'The Lot': Digital Pre-Order Starts On Monday 28th October

Roger's back catalogue spanning box set 'The Lot' will be available for digital pre-order, next Monday 28th October.

His new album 'Fun On Earth' is available for pre-order now here on iTunes.

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'The Lot': Digital Pre-Order Starts On Monday 28th October


gimme fried chicken


I've given up looking online and in music news for details on this item. Wish we could all know asap. Unfortunately when anything great comes along, we are left in dark.


Yes, but what's on it?!

What will it cost?

And why should the digitial version be first?

Call me old-fashioned but I couldn't care less about the digital version either. I was hoping to buy this from a local shop in order to support them but if they have no clue about this release then what's going on?

Stuart Hulme

I don't care about the digital pre order. What about the physical Cd and Dvd b9x set pre order. Its a joke. Not enough information. Most online and high street stores haven't got a clue!!!


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