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INNUENDO By Greg Brooks and Gary Taylor Queen’s 14th studio album, and their first of the 1990s, was recorded at Metropolis and Mountain Studios, in London and Montreux Switzerland, respectively, between March 1989 and November 1990. It would prove to be the last album Freddie Mercury worked upon, and yet also, despite his hugely deteriorating health, a work containing some of his most powerful and emotive vocal performances of all. Produced by Queen and David Richards, Innuendo contains several of the band’s best known hits and most memorable videos. Sadly, however, though much of the material would have been perfect for the live show, none of it was ever destined to be heard in that context. Freddie lost his battle for life on Sunday November 24th 1991, nine months after the release of the album. The nearest Queen came to recreating the Innuendo material in the live domain, was at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert of April 1992. Roger, John and Brian performed the title track with legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant singing vocals, and later they backed Lisa Stansfield and George Michael for a rousing recital of These Are The Days Of Our Lives and Elton John for The Show Must Go On. Innuendo was released on Feb 4th 1991 and a week later crashed into the UK album charts at No 1, ultimately achieving platinum sales status. The album would also attain the No 1 position in Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Portugal and Italy. Released a day later in the U.S., the album peaked at No 30 and achieved gold sales status – the first Queen LP to do so in America since The Works in 1984. The album cover was designed by the band and Richard Gray, and featured various illustrations inspired by an eighteenth century illustrator called Granville (1803-1847). The idea had come from Roger when he found a book of illustrations and showed one particular black and white pencil drawing, A Juggler Of Universes, to the band. They loved it and Richard Gray was called in with a view to adapting the image for the front cover. Additional illustrations by Angela Lumley also based on Granville’s work were used on the back cover and also for numerous subsequent worldwide singles sleeves. At the time of the Innuendo sessions, only the few people closest to Freddie knew the extent of his illness and just how little time was left. As has been confirmed several times since, the four band members closed ranks and pulled together like never before in order to support Freddie in every way possible, for as long as they could, through the final months of his life, and this included keeping the truth from the world’s media until the very last moment. The fans, meantime, though having seen Freddie’s startling appearance in recent Queen videos and at the BPI awards ceremony on television, while aware something was very wrong, were completely unprepared for the devastating news contained within Freddie’s last press statement, released one day before he died, in which he confirmed he was suffering with AIDS. Despite his personal anguish and suffering, Freddie somehow found the strength to muster some truly breathtaking vocal performances for Innuendo, digging deep within himself and finding a depth and spirit like never before. He reached truly dazzling heights, seemed to find a new dimension to his voice, and poured his very soul into every note. This is all the more remarkable when one considers his physical condition at during this time, as is so poignantly evident in the last videos he filmed; I’m Going Slightly Mad and These Are The Days Of Our Lives. As Brian May would later recall, Freddie could barely stand up during the final sessions, every hour he was present at the Mountain studios required superhuman effort, and yet none of this is evident on the final album. It is impossible to believe that the extraordinary voice behind songs such as Headlong, All God’s People, Don’t Try So Hard, The Show Must Go On and the album’s title track, could have been recorded by someone as ill and physically weak as Freddie was. Many people agree that these performances (and those to later emerge on the final album) are not only great, but among the best and most moving of his entire career. As with its predecessor The Miracle, in 1989, all songs (but one) on Innuendo were credited to all four Queen members equally, regardless of who actually conceived them. (All God’s People is the exception; originating from Freddie’s 1988 Barcelona sessions, and co-written with Mike Moran). This was another clever Freddie idea, and rather a generous at that one when one considers that Freddie had historically written the bulk of the band’s most successful hits. The equal billing concept was the perfect solution to the age-old problem of whose track gets chosen as a single, whose tracks are B-sides, whose songs are disregarded, and all the related writing royalty issues that always arise. These troublesome aspects albums and singles have dogged numerous bands and been the catalyst for endless arguments through many decades, even splitting some groups up, but from 1989 onwards, for Queen at least, the problem was overcome with Freddie’s forward-thinking. When Innuendo emerged in February 1991, with the cloak of secrecy around Freddie still tighter than ever, it was praised by fans as one of the strongest ever, and, most significantly, was universally acclaimed by the press too. The reviews were uncommonly flattering and with the title track song having already entered the UK charts at No 1 a month earlier, Queen were very much back with a bang! With hindsight, many of the songs on Innuendo are extremely personal, and that was not necessarily evident at the time the LP first emerged. Certain songs are clearly written in the knowledge that Freddie’s battle for life is nearing the end, and with the band members struggling to come to terms with the imminent reality of losing the person they would later describe as "the most beloved member of their family." Both Brian and Roger would much later explain that the Innuendo sessions, and slightly later recordings that would eventually make up the Made In Heaven album (released some years after Freddie’s death), was a curious mixture of great sadness and joy, with moments of humour and some of the best times the four men ever enjoyed together. For both the final two Queen albums the band united like never before and were closer than at any time previously, albeit with the cloud of impending calamity ever present. Freddie, Roger, John and Brian made maximum use of every second available to them in the studio and recorded as much as they could in the time they had left, precisely as Freddie had requested. The Show Must Go On has to be singled out as probably the most poignant and emotive recording on the album, and of course is the track that closes the LP. Freddie and Brian conceived and developed this song together, with Brian furiously scribbling down lyrics for Freddie to put down on tape while he still could. It is a triumph on every level, and of course it would become a much loved Queen classic. Queen’s last live performances were in 1986, on the colossal Magic Tour of Europe. In ordinary circumstances the band would no doubt have toured with the Innuendo album throughout 1991. Just as they had done so many times before, the so-called touring ‘Queen Machine’ would have surely criss-crossed