'The Lot' Now Available for Digital Pre-Order on iTunes


'The Lot' is now available for pre-order on iTunes! You can also check out 90sec audio clips from each album!

Click here to checl out the clips and tracklisting.

The Lot and Fun on Earth are both released on November 11th.

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'The Lot' Now Available for Digital Pre-Order on iTunes


How could anybody in their right mind give iTunes £59.00 for this? A box set this vast should not be allowed to be downloaded. Think of the artwork and discs you are missing out on if you give Apple your money! Buy physical formats and stop supporting Apple!


I lavori di Roger Taylor sono stupendi ! amo le sue canzoni e la sua genialità. ROGER un mito.

Alan Murray

I just listened to 'Fun On Earth' samples and it sounds great. It has a rock album feel to it that I like. The musicality is unpredictable at times, with little riffs popping up, great drum sounds, real sounding guitar solos, and all kinds of percussion. The mix is engaging. Some of these songs would have been great on The Cosmos Rocks. I can't help think of Rod Stewart when I hear sing Roger now! That's no bad thing as Rod is a great singer too. This may be the best solo album he has done!


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