The First Official Stage Photo...

...Queen, we do big.

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The First Official Stage Photo...

nadine ramos

le son a fond et vive le sexe oui oui


I wont waste my time on money on half a Queen group, no Deacy or Mercury!
Lambert will never do Freddie any justice.
worse Queen tour ever with lambo in charge.

Ricardo Ordaz

Awesome stage! Queen Rules! I can't wait to see you in Dallas! My dream has come true to see my favorite band in the whole wide world. Good luck, Brian, Roger, Spike, and the other guys! Love Queen! Ricardo-Dallas, TX


Seeing the Chicago show. Is there going to be an opening act?

lee verney

Queen used to inovate, but seemingly are now happy to copy others who have gone before.
The round screen is the same as Pink Floyd and also the Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon tour and the walkway has been used by everyone from Rolling Stones to Take That, so nothing new there either. Yes it's big and will no doubt look pretty when lit but it's a shame they have not come up with an original stage design.


Wow! If this is taste of what's to come this will be a spectacular tour! Queen has done this so many times before, always first class and outstanding. I think this tour will top them all! I'll be there in Chicago, Spreadingb the Queen/Bert Love 24/7! 4 more days!! :)


OH MY GOD !!!!

Harlem Calleja

Such a big influence on my musical style as a singer. You guys are true legends and I cannot wait to see you August 30! xx


So cool, and Jazz just happends to be one of my favorite Queen albums!


It reminds me Pink Floyd.


I am so excited for this!!! Seeing them in VEGAS will be the best night of my life!


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