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The Kissing Me Song - Released Today!

The Kissing Me Song is OUT TODAY on download via iTunes! Click here to purchase it now! There is also an extended version of the video that includes exclusive live footage.

Brian and Kerry are currently out in the road in the UK, click here for tickets now!

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The Kissing Me Song - Released Today!


Who the hell thought that was a good cover (but it probably reflects the crap inside the cover)? No doubt one of Richard Gray's finest pieces of work?! Ms Ellis needs to use better sunscreen and that font is a favorite with under 5s.

ex queen fan

Oh...I love queen..I love Brian, John, Roger, Freddie and ...hey?!..wait a minute


Oh, thank the Lord! I've been unable to sleep for weeks.

Great to hear Brian play his guitar, rather than talk about badgers or stereo photos, but why he's so obsessed with this over-rated club-style singer is beyond me. After their tour started yesterday he tweeted "After 11 yrs @kerryjaneellis1 still matchless". Matchless??!! Jesus Christ Brian, get real! She's average at best. Please come to your senses and get working on something with Roger please!


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