We Will Rock You MPT Collections - Maureen Barclay

The brilliant We Will Rock You will be closing on Saturday 31st May after a very successful 12 years at the Dominion.

One year after the musical opened the Mercury Phoenix Trust held collections at the end of weekend performances, then in 2010 the theatre adopted the Trust and continued the collections for us. Since April 2010 to the third weekend of May this year they have raised an amazing £192,702,06! This figure included some of the staff doing a free fall sky jump and participating in Freddie For A Day, selling cakes and tea in the foyer, this month alone the collections reached a massive £6,822,15!!!

Of course, we say a huge thank you not only to everyone at the Dominion, but to the public for their generosity. I feel very lucky to have been associated with the theatre and everyone there and would like to wish them good luck with everything they do.

Warm wishes.


MPT Street Collection Coordinator

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