Queen’s very first live performances are regarded not so much as concerts, but as informal gatherings of friends, fellow students and college acquaintances, especially in and around London, where some of their first appearances take place. Unlike conventional shows, tickets are distributed only to individuals who can be relied upon for constructive critical feedback. The band encourage feedback, good and bad, from all who attend.

The band's very first appearance as Queen is on 27 June 1970 at the City Hall in Truro, Cornwall, a county located in the furthest corner of the south west part of Britain.

At this time Mike Grose is on bass guitar duties, but only survives the first three shows. He is replaced by Barry Mitchell who plays with the band for the next eleven shows.

Misc Concerts
Sat 27th June - UK, Truro, City Hall (bass Mike Gross)
Sat 18th July - UK, London, Imperial College (bass Mike Gross)
Sat 25th July - UK, Truro, PJ's Club (bass Mike Gross)
Sun 23rd Aug - UK, London, Imperial College (bass Barry Mitchell)
Fri 4th Sept - UK, London, Swiss Cottage Private School (bass Barry Mitchell)
Fri 16th Oct - UK, London, College of Estate Management Hall (bass Barry Mitchell)
Fri 30th Oct - UK, St Helens, College of Technology (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 31st Oct - UK, Liverpool, Cavern Club (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 14th Nov - UK, Hertford, Ballspark College (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 5th Dec - UK, Egham, Shoreditch College (bass Barry Mitchell)
Fri 18th Dec - UK, St Helens, College of Technology (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 19th Dec - UK, St Helens, Congregational Church Hall (bass Barry Mitchell)

Text taken from the forthcoming revised and updated edition of Queen Live: A Concert Documentary, by Greg Brooks & Gary Taylor

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