We Will Rock You to Close at The Dominion



Having rocked over 6.5 million people in a record-breaking 12 years at the London's Dominion Theatre, the smash hit Queen & Ben Elton musical We Will Rock You is due finally to close on 31 May 2014. Now the longest running show ever at the Dominion by a margin of nine years, the show takes its rightful place in West End history, sitting proudly in the Top 10 longest running musicals of all time.

The show has now been performed in 28 countries around the globe, and has been seen by a more than 16 million people.

From its opening night at the Dominion on 14 May 2002, We Will Rock You quickly became the overwhelming people’s choice of musical in the UK and overseas. In its second year at the Dominion it won top honours in five categories in the Theatregoers Choice awards presented by whatsonstage.com, including Best New Musical. In 2011, nine years after the curtain first went up, the show won the prestigious Olivier Audience Award, the only category voted for entirely by the public. The show went on to win a number of international awards for productions around the globe.

When the show closes on 31 May 2014, it will have been performed at the Dominion an astonishing 4600 times. Co-creators Brian May, Roger Taylor and Ben Elton had this to say: "We want to thank every one of the many hundreds of incredible musical theatre artists, musicians and crew with whom we've had the privilege of working at the Dominion since 2002. And of course the incredible audiences who have rewarded them with over four and a half thousand standing ovations!”

General Manager of the Dominion Theatre, David Pearson, commented: “It has been a privilege to have hosted We Will Rock You for the past 12 years. To have the show rocking the Dominion and seeing a standing ovation night after night has been quite amazing. We wish the show every success for the future, as we now prepare to accelerate our restoration and refurbishment programme ready to welcome an exciting new production in 2015.”                                                                                  

London’s West End will suddenly be a lot quieter, come the 1st of June.

We Will Rock You is a Phil McIntyre Entertainments, Queen Theatrical Productions and Tribeca Theatrical presentation.


Performance times: Monday to Saturday evenings at 7.30pm, Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.

Weekly Wednesday matinees from 26 March at 2.30pm

Final performance: Saturday 31 May 2014

Venue: Dominion Theatre, 268-269 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7AQ


£16.25 - £70.00

Box Office: 0844 847 1775

Official Website: www.wewillrockyou.co.uk

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We Will Rock You to Close at The Dominion

Julie green

My son took me to the last one ever and we was told outside by people filming that a DVD would be coming 5 months on and still no DVD is we will rock you going to be realised on DVD I would love to have it for him for Xmas many thanks

Janice Murphy

I was very upset when the show closed. I have been every year since it opened. I as really hoping to be able to purchase a DVD of the show but so far have been unsuccessful in locating one. I was advised in the theatre shop that one of the original cast would be available to buy once the show closed. I saw my last performance the Saturday before closure (sadly could not get tickets for the last night) but ther were no DVDs for sale and I was advised to contact the web site, but that appears to have closed as well. There are a few pirate DVDs on sale but I really wanted a authentic one. Any ideas where I can buy one?

Many thanks

Margaret Liddle

Saw We Will Rock you at the Dominion 4 times it was stupendous. Very sorry it's closed but we need a DVD to come out of the show.

Jane Ramey

I had the ultimate pleasure in seeing this show while in London on 3 May 2014. It was the show I most wanted to see while in London, and I was amazed how wonderful it was. I also want to mention how wonderfully friendly and nice all the Brits were that were sitting by us Yanks. It was obvious that a lot of the people in the audience had seen the show numerous times, and I can certainly see why! I would love to see it here in the U.S. when it comes to my home town. Queen is my all time favorite band, and Freddy was a Rock God!!


Does anyone know why We Will Rock You closed?

Debs Laffling

Took my dad 2 c wwry as hes a massive queen fan. He loved it & so did I. Am really sad its finishing. Fingers crossed they wil bring it out on dvd so we can watch the magic over & over again!!!!!!!!

Susan Humphrey

My Granddaughter Amy and I will be in the audience for the matinee on 31st May 2014 to bid a sad farewell to our favourite show. I have seen it 7 times and my Amy, now nearly 16, I have brought with me 6 times and we always exit the threatre with our feet 2ft off the ground - totally buzzing. Thank you, Ben Elton and all the cast for enriching our lives over the years and sparking in Amy the desire to perform. Please, please could us loyal forever fans all over the world have a dvd of the show. It would be sooo precious to us. Thank you again. You will be in our hearts forever.

