WWRY/Posthumus Zone NFL Mash-Up

WWRY / Posthumus Zone NFL Mash Up News...

This is a mash up of the Queen recording “We Will Rock You” and the ES Posthumus recording “Posthumus Zone (Theme to the NFL on CBS)”. The track is set for a video tease to be used in connection with the CBS Sports Super Bowl football coverage.

Currently the mash up will be used for one day, February 7, 2010 in a 2m30sec video teaser to be exhibited in the pre game Super Bowl television coverage.

The audio will also be used in bumpers and teasers throughout the Super Bowl game television coverage and week prior Super Bowl television promos to be aired on the CBS and its affiliates network.

Super Bowl television coverage will be worldwide via CBS Sports for North America and via the NFL and NFL International for the rest of the World.

Brian has been talking about the collaboration on his Soapbox.

Note: We are told that the latest version with Brian's guitar sounds amazing! (QOL)

ES Posthumus are Franz Vonlichten & Helmut Vonlichten. You can hear the original version of Posthumus Zone (NFL Version) by clicking here.
Go to www.esposthumus.com for more information on ES Posthumus.

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