Sir Patrick Moore: Brian May Quote

Sir Patrick Moore: Statement from Julia Knight, Peter Cattermole, David McCahearty, Brian May, Iain Nicolson, and Patrick’s staff and friends.

We are sad to announce that the distinguished astronomer and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore passed away peacefully at 12.25 pm this afternoon, at his home in Selsey, at the age of 89.   After a short spell in hospital last week, it was determined that no further treatment would benefit him, and it was his wish to spend his last days in his own home, Farthings, where he today passed on, in the company of close friends and carers and his cat Ptolemy. 

Over the past few years, Patrick, an inspiration to generations of astronomers, fought his way back from many serious spells of illness and continued to work and write at a great rate, but this time his body was too weak to overcome the infection which set in, a few weeks ago.  He was able to perform on his world record-holding TV Programme  “The Sky at Night’ right up until the most recent episode.  His executors and close friends plan to fulfil his wishes for a quiet ceremony of interment, but a farewell event is planned for what would have been Patrick’s 90th birthday in March 2013. 

Patrick’s executors do not wish to make any further statement for the time being, but are setting up a website for well-wishers to post tributes to Patrick: 

The Sir Patrick Moore Memorial Website -

In addition, it was Patrick’s wish, as a great animal lover, for donations to be made to Cats Protection on his behalf - / / 0845 371 2734

Queen member Brian May, a close friend of Sir Patrick Moore, and along with astrophysicist Chris Lintott  co-author of two books with Sir Patrick, ‘Bang! The Complete History of the Universe’ and most recently, ‘The Cosmic Tourist’.

May refers to Sir Patrick as a dear friend and a kind of father figure to me,’ and paid tribute to Sir Patrick writing:

‘Patrick will be mourned by the many to whom he was a caring uncle, and by all who loved the delightful wit and clarity of his writings, or enjoyed his fearlessly eccentric persona in public life. 

‘Patrick is irreplaceable. There will never be another Patrick Moore.  But we were lucky enough to get one.’

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Sir Patrick Moore: Brian May Quote

Len Venner

I normally content always to read other people's writings and thoughts on websites but for dear Patrick, I wanted to write a few lines . Your passing sadly came a few days after my own mother was in ICU and my mind and heart broken in so many ways .
I remember when he kindly invited us to your home in Selsey after being involved in helping to get a planetarium projector across from Northern Ireland to Sussex some twenty years ago. It was a wonderful afternoon with Patrick and John Mason with Patrick serving me tea with French fancies whilst discussing the expansion of the universe, and seeing his extensive library, half of which I'm sure were his own works.
To light up my imagination of a young 23 year old at that time of which a profound interest I have never lost . I still carry your business card in my wallet as a reminder of that wonderful time.
You Sir have been an inspiration ,
You made a difference .

Mark Stoddart

Brain May
I had the privilege to met Sir Patrick Moore on a number of occasions and make him an Apollo 11 sculpture coffee table that he kept at his home. I also met you at his home at a couple of events / party's he had there.
Do you or anyone else know what happened to the sculpture ?

Thanks Mark

Trudie Rayner

Dear Patrick, thank you so very much for trusting me to take care of "The Ark", I will treasure her, and plan on restoring her to her original beauty. My thanks dear friend, Much Love, Trudie


My Patrick, I love you and Jeannie, thank you for loving me. You are with me. Ptolemy xxx

Lyn + Steve

Dearest Patrick, one year ago; we love you and miss you so much. 'We hold near all whom we dearly love'. Happy Memories. Much love. Love Never Dies. Lyn and Steve and all. xxxxx

peter broom

I met patrick many years ago at the lowell observatory flagstaff arizona-this was during a special evening viewing of various telescopes.
what a magical night being in the company of such a great
God bless you sir patrick it was a great honour and privilege to have known you.

Dr Sushrut Patel

Patrick Moore was an inspirational figure - it was because of him and his books on astronomy (and some of Gujarati author's books), I first looked at the stars. Sir Moore helped me in sky watching! He was great author. His language was simple and lucid. He was renowned Astronomer and popularize science. Patrick you will be missed by so many! God bless you Sir!

graham dau

cannot believe he has gone, i was brought up on sir Patrick and gained all of my interest in space from him rest in peace i am sorry we did not get further than the moon in humankind xxx

Ricky Halpin

My memories of Sir Patrick Moore by Ricky Halpin.

