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We Will Rock You Denmark Reviews: Book Now!

It looks like the Copenhagen production kicked off with a bang...

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You’ll be impressed by how effective it all is…an entertaining fairy-tale of high quality." 5 out of 6” Frederiksborg Amts Avis 

”Spellbinding sound, impressive light show, wild choreography, skilled performers and true rock’n’roll defined the amazing production of We Will Rock You in the new Royal Arena” - 6 out of 6 - Tjeck.dk

”Cool musical experience with greatly performed Queen songs and a talented cast who really enjoys what they are doing.” 6 out of 6 Den4vaeg.dk

”Great translation, good sound and energy. And they sing like little angels” 4 out of 6 Jyllands-Posten

”Great stageshow, and this production has a charm not seen before.” 4 out of 6 xq28.dk

”A great venue for a show like We Will Rock You…the band delivered the goods, and the performers raised the bar.” 4 out of 6 Cphculture.dk

”Brilliant singing and Queen feeling…. The performers sing as if this was their final hour. It’s as sweaty and full of energy as a rock musical must be." 4 out of 5 Månssonkultur.se

”A grand show… it’s the first time the musical is performed in Danish, and they accomplish to make the show modern and Danish. There are plenty of Danish references, and it’s all very succesful.” 5 out of 6 Out and about

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