the globe far and wide, enjoying a string of international singles hits along the way, and then, into 1992, as destiny would have it, the Wayne’s World film launching Bohemian Rhapsody back into the world forum again, becoming a huge hit in the U.S., and no doubt the American/Canadian leg of the Innuendo tour would have seen renewed interest in Queen for the first time since 1982. Alas, the devastating passing of Freddie meant that Queen never got to play these wonderful songs in concert, nor indeed the hits contained upon the previous album The Miracle. Freddie once quipped, flippantly as ever, that it would probably take his death for Queen to win back America again, and sure enough that is more or less what happened. Rhapsody reached No 2 in the U.S. in Feb 1992 – seven places higher than with its inaugural release in 1975. Innuendo, the title track, and at over six minutes the longest Queen single since Bohemian Rhapsody, was the first single issued from the album. An epic track, taking in several diverse musical styles - an intrinsic Queen trademark – and featuring Spanish guitar from Steve Howe, the disc was released on January 14th 1991. Coupled with Brian’s guitar-based Bijou, the single entered the UK charts at No 1 and gave Queen their third UK chart topper – the first since the David Bowie Under Pressure collaboration of ten years earlier. It was also No 1 in South Africa and Portugal. Incredibly the song was only ever issued as a promotional CD in America. Hollywood Records, Queen’s brand new record label in the U.S, to whom they had recently signed (in Feb 1990) instead put out Headlong as the first single. The Innuendo video was directed by Jerry Hibbert and Rudi Dolezal, and is an animation tour de force. Plasticine models of the band – which alone took four weeks to create – are one of the innovative highlights of the piece, and at over six minutes in length this film is certainly among Queen’s most spectacular, expensive and memorable. Many edits of the video were released, but with only one so far available on an official home video compilation. The video won several prestigious awards, including the top Gold Camera award at the 1991 American Film and Video Festival in Chicago. The next single was the rather uncharacteristic but at the same time typically unconventional Freddie gem I’m Going Slightly Mad. Paired with The Hitman, a hugely contrasting heavy number, which again would have been perfect for the live show had circumstances been different, and featuring a somewhat stark and unforgettable video, Slightly Mad (released on March 4th) climbed to only No 22 in the UK, and again was not issued in the U.S. Slightly Mad CD singles also included Brian’s non-album blues track Lost Opportunity, featuring lead vocals sung by Brian, and these discs have become quite sought-after. The Slightly Mad video was once again directed by the Do-Ro partnership of Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher and was shot at Limehouse Studios in London in February 1991. The song depicts some of the numerous weird and wonderful aspects of Freddie’s tongue in cheek lyric; a man in a gorilla suit with a banana, a thousand yellow (silk) daffodils, live penguins, a giant screw, and Roger on a tricycle – and not forgetting Roger snipping off the bottom of John Deacon’s tie with scissors. The Slightly Mad video is great fun, and despite Freddie’s obvious physical deterioration cleverly masked beneath heavy make-up, has become a great favourite. Brian May’s Headlong – one of two songs originally intended for his solo album of the time but ultimately hijacked by Queen for this album (the other being I Can’t live With You) – became the third single taken from Innuendo. Released on May 13th, and partnered with the greatly underrated Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran All God's People, the disc reached No 14 in the UK, but faired less well in America, where it was coupled instead with Under Pressure. The CD single and 12" vinyl releases had the addition of a long forgotten classic Queen/Roy Thomas Baker recording from way back in 1973, in Freddie’s intriguing Mad The Swine – a song intended for the first Queen album but ultimately left off because, it is rumoured, of differences of opinion between the band and Producer. It was a curious title to suddenly pull from the archive, but from the fans point of view, a hugely appreciated one. The Headlong video, featuring an extra guitar line that was not available elsewhere, was directed by the Do-Ro partnership and was filmed in April 1991 at Metropolis recording studios in London, where the band had just completed work on the album. The penultimate single from Innuendo, and the last to be released in Freddie’s lifetime, came on October 14th, with The Show Must Go On. The choice of B-side was something of a mystery at the time, provoking much discussion and debate among fans, and still to this day the speculation has been neither denied or confirmed. Brian May’s Keep Yourself Alive, from the 1973 debut LP, was of course Queen’s very first single, and thus it has been suggested that pairing the song with The Show Must Go On may have been because the band knew it would be their last single with Freddie. Though entirely plausible, it has never been established for certain one way or the other. Regardless of speculation, The Show Must Go On did prove to be the final single in Freddie’s time, and did also have as its flipside the first ever single. Whatever the origins, and whether or not there was some design to it, it was a greatly fitting merging of songs, with equally fitting lyrics, and it reached No 16 in the UK charts. Following Freddie’s death at the end of November, the song re-entered the charts and spent longer in the top 75 second time around than in its debut appearance. The Dolezal/Rossacher accompanying video is that of a beautifully edited compilation of Queen footage from the 1980s, containing some wonderful larger than life images of Freddie during happier times, and celebrating the launch of Queen’s Greatest Hits II and Flix II packages, also released in this month. In America, Hollywood Records instead put out Roger Taylor’s exquisite and uncommonly reflective These Are The Days Of Our Lives. Featuring one of Freddie’s most gorgeous and heart-wrenching vocals ever, matched by equally emotive words, the song was paired with Bijou and released on September 5th 1991, the day of Freddie’s 45th birthday. Following Freddie’s death in November, and largely as a result of public demand – or at least persuasive suggestion – EMI issued Bohemian Rhapsody c/w These Are The Days Of Our Lives (a double A-side) as a tribute to the great man on December 9th 1991. Partnered by the last video Freddie filmed, in which of course he is physically a shadow of his former self, and which many fans feel unable to watch, the disc stormed to the top of the UK chart and followed suit in numerous other territories too, including Ireland, Poland and Portugal. The single was the UK's Christmas number one of 1991. Hollywood in America instead released Bohemian Rhapsody c/w The Show Must Go On, in February of 1992, where the single reached No 2. Producers: Queen and David Richards Engineers: David Richards. Assistant engineers: Noel Harris & Justin Shirley -Smith Recording Studios: Metropolis and Mountain Studios Date Recorded: January 1989 – Novemeber 1990 Artwork Concept: Queen and Richard Gray Award Status: Platinum (UK) Gold (US)