I first met Patrick in 1969 when I joined Selsey Cricket, and attended the Annual General Meeting of the Club at Patricks house in Selsey, "Farthings"

Although not a player myself, I was elected to the Committee as team Manager.

I have many fond memories of times with Patrick, at the Club, and we always became very good Friends.

Patrick was a bowler, and was very proud of his windmill action, and demonstrated it many times to the amusement of locals and holiday makers, down the middle of the road.

He based his bowling style of C.S "Father" Marriott.

On the odd occasion I played, Patrick was elevated in the batting order to number 10.

He once wrote to me, saying he was looking to score his first hundred ....... In a season !

It the was any fund raising on or work needed doing in the Club, Patrick was always there.

When we built our Pavilion Patrick was there to help, even if it meant putting in screws with a hammer.

One of his favourite stories, was when we hired a petrol driven roller, I helped to get it ready for use, and as Patrick said there were two holes, one for water one for petrol "we got it wrong"

Once Patrick was given the task of organising a disco, no one turned up, Patrick forgot to send the invitations out,

I was lucky enough to appear with other members of the Club on his "This is your Life", in March 1974.

Patrick was always very social, and after Cricket and before we had a Pavilion, we used to drink at the Netherton Night Club in Selsey, we used to often stay till the early hours of the morning, after many Irish whiskeys.

Once one of our junior members turned the sadle around on his bike, Patrick after quite a few drinks, shouted out where have my f*****g handle bars gone !!

On many occasion we had gone back to his house, after a few too many drinks, and once his Mother Gertrude Moore told me off, and told me to bring her son back earlier in future.

Once I went with a Friend, to Lords to see England play Australia, we didn't know Patrick was there, in the lunch interval we went to the back of the Pavilion to see a line of people waiting for his autograph, I got in the queue and handed him a piece of paper for him to autograph, he looked up at me, and recognised me, and signed it "B*****s

In the early days of Selsey Cricket we used to have all the committee meetings at "Farthings" at this time Patrick was Club Secretary, I remember he always used to go to the off license and always got light ales and ciders, when you were offered a drink, you had to take a pewter tankard which would Hang on the wall, we are always warned to blow the dust out and shake them to remove any spiders.

At Club fetes Patrick would always, bat it the nets, and people, paid to try and bowl him out.

Along with Roger Prout , John Green and myself, we were founder members of the Bognor and Selsey Curry club, we went to many restaurants on the first Wednesday of the Month, the Club is still active today.

We went once to the Memories of India restaurant in Bosham, and Patrick walked in, and the manager said welcome famous man, and would he like a drink on the house, he said yes eight gin and tonics, as the rest of us followed him in.

On several occasions Patrick would cook a curry for us at "Farthings", he always put bananas in the curry, and on one occasion made three curries, Mild, medium and, watch out.

Patrick always loved very hot curries, including Phal's

The curries we sometimes washed down with Patricks home made wine, I tried his tea wine once, it had a frothy head, like a pint of beer.

In his house, you never had to ask for drink, you just helped yourself, Patrick called this Farthings rules, later ironmongery rules.

When you arrived at his door the question always was, Tea, Coffee or Alcohol.

Since the early 1970's I was a Typewriter Mechanic and repaired his collection of Typewriters, including his famous Woodstocks.

He once called be to say the typebar on the Woodstock was stuck at a very obscene angle !!

Later on I helped with his Computers, and recorded a programme for BBC2, called computers don't bite, where I introduced Patrick to email.

He never ever admitted it, but he was very competent in the use of computers, and up to the end used to talk to people all over the world on Skype.

He once told me he tried doing a Google search for Uranus rising, and said Chum I got some very strange results.

Over the years Patrick had a motley collection of Cars, his pride and joy was a 1948 Ford Prefect, which he called the Ark, my first ride in it, the car steadily got to 38 MPH, I said so it takes a while to get to top speed, he said the was too speed, and that the day before a three legged dog past him going up Bury Hill.

Once he told me staying at Windsor Castle with the Queen and Prince Phillip, the Prince tried to drive the Ark and Failed, however Her Majesty managed to drive it.

