REMINDER: Signed Brian May Red Special Up For Grabs!

***Closes Tomorrow! - Thursday 1st August at 1pm (BST)***

This beautiful replica of Brian May’s ‘Red Special’ guitar has been signed by Brian May, Kerry Ellis & Virginia McKenna to coincide with the second leg of the Born Free ‘Acoustic and by Candlelight’ Tour. All proceeds will be going to The Born Free Foundation to help with their work to keep wildlife in the wild.

Item includes: Signed ‘Red Special’ Guitar; Gig bag ;Signed ‘Born Free Tour’ Programme

Click here to bid now!

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REMINDER: Signed Brian May Red Special Up For Grabs!

david whitehouse

i brought the book brian may red special as advertised in the sunday mail on 28/09//2014 , i received the book on the 03/10/2014 is the competition still open , reply please

Oberon Ludwig Trebbleschmit 111

Rhiannon why don't you shove it up your own arse!!!

Klytus it's nothing like present day Kiss members signing old Kiss albums. If Kerry signed a Queen album that would be similar.Get real, Brian is trying to raise money and awareness for the Born Free charity so the guitar has been signed by three people who are actively involved. If you don't like it, don't bid on it.

Actually I can't see anyone wanting it after it's been up Rhiannon's arse, but you never know!

james lynch

Brian may us the best guitarist in the history of ever!


wanna know what you can do with that replica??? SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE!!!

Klytus Iembord

"Up for grabs" is a comment usually used for a competition, not an auction.
This is ridiculous. The additional names detract from the value. Anyone who bids on this - unless they're a professional furniture restorer who can remove the superfluous signatures without damaging the guitar - is a fool.
This would be like having a Kiss album from the 1970s signed by Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, or getting Robert Trujillo to sign a copy of Master of Puppets.


내 집에 128만원짜리 Red Special 이 있지 하하

ex loyal fan

ahaha it seems queen fans around the world are getting more and more pissed off every day...well it was just a matter of time if you notice the way queen are managing the business recently.

Now the new red special signed by the 2 new queen members Kerry Ellis and Virginia McKenna (who?)....and don't forget... see you in 2014 with a new red special signed by: Brian may, all the 1 direction members, Silvio Berlusconi, Bruce Willis, Paul Rogders, my dad, David Letterman, Tiziano Ferro.
too much really


This would be sweet if it hadn't been vandalised with the inclusion of two unrelated signatures. Ruined.


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