Did You Know?

1. Innuendo was the first of two albums released in 1991, the second was the Greatest Hits II. 2. The album was promoted in the USA with a press launch aboard The Queen Mary. 3. Four of the twelve tracks were edited for vinyl release - these were I’m Going Slighty Mad, Don’t Try So Hard, Bijou, and The Hitman. 4. First editions featured a special 1991 calendar – which is now a much sought after collectors piece. 5. All the illustrations on the artwork were by Grandville.

Track Listing



First single from the album Innuendo

I'm Going Slightly Mad

Second single on the album Innuendo


Third single on the album Innuendo

The Show Must Go On

Twelfth single on the album innuendo


1. Innuendo

One - two - three - four While the sun hangs in the sky and the desert has sand While the waves crash in the sea and meet the land While there's a wind and the stars and the rainbow Till the mountains crumble into the plain Oh yes, we'll keep on trying, tread that fine line Oh, we'll keep on trying, yeah, just passing our time Ooh ooh While we live according to race, colour or creed While we rule by blind madness and pure greed Our lives dictated by tradition, superstition, false religion Through the eons and on and on Oh yes, we'll keep on trying, yeah We'll tread that fine line Oh oh we'll keep on trying Till the end of time, till the end of time Through the sorrow all through our splendour Don't take offence at my innuendo You can be anything you want to be Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be Be free with your tempo, be free, be free Surrender your ego, be free, be free to yourself If there's a god or any kind of justice under the sky If there's a point, if there's a reason to live or die Ha, if there's an answer to the questions we feel bound to ask Show yourself destroy our fears release your mask Oh yes, we'll keep on trying Hey, tread that fine line (yeah) yeah We'll keep on smiling, yeah (yeah) (yeah) (yeah) And whatever will be will be We'll just keep on trying, we'll just keep on trying Till the end of time, till the end of time, till the end of time

