VIDEO: Roger Announces QEX Tour 2013

"Onwards and upwards..!"

Tickets are available now from www.queenextravaganza.com/tour-and-tickets/.

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VIDEO: Roger Announces QEX Tour 2013


I just like the what appears to be a "tache" on Freddie in the background


Eric Gijsbertsen, since you don't live in Canada, especially in the province of Quebec, you don't understand what being a "real" Queen country is. Where was Rock Montreal? That's right, Montreal, QUEBEC, CANADA.

QE is doing 20 nights in Quebec City. They sold out both the Montreal and Quebec City gigs. Marc Martel is Canadian. Francois-Olivier Doyon is Canadian. Yvan Pedneault is Canadian. ALL QE members.

By the way, I don't undertand what being a "real" Queen country is, because I don't live in the UK.

Merry Christmas. Let's hope Rainbow finds its way to countries like yours.

Hannah Carico

I hope you all come to West Virginia because I just started liking Queen the other day and my uncle loves Queen and I just got the Platinum collection box set tonight. I would really love to see Queen in concert.

Giannis marinis

I hope to see them in Europe

Eric Gijsbertsen

In my opnion the US.got enough attention, in the US they don't have the credits to be such a good Queen country.
And there are other parts of the world who like to see QEX either.
So enough America/Canada now the rest is on turn.
A dissapoited Queenfan from a "real"queencountry(the netherlands).


tour the Europe pleaseee!!


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