Video: 'Love Kills' Live at The iHeart Radio Theater

Queen + Adam Lambert - Love Kills live at iHeart Radio Theater, LA, June 16th. 

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Video: 'Love Kills' Live at The iHeart Radio Theater


Serious class act! Some of the greatest talent to ever hit the planet and a match made in heaven. I can't get enough of this song/performance.


Вravo! Вut Verу long!


Beautiful arrangement of this Freddie Mercury/Queen song. I have 2 original Freddie versions, but unfortunately they were made during the disco era. I miss Freddie as much as any die-hard Queen fan, but this version is great! Remember, fellow Queen fans, Freddie can't come back, but Adam is doing a wonderful job with Brian and Roger. It's wonderful they are doing this tour together and it's fun to see the interplay between Adam, Brian & Roger. Being at iHeart for this performance was great and now it's only 12 days until The Forum! ROCK ON QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT!!!!


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