2. I'm Going Slightly Mad

When the outside temperature rises And the meaning is oh so clear One thousand and one yellow daffodils Begin to dance in front of you - oh dear Are they trying to tell you something? You're missing that one final screw You're simply not in the pink my dear To be honest you haven't got a clue I'm going slightly mad I'm going slightly mad It finally happened - happened It finally happened - ooh woh It finally happened - I'm slightly mad - oh dear Ha ha ha ha ha I'm one card short of a full deck I'm not quite the shilling One wave short of a shipwreck I'm not my usual top billing I'm coming down with a fever I'm really out to sea This kettle is boiling over I think I'm a banana tree - oh dear I'm going slightly mad, I'm going slightly mad (I'm going slightly mad) It finally happened - happened It finally happened - uh huh It finally happened - I'm slightly mad - oh dear Uh uh ah ah, uh uh ah ah I'm knitting with only one needle Unravelling fast it's true I'm driving only three wheels these days But my dear, how about you ? I'm going slightly mad, I'm going slightly mad It finally happened It finally happened - oh yes It finally happened - I'm slightly mad Just very slightly mad And there you have it

5. Don't Try So Hard

If you're searching out for something, don't try so hard I you're feeling kind of nothing, don't try so hard When your problems seem like mountains Feel the need to find some answers You can leave it for another day, don't try so hard But if you fall and take a tumble, it won't be far If you fail you mustn't grumble, thank your lucky stars Just savour every mouthful and treasure every moment When the storms are raging round you stay right where you are Oooh don't try so hard, oooh don't take it all to heart It's only fools they make these rules, don't try so hard One day you'll be a Sergeant Major, oh you'll be so proud Screaming out your bloody orders, hey but not too loud Polish all your shiny buttons, dressed as lamb instead of mutton But you never had to try to stand out from the crowd Oh what a beautiful world, is this the life for me Oh what a beautiful world, it's the simple life for me Oh don't try so hard, oh don't take it all to heart It's only fools they make these rules, don't try so hard Don't try so hard, don't try so hard

6. Ride The Wild Wind

Ride the wild wind (push the envelope, don't sit on the fence) Hey hey hey hey Ride the wild wind (live life on the razors edge) Hey hey hey Gonna ride the whirlwind - it ain't dangerous enough for me Get your head down baby - yeah - we're gonna ride tonight Your angel eyes are shining bright I wanna take your hand - lead you from this place Gonna leave it all behind (Check out) check out of this rat race Ride the wild wind (hey hey) hey hey hey hey Ride the wild wind (hey hey) hey hey hey Gonna ride the whirlwind - it ain't dangerous enough for me Tie your hair back baby - we're gonna ride tonight - yeah We got freaks to the left - we got jerks to the right Sometimes I get so low - I just have to ride Let me take your hand, let me be your guide Ooh ride the wild wind (don't sit on the fence) (Hey hey) hey hey hey hey Ooh ride the wild wind (and live life on the razors edge) Hey hey hey Gonna ride the whirlwind - it ain't dangerous enough for me Yeah ride the wild wind (hey hey) hey hey hey Ooh ride the wild wind hey hey hey hey hey hey Ha ha ha haa Gonna ride the - ride the whirlwind It ain't dangerous - enough for me Ride the wild wind, ride the wild wind Hey hey hey - the wild wind Hey hey hey - the wild wind Hey hey hey - hey hey hey

7. All God's People

So all you people - give freely Make welcome inside your homes, (ooh) ooh Thank god you people give freely (yeah) Don't turn your back on the lesson of the lord All prime ministers (yeah) and majesty around the world, yeah Open your eyes, look, touch and feel Rule with your heart (rule with your heart) Live with your conscience (live with your conscience) Love, love and be free, love, love and be free We're all god's people Gotta face up, better grow up - gotta stand tall and be strong gotta face up, better grow up, gotta face up, better grow up Gotta stand tall and be strong Gotta face up, better grow up We're all god's people Gotta face up, better grow up - yeah yeah Yes there was this magic light I said to myself - I'd better go to bed and have an early night Then I, then I, then I, then I went into a dream Rule with your heart and live with your conscience We're all god's people, yeah, give freely, yeah Make welcome inside your homes Let us be thankful, he's so incredible We're all god's people, we're all god's people We're all god's people, we're all god's people We're all god's people, ah ah ah, ah ah ah We're all god's people, we're all god's people We're all god's people

