The Cross - Live In Guildford: The Set List

1). In Charge of My Heart 

2). Top of the World Ma 

3). New Dark Ages 

4). Man On Fire

5). Ain't Put Nothin Down 

6). Liar 

7). Dirty Mind 

8). Cowboys and Indians 

9). Power To Love

10). Heaven For Everyone 

11). Sister Blue 

12). Final Destination

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The Cross - Live In Guildford: The Set List


Please a box set with DVD and CD would be fantastic!!. I'm so happy to know that The Cross were togheter again in a stage. Congrats guys!. You rock


Last night was one of the truly great concerts of my life, when Roger walked out in his red velvet jacket and started 'In Charge Of My Heart' the electrical 'charge' in the auditorium could really be the time we got to Man On Fire I think my voicebox had gone altogether - I'm a veteran of the very first tour in '88 and to have witnessed last nights performance was an honour and an absolute dream come true - Thank You ROGER & The Cross !! You did it !!

I don't know if such a thing can be repeated or whether it even should be but last night will live long in the memory...a superb, classic band.


Thankyou guys it was so worth waiting for I am still buzzing this morning!!!


I am 100 % confused as to why something is being done with The Cross instead of touring and promoting "Fun On Earth". Don't get me wrong! This is cool! I love Roger Taylor! It just seems odd at this point.


Awesome. Just driving home.well worth the 250 miles each way!


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