Watch Live at Wembley Under The Stars in London - 2 x tickets to give away! NOW CLOSED


LONDON: Netil House

SAT 22ND JUN, 2013 6pm. Screening: Around 9pm

Join one of the greatest rock band ever as we bring you a very special concert style screening of the legendary Queen Live at Wembley, coming to you from the world famous Magic Tour filmed back in 1986.

This is the opening of our Cine-Gig series where we bring legendary gigs to the big screen. Limited seating is available around Netil House as we want you on your feet with your party shoes on, keeping those feet a tapping!

Guests will have the chance to re-live that amazing night, wearing wireless headphones and watching their heroes on the big screen surrounded by 360° panoramic views of London under the stars at Netil House

The Netil House rooftop bar and kitchen will be in full flow to make sure all your party needs are met.

Fancy dress is not enforced but always encouraged. Magic!

Tickets are £12.

Full details can be found here.

***Ticket Giveaway***

Our WINNER was Darren Gadd from Woking who has won two tickets to the event.

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Watch Live at Wembley Under The Stars in London - 2 x tickets to give away! NOW CLOSED


What he said...does it come with tix from America???? Good golly ....if only...that sounds like a fun and amazing time.


Does it come with a plane ticket from America? we love Queen too!


london is magic Queen is magic! freddy mercury im an invisible man and it's j
ust a kind of magic.

Mark Dubens

London is Magic
My patner done 3 days at Wembley & then Knebworth & would love to surprise him

Steve Ellis

Can't access the completion through the email link. Would love to be entered for the draw. I was at Knebworth in 86 and would love the chance to relive a great show. Great idea by the way.


How can I go on from day to day? thinking about going to this concert with the love of my life, So please don’t stop me now, I want it all special because we think that LONDON IS MAGIC and with Queen is the Heaven.
She gone put me under pressure if I do not take her to this greatest spectacle!

“I still love you…”


I'm a french teenage girl and I'm literally in love with the band Queen. It began 5 years ago, when I heard "a kind of magic" on the radio. I was in the car with my father and I asked him who sing this and he said Queen. Since, I'm a big fan of Queen ! This summer I will see Kerry Ellis and Brian May in France for the Born Free Tour

My name : Pauline Siegfriedt
Adress : 5 rue Alcide de Gasperi 67500 HAGUENAU FRANCE
Number : 06 76 22 41 46


No, thank you. There's a very dark side to London, according to the man himself (I hear you sweetheart). So SHOVE IT!

Nancy Abrahamson

I would like to enter the drawing for the two free tickets to be given away. I am multidisabled and could never afford to get there for the concert - so if my name is pulled please give them to some special person you know of who has HIV/AIDS there as they certainly deservr them after what hell that disease puts people through. I know several people and friends who died of AIDS and I just cry when I think that some disease can take away so many people all over the world and leave all loved ones to mourn their losses. I am doing this in honor of my 17 yr. old minor son who was murdered about 18 or so months ago of which the police did a huge cover up and I'm rather low income on disability - so I'm searching out the specialized lawyer to take on this huge case against 24 Authorities who willingly wrote up fully perjurized statements less one brave soul who made significant notations of the fact that one set of assistance/ better said restraint marks on my son was very strange and completely out of place and could find nothing that could have caused even a hint of the very substantially discolored hands he had. Had he lifted the sleeves he would have seen the binding marks set permanently into my sons forearms. Anyway - in honor of my son who was murdered senselessly and the police never discussed one word of his case with me at all even though he was my minor son and I was responsible for all the bills caused! So in honor of senseless violent deaths whether by a instrument or a awful disease please send two people who have the disease yet are still mobile enough to go and enjoy this concert for me as I know I would enjoy it immensely!! God bless you all abundantly!! Amen. Nancy

Penny Murphy

I actually just discovered Queen in the past three months. I knew who they were,and I knew their most famous singles. I was quite upset when Freddie died. The loss of such a wonderful voice. WELL, my son told me to watch their Live Aid performance of you tube. . I can't get enough. What great artists, song writers and performers they were. And Freddie!!!!!! I had no idea of what an entertainer he was. . I've bought quite a few of the DVDs and albums. I will be buying more. Before I go to bed every night I have to either listen to a song or watch a video on you tube. I don't know where I was in the 70's and in the 80s I was raising children. Boy did I miss something!!!


Colleen LaGois
151 E First St 156
Mesa AZ 85201

480 921 1811


Colleen LaGois
151 e first st 156
mesa, az
480 962 1811

London is Magic
I want to go!

Uwe Beykuefner

Queen! The best inspiration for every musician to produce great music. Go your own way, and don't follow the mainstream crap the so called "music industry" produces!
Be yourself!
Like Freddy!

Richard Dennis

The first time i saw Queen was in 1974 at Newcastle city hall. It is great to see the lads are still playing.
As one life goes another is born, my daughter Emma was born on 24 November 1991 the day freddie died. will never forget that day of delight and sadness.


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