8. These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Sometimes I get to feelin', I was back in the old days - long ago When we were kids, when we were young Things seemed so perfect - you know The days were endless, we were crazy - we were young The sun was always shinin' - we just lived for fun Sometimes it seems like lately - I just don't know The rest of my life's been - just a show Those were the days of our lives The bad things in life were so few Those days are all gone now but one thing is true When I look and I find I still love you You can't turn back the clock, you can't turn back the tide Ain't that a shame I'd like to go back one time on a roller coaster ride When life was just a game No use in sitting and thinkin' on what you did When you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids Sometimes it seems like lately - I just don't know Better sit back and go - with the flow Coz these are the days of our lives They've flown in the swiftness of time These days are all gone now but some things remain When I look and I find - no change Those were the days of our lives yeah The bad things in life were so few Those days are all gone now but one thing's still true When I look and I find, I still love you I still love you

9. Delilah

Delilah, Delilah Oh my, oh my, oh my - you're irresistible - ooh ooh ooh You make me smile when I'm just about to cry You bring me hope, you make me laugh and I like it You get away with murder, so innocent But when you throw a moody - you're all claws and you bite That's alright Delilah, Delilah Oh my, oh my, oh my - you're unpredictable - ooh ooh ooh ooh You make me so very happy When you cuddle up and go to sleep beside me And then you make me slightly mad When you pee all over my Chippendale suite Ooh ooh Delilah, ooh ooh delilah, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh You take over my house and home You even try to answer my telephone Delilah, you're the apple of my eyes Meeow, meeow, meeow, Delilah - I love you, Delilah oh Ooh you make me so very happy - you give me kisses And I go out of my mind - ooh ooh Meeow, meeow, meeow, meeow, You're irresistible - I love you Delilah Delilah - I love you, ha ha You make me very happy - oooh oh yeah I love your kisses, I love your kisses I love your kisses, I love your kisses I love your your your kisses, I love your kisses

10. The Hitman

Here we go, yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Hey, I'm the hitman, stand aside I'm the hitman, I want your life Ain't no escaping, don't run and hide There goes the neighbourhood I'm gonna kill for your love, that's right Hitman, now don't you cry I'm just it man, you might get fried Gun in my pocket, don't get me wrong I'll be your hitman - I'm a fool for your love I'm a head shredder, that's better - baby baby baby I'm a hitman - hitman - hitman - aargh Yeah, trouble in the east, troubled in the west Struggle with the beast, what a thief, what a pest Come back mother, nuke that sucker Yeah - yeah - yeah Who's that man talking about Waste that brother - alright - ooh That's the way to do it - haa ha I'm the hitman, I'm your prize But this hitman, can cut you down to size Love me baby, don't be so cool Love me love me baby, I've been to the hitman school Yeah - yeah - you're gonna make my day Gonna blow you away, when the fun begins Hitman, are you ready for the sting Gonna waste that thing, hitman, hitman is king - yeah Go go, yeah yeah yeah, oh hitman hitman, yeah yeah hitman

11. Bijou

You and me, we are destined you'll agree To spend the rest of our lives with each other The rest of our days like two lovers Forever - yeah - forever My bijou

12. The Show Must Go On

Empty spaces, what are we living for Abandoned places, I guess we know the score On and on, does anybody know what we are looking for Another hero, another mindless crime Behind the curtain, in the pantomime Hold the line, does anybody want to take it anymore The show must go on, the show must go on, yeah Inside my heart is breaking My make up may be flaking, but my smile still stays on Whatever happens, I'll leave it all to chance Another heartache, another failed romance On and on, does anybody know what we are living for I guess I'm learning (I'm learning learning learning) I must be warmer now I'll soon be turning (turning turning turning) Round the corner now Outside the dawn is breaking But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free The show must go on, the show must go on, yeah yeah Ooh, inside my heart is breaking My make up may be flaking but my smile still stays on My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies Fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die I can fly - my friends The show must go on (go on, go on, go on) yeah yeah The show must go on (go on, go on, go on) I'll face it with a grin, I'm never giving in On - with the show Ooh, I'll top the bill, I'll overkill I have to find the will to carry on On with the show, on with the show The show - the show must go on Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on



Pedro Manuel

Terrific to find this site that opens so quiclky and with all the Queen's lyrics!!! I will share it at my Twitter's page! Formidable!!!! God Save Queen!


Everyone should watch this. No one can replace Freddie, but this performance of The Show Must Go On is just mindblowing and does the most perfect justice to it:


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