You Tube Channel Update: Live At Wembley Bonus Material

The following clips have just been uploaded to the Official Queen You Tube Channel! Click here to check out the recent additions.

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- Rehearsals for Wembley Stadium shows, July 1986 

- The Final Tour: Interviews with Brian May & Roger Taylor 

- Brian & Roger recall the Wembley Stadium towers 

- Queen on the choice of songs to play on stage 

- Behind The Scenes: Queen at Wembley Stadium, 1986

- Queen discuss performing live on stage 

- Freddie says goodnight from Wembley Stadium (July 1986)

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You Tube Channel Update: Live At Wembley Bonus Material

sam wagner

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didn't see any of that at the link provided and btw, the video link above says the video isn't available? wth?


If you are going to upload something from 86', why don't you release something new or unseen,like all the available visuals of manheim, slane castle or knebworth??
That would be worth watching(and buying)


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