Brian May Guitar Competition

Win an Original Brian May Guitar!

“A little over 40 years ago, largely because we could not afford to buy a high quality electric guitar, and partly because we enjoyed a challenge, my Dad and I decided to make an electric guitar. I designed an instrument from scratch, with the intention that it would have a capability beyond anything that was out there, more tunable, with a greater range of pitches and sounds, with a better tremolo, and with a capability of feeding back through the air in a “good” way – i.e. in a self-sustaining mode.

Previously (ironically) electric guitars had been designed NOT to feed back, but in the hands of Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend and Jimi Hendrix, they were forced to! My Dad had the technical knowledge and skills to make the dream come true. The result, after two years of spare-time work, exclusively with hand tools, was the instrument I now call my “Red Special” – or the “Old Lady” – the guitar which has been a part of me through 30 years of live concerts and studio work with Queen, all around the world.” - Brian May

For your chance to win an original Brian May Guitar just give a donation upon entry to Stormtroopers in Stilettos! Simple as that! The lucky winner will be drawn at 12pm on Monday 14th March and the name will be posted over on!

All proceeds go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, for more information on the trust go here...

For more info on these masterpieces visit the site here.


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