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Who the hell does Eric Hall think he is?! (Q Magazine, October 1995)



And then there was Freddie Mercury. According to the football sizzler, it was he who convinced radio that Bohemian Rhapsody, even though it went on for several thousand minutes, was suitable for radio play. "I was a plugger and I knew Freddie very, very well." At this point Mr Hall sings, if that is the word, a few snatches from Bohemian Rhapsody. Not very easy on the ear, this.

"Mama, just killed a man, put a bullet in my hand, or whatever it is, monster, monster, I love it, and that was about seven minutes-ish, I think, but I got Noel Edmonds to play it on the radio and Noel, bless him, monster bloke, made it his record of the week and we went to number 1..."

Blah, blah, blah. Course you did.

"And Freddie, Freddie Mercury. Monster. I knew him very well. We were like brothers. He was monster, monster lovely."

Have you got a moustachio? Can you do the fandango? Or whatever? Eric's friend, Tony, a teenage blonde Baywatch type - six foot if a day of monster-ism - has joined us in the hot office, gazing on at proceedings. If Mr Mercury was such a pal, didn't you ever feel obliged to say, hey, Frederick, enough is enough, er, that sort of thing?

"No. What the hell. What the hell. I don't care what people do as long as people are not abusing children and trying to murder people. No. No. I don't give a fuck. Look at Tom Robinson. He was gay. I was his plugger. And when I left Tom Robinson, he cried like a baby, he really did. He'd just had his first hit record, monster hit record - 1, 4, 2, 5, 3, 8 Motorway, or whatever it was called - and he cried and things.

"We toured Japan, Freddie and me..." (I think he means Queen toured Japan and he happened to be there in some PR facilitation business thing) "... and Freddie was lovely. Monster, lovely..." (Tony looks somewhat surprised at this information.) "Freddie used to fall in love every 10 minutes. He'd come into my room crying like a baby. He'd say, I've met the love of my life, Eric. I want you to see him, I want you to meet him, I'm in love, I'm in love. I'd just say Good Luck to you. Me and Freddie - we were very close. Monster."


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