications from schools within a 60 mile radius of the cities that the professional production is performing at later in the year. This is not to say that your town or city will miss out completely, but you might have to wait just a little while long until you can rock you school - be sure to keep an eye on the NEWS section here and on our Facebook page for announcements!

As mentioned above please read the key terms of the licence prior to applying. 

Good luck!

The SWRY NA Team

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Schools Will Rock You North America Is GO!


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