Who are the members of Queen?
Freddie Mercury - Lead Vocals, Piano, Harpsichord, Synth. Born in Zanzibar 5th September 1946 and became a table tennis and boxing champion!

Brian May – Lead Guitar, Piano, Bells, Ukelele, Toy Koto, Harp, Synth, Vocals. Born in Hampton, Middlesex 19th July 1947 and is now known as Dr.May.
Roger Taylor – Percussion, Guitar, Synth, Vocals. Born in Kings Lynn, Norfolk 26th July 1949 and became known as the legendary drummer of Cornwall.

John Deacon – Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Electric Piano, Synth. Born in Leicester 19th August 1951and became the final ace in Queen.

When did the band form?
The legendary band comprising of four university students was formed in London in 1970 with 3 different bass players (Mike Grose, Barry Mitchell and Doug Bogie) and finally John joined February 1971 and was originally known as Deacon John.

What where the member doing before the band?
Freddie became a qualified illustrator and graphic designer; Brian studied astro-physics and became an Astronomer for four years and also taught at a Comprehensive School; Roger studied at Dental College and John studying Electronics.

Who wrote the band’s songs?
All four members of the band were able to individually write high quality million selling songs which include the classics:- Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie), Another One Bites The Dust (John), A Kind Of Magic (Roger) and We Will Rock You (Brian). Rogers first composition Modern Times Rock N Roll was included on the bands debut album (Queen). John started writing with Misfire on the bands third album (Sheer Heart Attack). Freddie and Brian were the principal writers.

What were Queen like in concert?
Queen went on to become one of the essential live bands to see, stealing the show to universal acclaim at 1985’s Live Aid concert, and were one of the bands that helped pioneer and develop ‘stadium rock’. Queen hold many records for being “the first” at doing many accolades including the first band to use an intro tape at the beginning of a concert (Procession). They were also the first to use a moving lighting rig and used many spectacular rigs throughout their career including the infamous ‘pizza oven rig.

Apart from amazing live shows and all the hits, do the band have any trademarks?                                                                                                              
The band’s trademarks include Freddie’s half microphone stand, which started off by accident when one came apart in the middle of a show with his Liverpool band Ibex and Freddie couldn’t reassemble it due to the weight and he thought a ‘gimmick’ was just what he needed!                                                                                                          

Brian’s instantly recognisable guitar, the ‘Red Special’, which was completely designed, crafted and built by Brian and his father at their home, using ingredients like an antique fireplace, a knitting needle, and motorcycle valve springs. The band were also known for their outrageous lavish parties.

Do Queen have a Fan Club?
Queen also have one of the largest fan clubs of any rock band in the world, and is recognised by the Guiness Book Of Records as the longest running fan club ever! Formed in 1974 and the fan club continues to this day with an army of dedicated followers. The Fan Club hold many events throughout each year with the ultimate 4 day annual convention.

When did Freddie Mercury die?
Tragically, Freddie died of an AIDS related illness on 24th November 1991. A special tribute featuring some of early nineties top rock and pop artists was held at the famous London Wembley Stadium on Easter Monday in 1992. All 72,000 tickets for the concert sold out within four hours of the show being announced. The televised event reached one billion people around the globe.

What is We Will Rock You?
Carrying on the torch, in Spring 2002, the musical ‘We Will Rock You’ (written by Queen and Ben Elton) opened at the Dominion Theatre in London, and has since also opened in various cities around the world. We Will Rock You continues to tour the world and has achieved critical acclaimed worldwide success.

Are Queen still active as a band?
Very much so. Queen are still continuing to release live DVDs and albums plus the remaining members of Queen have toured the world to sold out venues with former Free & Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers. Queen + Paul Rodgers released an album of new material in 2008, The Cosmos Rocks. Queen have a new UK record company which has big plans to release more product. Queen as a band will be round for a lot longer yet.

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Gary Crawford

Hi, I was just wondering if Queen ft Adam Lambert will be coming in tour in Uk, preferably Glasgow/Edinburgh any time soon.


I am interested in getting backstage tickets for my sister and Brother-in law to meet and greet Queen and Adam Lambert in Auburn Hills near Detroit. How can I do this. I see no place to inquire about it. I know it's hard to get, but I feel they deserve it.

If someone would help me I would appreciate it.

Brian Hanna

Iam very disappointed that you have not chosen Ottawa the Capital of Canada to come and let us have the opportunity to see yous for the last time if this tour is the last one. To me this is very important and hope you add Ottawa to your tour I met my child hood wife 38 years ago. and I had the opportunity to meet Freddie at the Ottawa Civic Center. He had said he loved coming to Ottawa and that the fans were some of the best in the world. So please don't let me down and all of Freddys fans in Ottawa down please give us and myself the chance to show you how much Queen is Loved By The Fans in Ottawa. Please let me know this means a lot to me. And if not possible can you send me 2 tickets to montreal bell center for the show. 950 baseline road Ottawa ont Canada k2c 0a5 ThankYou very much Sincerely Brian Hanna 1 of the Biggest Queen Fans

Kevin Campbell

How do I register for your site? I can't see where it is on the site. I want to be able to get emails to be able to buy concert tickets.

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Hey i can't subcribe to your emailing list! Can you add me or help me fix this?

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I'm interesting where shall I write, if someone is performing Queen & F.Mercury songs & getting a big honorarium for it & is calling the concert "Queen show". I'm not sure that the person has rigths for it, perhaps you know where can I escalate it? Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y69DRu-uixc

Rebecca Murray

Myself and my friends from school have been wondering if the last lines from 'One Version' is 'gimme gimme gimme fried chicken' is this correct or are we hearing it wrong.

anders larsson

hey! is Qeen planing to have any conserts in the future,if they are ,where??

Kirsten Lewis

What album would u say was Queen's:
best album yet, most emotional album yet
And most happy???XXXXXX

Anton Makarov

Tried to register on the forum, did not work, do not know much English, so forgive me, I use google translate. I want to say only: "Freddie is alive in my heart and will always be in it!" I write to you from Ukraine, from the southern city - Berdyansk, I'm 26 years old. Forever your fan - Anton Makarov ...
Попытался зарегистрироваться на форуме, не получилось, плохо знаю английский, поэтому простите, пользуюсь google translate. Хочу сказать единственное: "Фредди жив в моем сердце и навсегда останется в нем!" Пишу Вам из Украины, из южного города - Бердянск, мне 26 лет. Навеки ваш поклонник - Антон Макаров...

Nigel D


I am a huge Queen fan and would like to use "My best friend" as the background song for a personal video. Can you please advise on how I might be able to attain permission to use the song in a 2 minute video, no other song will do.

Thanks very much.

Christopher Hall

I sent an email this evening to nick@queenonline.com - which is the only email address given on the website. However it was bounced back as non-existent.
Could you please email me with the email address of the "CEO" of the Band.

Many thanks


Does Queen have their 'own day' ?

Saulo Bellato

hello, I would like to know the exact time of birth of Freddie could help me?


Boris Schipkov

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