Linda Adams

I am COMPLETELY GRATEFUL to have gotten this news in time for me to fly out from California (first trip abroad!) so that I didn't miss this beloved show!! It's been on my Bucket List since I saw the Vegas production and was told how much time was cut from the script for Vegas "short attention span" audiences.

I am so, so so, forever grateful to have taken the opportunity to see the show in its FULL grandeur and splendour before it ended.

Tuesday 5 May's performance was FANTASTIC from the front row!!! I'm in love. I wish I could stay for every performance till the show closes. The writing, cast, production, everything -- excellent beyond words.
love ya, Bri. X

nigel strudwick rn

how can this end! with so many in the house day after day please tell me it will move to another venue YOU CANT LET this DIE.Please releasea dvd so we fan can at least relive this outstanding show. Rock On for Freddies sake. Love to you all.


So sad to see the show go!! I have watched it 5 times In the last year!! Make a DVD!!!!

Adina Ispas

Likewise, JASON (Rise of the Argonauts, lol), try comparing the scene from early WWRY, with Tony Vincent playing Galileo vs. Hannah Jane Fox as Scaramouche; when the Bohemians ask him who he is, and test him by having him sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Then compare that with Adam Lambert's audition for Idol and his evolution since then, which is his own creative expression and agenda. It might open your eyes a little. There is a magazine called "AURA", I suggest you check out some of the best quotes from fans to understand who Adam Lambert is, instead of accusing him of being a jumped up karaoke singer, which in itself only makes you look silly in this comment section, not the "real fan" you aspire to be.

Adina Ispas

JASON, Adam Lambert is the man whom Freddie's music was talking about, not a karaoke singer. You are not considered "a real fan" more than other "real fans" just because you stomp your foot against these people being HAPPY. Adam makes them happy. You can cut through it with a knife, it's so palpable. Clearly you are not "a real fan" because Realness implies feeling and hearing the Vibe mentioned in WWRY. I can remember its early days when all the "real fans" would criticize it for destroying their "beloved" Queen songs. This is a no-win situation for Queen and I am glad you are so supportive... lol. I am sad WWRY is going, totally sad - but that doesn't give me the right to attack Adam Lambert who is a phenomenal performer and as said, more than meets the eye if you only cared to do some research instead of going to the same production over and over again, but not hearing WHAT they are transmitting.

Adina Ispas

NOOOO..... If the Dominion won't have you, take it somewhere else. I also love that it licensed those School Productions, so that everyone can get involved beyond the confines of the theatre world.

4600? Nice - Freddie's birth year. Would have liked to see 6400 performances take place, at least!

Chris Boyd

I had the privelege of witnessing We WIll Rock You twice and absolutely LOVED IT both times. What a fantastic show!!

Pegi Eagan

When is this coming to the USA????? You HAVE to bring this show to the Detroit area!!! It will be a sell-out!!!!


We've seen the show more than 20 times, coming from Belgium for WWRY and in second place to visit London. Superb show, no words can describe it, just music can.

Why don't you make a DVD of the show?


I was there the first night it opened in London and am sad to learn it is closing. All great shows must come to an end! The production is utterly brilliant and I have been blessed to see it live in several different countries. Here's to Queen and their rightful place in history as one of the world's greatest rock n' roll legends. A great big thank-you for rockin' my world for over 35 years! You are the best! xx


It would be great if there was a show for the fans who have supported the musical over the last 12 years, or the early chance to buy tickets for the last night. At the WWRY10th anniversary show QFC got allocated tickets and nobody thought about the fans of the musical until a lot of noise was made. Given that some people have seen the show over 200 times it would be a nice way to end a magnificent run for the fans that have kept the show running.


The well loved We Will Rock You closes, yet this nonsense with a jumped up Karaoke singer Adam Lambert and the so called Queen Extravaganza will continue. What has happened to our beloved Queen? Do they not care about the REAL FANS? Scrap Adam Lambert and the Extravaganza, not We Will Rock You.

Jean Russo

Really upset at today's news my daughter and I go twice a year to see WWRY and we will miss it.


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