We Are The Champions...of The Kitchen

Press Release: We are the Champions… of the Kitchen

Adele and Queen are the people’s choice for providing a soundtrack to culinary creations, according to new research from FoodBeats.com by Lurpak®.

As the nation’s number 1 butter brand* and good food champion, Lurpak® wanted to find out what made budding masterchefs tick in the kitchen. The survey found that for six out of ten people (60%) listening to music whilst cooking brings out the best in their culinary experience, from chopping up chives to washing the dishes. 

As well as uncovering the British love of cooking to music, the research from Lurpak® also revealed the top music and food combinations with a fifth of men (17%) rustling up a burger and chips to Elvis and Victoria Sponge’s commonly being whisked up to Adele (28%).

To help music loving foodies get the most out of their cooking Lurpak® are using global music service, Last FM to create FoodBeats.com, a website that curates playlists based on what the listener is cooking. So whether it’s sizzling sausages to 90’s Britpop, being serenaded by Coldplay whilst searing steak, or chopping vegetables along to Jessie J, FoodBeats.com can help create the perfect soundtrack to your dish.

Commenting on being the nation’s band of choice to Freddie Mercury's personal assistant and cook Peter Freestone said, “I can see Freddie pondering this in the kitchen and coming out with something on the lines of 'I never thought of our music as kitchen muzac..... oh well, never mind, let me see you whip up something special while you are listening to 'The Miracle''

To celebrate the launch of FoodBeats.com, Lurpak® will be awarding prizes to those who upload their dish and playlist with a ‘FoodBeats’ tag to Facebook or Twitter.  

For more information on how get cooking and dancing about your kitchen visit, www.FoodBeats.com


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