He drove to Broadcasting house on one occasion in the Ark, to record the Sky at Night, when he got to car park, the commissionaire told him someone had dumped and old wreck of a car there, Patrick retorted, bloody cheek that is my car !!!!

Another car a bright yellow Ford Cortina Estate, was called the Banana, and in his early days he had a motorbike call Vesuvius.

One of Patricks loves was parties, and to hold drink parties, and entertain all of us with his collection of audio tapes, with outakes from radio shows.

Then of course play the xylophone and piano, and sometimes his glockenspiel.

Patrick was one of the most generous and kind man you could ever meet, with no longing for material things.

Many young members of the Cricket Club had bats and kit paid for by Patrick.

He would not suffer fools though, and could be very impatient, but a kinder man could not be found, a true British institution and eccentric.

One day someone rang him up, said is that Mr Moore the Astrologer, Patricks answer was, you are wrong on both counts, this is Sir Patrick the astronomer.

I remember once meeting Patrick in Selsey high street on Cricket Club business, he came on his trusty old bike, which had no brakes, he used his shoes to stop, no lights, and odd sized wheels.
He saw me standing on the side of the road, as he put his feet down to stop, the front wheel fell off, with the bike coming to a grinding halt on the fork, much to the amusement of the holiday makers.

I am sure there are hours if stories I could tell about Patrick, but hope his is enough to get on with, please feel free to call to ask me more ?

When I went to Patricks 89th Birthday party this year, I asked how he was, the reply was Chum, mind is fine, body is f****d

That was Patrick.

Ricky Halpin,

West Sussex.


I'm so sorry for your lost, Brian! Sir Patrick was a bright star in his TV shows... Now, he's a real star, watching us from out there.

Don V Weston

Thank you Patrick for enriching my astronomical life over so many years.
The universe has for sure lost a star.


Dunedin, New Zealand.

Paul Smith

I don't usually have anything to add to the comments sections if web pages, but I'm moved to make an exception for Patrick Moore; an exceptional man. His passion, charisma & skill as a communicator was matched by his accessible writing style, which made his many books so readable. People wrote about him too. Only this morning I was reading about the early days of the Apollo missions (pre-11) on Wikipedia & his name came up more than once. You didn't need Sir Patrick Moore to inspire an interest in astronomy - just looking up at the sky at night did that - but he made you want to know just what was going on up there, and helped millions to do exactly that. Thank you Patrick, and thank you to his friends. We'll not see his like again. As Dr May said, we'll not be that lucky twice. I'd like to see a minor planet or exoplanet named after Patrick Moore as a lasting recognition of his work. A statue by public subscription would be appropriate too. A childhood hero worthy of adoration deserves as much recognition as possible.

Greg MacKinnon

Like for so many millions of others, Sir Patrick lit the fire of enthusiasm for astronomy in me. I will forever be in his debt. The Sky at Night is a world-famous British institution; utterly unique, just like its famous host. He will be greatly missed by all.

Happy travels through the cosmos, Sir Patrick.

James Hazlehurst

Sir Patrick made me luck upwards but he also made me look inwards too. I love astronomy because of him and will miss him greatly. We'll not see his kind again. RIP Patrick.

Tammy Lowe

Condolences on the loss of your friend, Dr. Bri.

RIP Sir Patrick Moore - a remarkable man.

Marie Clemens

There is a new bright star in the sky tonight. Sleep peacefully Sir Patrick, you were a true insperation to myself and to many. My thoughts and prayers also go out to you Dr Brian May, on the sad loss of your very dear friend. Lots of love Marie xxxxxx

Mark M

RIP Gamesmaster, thoughts are with your family and friends.

rock andrew stanton-thorburn

Sir Patrick Moore : words seem so inadequate at this time but i know you were generous at your book signing in paignton,devon,giving time to answer questions and of course you always knew the answers !Thankyou Patrick for bringing the beauty of the night sky to so many for so long.I will never forget you.My deepest sympathy to Patricks family and friends.
Love , andy stanton.

Julia Pardoe Mercury

Patrick is my space hero and I will always pray for him in church and in the night sky too lets wish it upon a star I love his programme such a great man I shall miss him but keep the night sky dedicated to him with galaxies

chris holland

Thanks Patrick,shall be missed,just be outside and it seems fitting it should be a clear can see Jupiter shining bright to the south


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