We Will Rock You - Soon In Berlin!

The original musical by Queen and Ben Elton finally comes to Berlin in October

The internationally acclaimed success with 25 international hits like “Kind of Magic”, “We Are The Champions“ and “Bohemian Rhapsody“ will celebrate its premiere at the Theater des Westens in Berlin.

Berlin, 13th January 2010. From autumn on, Berlin will be rocked! Mid-October, the musical WE WILL ROCK YOU, with Queen's immortal songs, finally celebrates its premiere in Germany's capital. Seen by over 10 million viewers worldwide - including more than four-and-a-half million alone at the Dominion Theatre, one of the largest theatres in London's West End - WE WILL ROCK YOU has
become one of the most successful musicals of all time. From October, the first ever “rock theatrical”, as Queen's legendary guitarist Brian May describes the musical, will finally honour the German capital with the original production and an elaborate German staging.

The spectacular London original of the rock musical was penned by the multi-awardwinning writer Ben Elton (Mr Bean, among others) and produced by Queen Theatrical Productions together with Robert
de Niro`s Tribeca Theatrical Productions and Phil McIntyre Entertainment. The music and songs are of course by Queen, and Ben Elton is responsible for the script and direction. Also in Berlin, the rock icons May and Taylor personally take control of musical direction.

Brian May: “We're so happy to take our WE WILL ROCK YOU show to more of our German fans, as the show now moves to Berlin. Of course the show does not only seek to entertain Queen fans, but for many years many of our most loyal and understanding fans and friends have been Germany - as witness the German show has now been seen by almost 3 million people!! We are immensely proud
of this show. It is unlike any other - even the London show does not have the special subtleties of plot
that this show boasts - and the cast and band have a style all of their own. Most of all ... it's live and dangerous, and, more than ever ... it rocks !“

Johannes Mock-O'Hara, Queen fan and Managing Director of Stage Entertainment: “Queen's music is immortal, a phenomenon! It lives on, not least in this musical. The venerable Theater des Westens has never experienced such rock power - Berlin can look forward to a fantastic show!”

Michael Brenner: “For quite some time, Queen's and Ben Elton's musical WE WILL ROCK YOU ranks among the three major hit musicals, not only in London but also on the continent. Ultimately, the show is about the unrivalled power of handmade, authentic music. In consequence, it's only consistent but an untold luxury at the same time, that Brian May, Roger Taylor and author and director Ben Elton are directly involved with the German production. Their commitment - indeed unique in our branch - inspires our excellent musicians and actors time and time again and makes WE WILL ROCK YOU more than a title. It makes it a promise.“

Queen, with their innumerable number one hits and unforgettable live shows, are undoubtedly one of the few legendary rock bands who have actually written music history. In 2011, the band celebrates their fortieth birthday. Just recently Queen have knocked the Beatles off their pedestal as the most successful artist in British chart history, according to the book “British Hit Singles & Albums” issued by Guinness World Records. With 1,322 weeks in the UK album charts, they have notched up 29 weeks more than the “Fab Four”, and 42 more than Elvis Presley.

Producing their own musical WE WILL ROCK YOU is an impressive crowning achievement in the band's unbelievable success story. Queen's legendary songs form the framework for a humorous and ironic story: in a completely globalised future without musical instruments, the “Bohemians” - a handful of rock rebels - fight for freedom, individuality, and the rebirth of the age of rock against the all- powerful company Globalsoft and its boss, the Killer Queen. Scaramouche and Galileo, two young outsiders, don't want to resign themselves to this flat and uniform reality. They join the Bohemians, searching for and finding the unrestrained power of freedom, love, and rock music!

24 years after Queen's last appeared on stage in Berlin (in 1986, in their original line-up including Freddie Mercury), the spirit of the rock legends returns to Berlin with WE WILL ROCK YOU.

Stage Entertainment and Michael Brenner present WE WILL ROCK YOU in Berlin for the first time, in collaboration with Queen Theatrical Productions, Phil McIntyre Entertainments, and Tribeca Theatrical Productions. From October 2010 at the Theater des Westens!

Premiere October 2010 - Theater des Westens Berlin.
tickets 29,90 - 99,90 € (plus fee)

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