VIDEO: 'Another Ones Bites The Dust' Live by the QEX

The Official Queen Tribute Band The Queen Extravaganza perform the US No.1 hit 'Another One Bites The Dust' live at The Paramount in Huntington, New York!

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VIDEO: 'Another Ones Bites The Dust' Live by the QEX


Well Dino I see it in a completely different light than you. Freddie performing vocal gymnastics to elicited crowd participation was a part of the show at stadium concerts. It was simple and allowed everyone to have fun and feel they were part of the show. Marc Martel doing so only pays homage to the greatness of Freddie Mercury and also shows that he is very confident in his own abilities to do the same. I am not sure it was planned or adlibbed in the end its about having fun and having the whole Queen experience. Queen Extravaganza is about the Queen experience not replacing Freddie.


i quite liked this. with so many bad covers of queen songs in recent times, this is much better. Woud be much btter if that guy didnt to an impersonation of Freddie though.


Not as bad as the lambert stuff last year tho


crap. just awful.


Nice that you uploaded this video. Please one with only Marc singing. That would better promo for the tribute band. Some people might even turn off the video before Marc comes on for this one unfortunately.

The girl is also a good singer, but not for some of the Queen songs.


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