This Day In Music 2007: Queen Crowned Greatest British Band of All Time

1st Jan 2007, Queen beat The Beatles to be crowned greatest British band of all time by BBC Radio 2 listeners in the UK. They pipped the Fab Four in a live contest, trouncing other finalists The Rolling Stones, Oasis and Take That. 

The bands were judged on song-writing, lyrics, live performances, originality and showmanship. More than 20,000 listeners voted by email, text and phone. 

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This Day In Music 2007: Queen Crowned Greatest British Band of All Time


Others were splendid, The Beatles, Elvis, etc.

But the best, and the greatest; that title can only be owned by one band. 'Queen' in their original format. They were the most diverse, imaginative and creative musicians that have ever graced the stage as a group. Their music transcends time itself. Majestic and beautiful.

RiP Freddie
Happy and long retirement John
Brian and Roger, you guys can rock as much as you like until you drop. We love you all forever.

Queen cannot die, the music you gave us lives eternally.

Thank you!!

malu carreri

Live Aid - 1985 - imortalizou QUEEN para sempre.
Poderiam colocá-la na Web com legendas em
Além do som é muito importante os brasileiros con-
hecerem as letras das músicas já que estas, são a
essência de todo o trabalho da banda.


Yeah, they were the best... with Freddie. Now, they're just wannabe's re-re-re-re-releasing old crap and slapping a new name on it to draw suckers in. I have ideas: brian may solo collection, roger taylor collection IN THE U.S., 70's queen concerts (I don't care if it's crap quality - any attempt is better than none - at least put a bonus disc in or something... maybe a hyde park 1976 deal with Earl's Court 77 and Houston, TX 77. OR - maybe someone could come up with ANY footage from the Omaha, Nebraska show in 1980 (I believe). Omaha sees nothing for good live releases. I know SOMEBODY has to have this footage. Maybe the FULL Freddie Mercury tribute concert, or the full rio shows (1985), hammersmith 1975, and on and on. And for God's sake - something with If you can't Beat Them and Need Your Loving Tonight. I know "Need" is 80's, but I would buy another 80's concert dvd for that. Japan 1982, yadda... yadda... yadda...

kohn johnston

queen were good dont think freddies voice was brilliant but as a group they were good


As it should be!


Of course QUEEN are the best and will always be the BEST... The Beatles were the most over hyped band ever... and QUEEN were on the circuit far longer and had a better live sound...

Eduardo Silva

Queen, Always number one!!


On the 1st of Jan 2014 - this means nothing. I love Queen dearly but The Beatles and Elvis will always be the ones who will be remembered as the pioneers of Rock N' Roll


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